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According to Cult Movies 2, Jones had a sequel planned called A Girl and Her Dog, but the plan was scrapped when Tiger, the dog who portrayed Blood, died. A pretty strong post apocalyptic story about a boy, and his telepathic dog. [9] Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times praised the film as "an offbeat delight" with performances that "have that comfortable naturalness often detectable when an actor is directing other actors". This is the strongest aspect of the story in my view. Some may have issues with the motivations of. And I was sure hella reminded of it when trying to appreciate. “Sometimes being able to read makes more questions than if you were stupid.”, Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novella (1970), inadvertently invalidate his own argument. The two are able to communicate with one another, and in truth Blood is the brighter of the two, though he's dependant on Vic for his survival. Blood thanks Vic for the food, and they both comment on Quilla June. Anybody who refuses to comply with or otherwise defies the Committee is sent off to a mysterious place called "the farm" and never seen again. [10] Gary Arnold of The Washington Post panned the film as a "shoddy, puerile science-fiction parable" that "mistakes juvenile facetiousness for wit and glorifies a juvenile concept of freedom, which means making it in the wild, away from such unmanly encumbrances as civilization and girls". That evening, while watching old vintage stag films at a local outdoor "cinema", Blood claims to smell a woman, and the pair track her to a large underground warehouse. I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, I'm not obsessive over achievements or showing off my skills. More than that I shall not say, except that you needn't be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this wonderful, wicked, highly entertaining, engaging, stinging tale (or is that tail?). I found him to one of the best writers on the planet. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film a mixed 2.5 stars out of a possible 4, writing that Ellison's novella "seemed almost to defy filming" but nonetheless Jones managed to offer "a sort of wacky success". I've now seen the movie several times and every time I renewed my desire to read the book. It's set in a chaotic, post-apocalyptic near future, and follows the adventures of teenager Vic and his dog Blood in a world where women are few and far between. Ray Manzarek (misspelled in the film credits as "Manzarec"), formerly of The Doors, was among the musicians for the score. A good quick read with quite a twist at the end. the novella was pretty raw and honest in it's treatment of post apocalyptic dystopia. Vic makes sure his dog is fed and Blood finds women for the horny 15-year-old. Be the first to ask a question about A Boy and His Dog. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, "Blu-ray Review: A Boy and his Dog | High-Def Digest", "Ellison Webderland Bulletin Board Archives", Gentleman Junkie and Other Stories of the Hung-Up Generation, The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, The Beast that Shouted Love at The Heart of the World, The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World, "Repent, Harlequin!" Now, he's joined the likes of Shakespeare, Emerson, Vonnegut, all at God's assembled roundtable of literary greats!

unfortunately, too big a fan of the subject matter to make it shocking, and the ending got predictable very quickly. He only wants to return to Blood and the wasteland, his home. Downunder has an artificial biosphere, complete with forests and a city, which is named Topeka after the ruins of the destroyed city that it lies beneath. What the hell did I just read? I enjoy video games quite a bit. I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, I'm not obsessive over achievements or showing off my skills. Blood takes an instant dislike to her, but Vic ignores him. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The site's consensus states: "An offbeat, eccentric black comedy, A Boy and His Dog features strong dialogue and an oddball vision of the future". [12] On the film's DVD audio commentary, Jones states that Ellison was generally pleased with the film, with the exception of some lines of dialogue. redeems the story. Siskel, Gene (March 30, 1976). This is about dystopian as you can get, because none of the characters actually felt like people in the real world (except the dog). I finally got around to it. On one hand, it was really well written and makes you think.
The language is pornographic, the setting post-apocalyptic post WW#3 nuclear holocaust. The two steal for a living, evading bands of marauders, berserk military androids, and mutants. Really enjoyed this one, as usual Ellison says a lot in very few words/pages. (Off-camera, Quilla June is killed and her flesh cooked so that Blood can eat and therefore survive.) "Film: 'Boy and His Dog'". We’d love your help.

Harlan Ellison, the author of the original novella A Boy and His Dog, started the screenplay but encountered writer's block, so director L. Q. Jones wrote the script. At the film review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 75% approval rating based on 32 reviews, with an average rating of 6.58/10. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? Welcome back. However, Vic has no interest in politics or remaining underground. "A Boy and His Dog" is, like many of Harlan Ellison's stories, a mind-fuck. you can, Another fun post-apocalyptic short read, just after I finished with.

