BT Nightclub Phone Box

Oh, what fun! Kingsbridge council in Devon decided to turn a decommissioned telephone box into a tiny nightclub for the public! (  The ‘BT Nightclub Phone Box’ idea started a while ago with a proposal from the town mayor. ‘ Mayor Chris Povey proposed the idea of blacking out the windows, putting sticky fly trap paper on the floor, fitting some strobe lighting, a disco ball and a sound system to create the true feel of a nightclub.(credit Kingsbridge today ) and then BT stepped in to help out.

The final result in June 2018 was brilliant. I had the joy of taking the images of the new installation for TNR/PA & BT  with Kazoo ( Staging the whole event. It resulted in some lovely pictures with model Karen and help from the Mayor and friends.

there was some great coverage too with ITV (, The Mail ( )

I News ( )and local media picking up the story