A CELEBRATION OF FROME ARTISTS – Photographic Exhibition

In a previous post I explained I wanted to document a glimpse of the vibrant artistic community in Frome through the medium of photography. It is a personal project, rather than just another “photographic job”, and my motives to do this were artistic rather than commercial. The personalities of these diverse individuals shine as much as their art and I wanted to explore this photographically. Ultimately, it is Frome’s artists who have given this community its creative edge and above all I wanted to celebrate this.

This came to fruition with a gallery exhibition at Frome Garden Café during the recent Frome Festival. Although this was a small exhibition it garnered positive responses from those I spoke too and it’s great to see pictures on the wall.

Looking forward I am still looking for portrait projects and would love to hear from local artists that want to be pictured. I have put a gallery up on the page to show the varying styles I have used for each of the artists and I am interested to work through new ideas in the future.

Please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.