She pleads with Vic to abandon Blood, forcing him to face his true feelings. Blood wishes to find the legendary promised land of "Over the Hill" where above-ground utopias are said to exist, though Vic believes that they must make the best of what they have. Jones, from a screenplay by Jones based on the 1969 novella of the same title by fantasy author Harlan Ellison. The reason I gave it a 2 star rating and not a 1 star rating is because the writing style itself is alright, even though the plot is super rapey. I've heard that Harlan Ellison specifically tried to make people uncomfortable with a lot of his stories, and he succeeded here.

This post apocalyptic story is a fast paced intriguing story with a wickedly good and twisted ending. Latin American composer Jaime Mendoza-Nava provided the music for the Topeka underground segment. I then went on to play more story driven games, which has how I've managed to acquire the taste that I have now. [what happens to the girl in the end since she would have had no problem leaving the dog to die. McIntire sang the main theme. The film was shot at Pacific Ocean Park in Venice, California, and on location around Barstow,[3] and Coyote Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert. [13][14], The film won the 1976 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation at MidAmeriCon, the 34th World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, located not far from the real Topeka, Kansas. heartfelt. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. [Around 10 years ago, I once listened to a podcast, and the woman (Lana Taylor?) Factory released the film on DVD and Blu-ray.[2]. [8] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film 1.5 stars out of 4 and wrote, "Rather than illuminate the present through a glance at a possible future, 'A Boy and His Dog' is simply a dim-witted collection of tired sex gags and anti-American imagery". His dialogue is always razor-sharp and you can't help but chuckle when you realize the conversations the main human character is having with his dog. Said the Ticktockman, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=A_Boy_and_His_Dog_(1975_film)&oldid=984852296, Films based on science fiction short stories, Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation winning works, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from April 2016, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 14:09.

Cantankerous, but not snarky or mean-spirited, in his writings and conversations. In it Harlan Ellison has managed to create a mood of total chaos and collapse. I would move on to play shooters such as Call of Duty, eating up game after game until I. I enjoy video games quite a bit. honestly the kinda sexist bits make me wanna push it to a 3 star, but its vivid, a fun read, flows very well, and obviously influenced a shit ton of post-apocalyptic worlds (no Fallout games or Mad Max w/o this shit for starters), and i do love dogs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I was very saddened to hear the news of Harlan Ellison's passing. It's set in a chaotic, post-apocalyptic near future, and follows the adventures of teenager Vic and his dog Blood in a world where women are few and far between. In 2007, it ranked #96 on Rotten Tomatoes "Journey Through Sci-Fi" (100 best-reviewed science fiction films).[15]. Vic, enticed by the thought of more women and sex, follows her, despite Blood's warnings. Rumors have abounded over the years regarding a sequel, but it has never materialized.

An uncompromisingly raw tale of a man and his dog. Ellison referred to it as a "moronic, hateful chauvinist last line, which I despise". Loved and hated this book equally. Eventually, though, she takes off secretly to return to her underground society. Vic displays no pity, and is merely angered by the "wastefulness" of such an act, as well as disgusted by the thought of satisfying his urges with a woman in such a condition. I HATED the movie - couldn't watch it beyond a few minutes. Blood and Vic have an occasionally antagonistic relationship (Blood frequently annoys Vic by calling him "Albert" for reasons never made clear), though they realize that they need each other to survive. They move on, only to find slavers excavating another bunker. This is the strongest aspect of the story in my view. So glad I read this even after seeing a portion of the movie A Boy and His Dog.
Johnson won the Golden Scroll for Best Actor, which was shared with James Caan for his performance in Rollerball. Super rapey and violent just FYI. "'Boy and His Dog' Trying to Survive". This was one of those stories I read to brush up on the big names, the classics. The film's storyline concerns a teenage boy (Vic) and his telepathic dog (Blood), who work together as a team in order to survive in the dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Southwestern United States. In 2018, Ellison's teleplay featuring Spike—the girl in the proposed A Girl and Her Dog film—was finally published. When Vic is told that he has been brought to Topeka to help fertilize the female population, he is elated to learn of his "stud" value. I think that was actually done on purpose, but it just wasn't my favorite thing to read about.

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