1847 rogers bros silverware patterns

(Viewed 21 June 2019. Advertisement: "Specialties from our Silver Plated Ware and Cutlery Depts. Co.: New York.

Supremacy... Silver Plate that Wears..." Table Talk, p. xix. ), 1847 Rogers Bros. / Meriden Britannia Company / International Silver Company. (1847 Rogers Bros.) [catalogue No. (Viewed 7 September 2017. The officers of the new venture at that early period were Isaac C. Lewis, President, and Horace C. Wilcox, Secretary and Treasurer. (Viewed 25 September 2017. G00678.

(19 April 1922).

D00885-86). You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. (April 1911). Advertisement: "... 1847 Rogers Bros. [/ Meriden Britannia Co. / International Silver Co.] Silver Plate In the Desirable Berkshire Pattern... " [with no relevant illustrations]. F00733). (Viewed 5 October 2017. ), (July 1970). No copy known to be in a public library. D00976-77). Bennett’s, Omaha, NE. Tupper Lake Free Press and Herald (Tupper Lake, NY), p. 3.

(21 January 1973). In addition to designs as illustrated, special patterns are made to match the knives, forks and spoons of ... 1847 Rogers Bros. ..." [with no photos of designs by the 1847 Rogers Bros. division]. 5-6, 26 January 1884, presumably p. 2, cols. (Viewed 9 June 2019. 6-7. (Viewed 7 May 2020. In the year 1852 Messrs. D00896). (30 July 1969). G01434. (23 October 1939). ), International Silver Company. The Massena Observer (Massena, New York), p. 14, cols. (Viewed 12 June 2019. So right now, none of the 1847 Rogers Bros. designs you love so well can be made..." [including illustration showing Eternally Yours pattern]. In Connecticut of to-day: Its chief business centres. Table Talk, p. xix. (Viewed 12 June 2019. Advertisement: "Old Colony Pattern... 1847 Rogers Bros. ..." Meriden Morning Record, p. 9, column 2. Advertisement: "... 1847 Rogers Bros. ... Holiday Gifts... " [with illustration of spoon in Faneuil pattern]. ), International Silver Company.

Wheatley’s Jewelers, Medina, NY. Rogers 1847 [/ International Silver Co.] ... " [with no illustration]. 43]. In 1968 reprint, Israel, Fred L. Advertisement: "... 1847 Rogers Bros. [/ International Silver Co.] America’s Finest Silver Plate... " [with no illustrations]. (Viewed 14 May 2020. (c. 19 June 1919). (Viewed 3 September 2018. G00209. ), 1847 Rogers Bros. / International Silver Company. (17 November 1952). 20 pp. A. H. Denny Jeweler, Saranac Lake, NY. (8 December 1952). Hulett & Son, Jewelers, presumably Ogdensburg, New York. (18 November 1927). Advertisement: "... 1847 Rogers Bros. ... Is your old pattern here? S. Kann, Sons & Co. (12 October 1905). Advertisement: "Silver for Service and Beauty... Table Talk, p. xvi (after p. 128). The Evening Post (New York, NY). - BUY 10 CHOOSE 5 FREE. Advertisement: "... Leonora Ormsby of Saks-Fifth Avenue... " [showing First Love, Lovelace And Marquise patterns]. Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, call no. Her suggestion and one we think particularly fitting, was "First Love" [showing spoon in this pattern]. Geo. LIFE magazine, pp. (Viewed 12 June 2019. A01283; AAA00544. Spoons, forks, knives, etc.

(Viewed 21 August 2018. ), (October 1970). (17 December 1870). 52, 74, 101, 103-04, 107, 110, 115-16, 225, 230, 290-91, 296, 297-303). (before February 1946). 148 (advert); 156 (description and illustration)]. LIFE magazine, p. 32. E. G. Weidman, Dansville, NY.

The Herald (Fairport, New York), p. 11, col. 2. LIFE magazine, p. 78. Advertisement: "... Leonora Ormsby of Saks-Fifth Avenue plans an informal wedding of ultra-smartness... " [showing First Love, Legacy and Lovelace patterns]. Connecticut Circle magazine. G01546 . (Viewed 5 December 2017. (Viewed 23 October 2017. (8 December 1929). A03004; AAA03376-21). (Also see entry 3102.) G01605. (27 September 1943). (Viewed 26 September 2017.

(16 July 1868). Advert: "The romance of the silver teaspoon" - 1847 Rogers Bros. 6-7, 28 October 1914, page number unknown, cols. ), 1847 Rogers Bros. / International Silver Company. (Viewed 18 April 2020. Advertisements: "... Electro, Silver and Gold Plate... Manufactories: Meriden... and Hamilton, Ont... 1847 Rogers Bros. ..." (with illustration of buildings). Want to know more? D00903).

Advertisement: "To the girl who’s marrying in May. Chicago Daily Tribune. (Viewed 31 March 2017.

In An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company. Murphy, the jeweler, presumably Maysville, Kentucky. L00708). G01706.). ..." (Excerpt from above.). LIFE magazine, pp. G00535. ), International Silver Company. 68 pp. Advertisement: "Heart-warming thought of a recent bride..." [including illustration showing Adoration, Eternally Yours, First Love and Remembrance patterns; with The adventures of Ozzie & Harriet mention; with gown by Pauline Trigère]. 5 out of 5 stars (26) 26 reviews $ 5.95. Guaranteed jewelry, watches & diamonds [catalogue no. Viewed 20 June 2016. (Viewed 2 September 2018. Every piece stamped... " [with abstract illustrations of serving spoons and fork]. Meriden Record, p. 7, col. 1. (4 December 1939).

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