Schools & Academic Photography

Your Schools Image

One of the most important ways of getting your message across is your schools image.  Quality schools & academic photography can provide the key to reaching out to new clients.

It is true to say that quality will sell itself and word of mouth is the best form of referral. This still holds, but reaching out in the digital world is different. and requires many different tools. As a specialist schools photographer I like to offer the best in images for your academic institution.

Schools are the vibrant centre for tomorrow and an important decision in any parents’ life. The first impact for a distance visitor will most likely be a trip to your website. When weighing up the options in an increasingly internet based society it makes sense to have a strong web presence and make your pages stand out. Tradition, innovation and quality have marked your school out and now it’s time to show it. Whatever year or grade, an image can pass on the information immediately and build a picture in the mind of your client.

All schools and universities have their specific charms and characteristics. I emphasize the ethos of your learning establishment with images based on your thoughts of what is important. But wait! Quality images are nothing without a great website to put them in. I have been working with whose insightful design and quality production will put your website at the top. Check out a recent website 

So take a look at , my images  and design your future.