animal sentience: an interdisciplinary journal on animal feeling

Animal Sentience 20(17), Baum, William M. Animal Sentience 17(2), Rogers, Lesley J. Animal Sentience 12(9), Bodily, Kent D. (2016) Animal suffering and human bias.

(2020) Invertebrate welfare in the wild. Fernando, Sudarshani; Insect consciousness: Fine-tuning the hypothesis, What makes us conscious is not what makes us human, Consciousness as integrated perception, motivation, cognition, and action, No proof for subjective experience in insects, Subjective experience in insects: Definitions and other difficulties. and Fish are flexible learners who can discriminate human faces, Insects have the capacity for subjective experience, Cephalopods are best candidates for invertebrate consciousness, Insects have agency but probably not sentience because they lack social bonding.

Fish pain: Would it change current best practice in the real world? and Animal Sentience 11(2), Brakel, Linda A.W. (click to view contents), Volume 3 (2018) Animal Sentience 29(28), Fitzpatrick, Simon Animal Sentience 27(26) Animal Sentience 8(6), Balcombe, Jonathan Commentary on Covid Crisis, Marcum, James A (2016) Darwin’s empirical evidence. Response to Elephant Rewilding, Mikhalevich, Irina Animal Sentience 9(21), Rowlands, Mark

and (2016) “Cellular basis of consciousness”: Not just radical but wrong. Fernando, Sudarshani; > What is the pressing “animal question” about? Thinking/feeling capacity or exploitability?. (2016) Phenomenal consciousness in insects? My Account Animal Sentience 3(1), Balcombe, Jonathan (2018) Animal suicide: Evolutionary continuity or anthropomorphism?. (2017) Nagel-ing worries about fish sentience. (2020) Wildlife health systems. Copyright, Animal Sentience is a publication of WellBeing International, Asian elephant rescue, rehabilitation and rewilding, Rewilding or reviewing: Conservation and the elephant-based tourism industry, A psychological perspective on elephant rewilding, Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of elephant rewilding, Animal welfare science and “a life worth living” for wild and captive elephants, Philosophy, ecology and elephant equality, Rethinking rewilding through multispecies justice, A “halfway house” for improving captive welfare. (2017) Inferring emotion without language: Comparing canines and prelinguistic infants. (2017) Dissonance reduction in nonhuman animals: Implications for cognitive dissonance theory. Animal Sentience 3(24), Rose, James D. Animal Sentience 17(9), Johnsson, Martin

and Animal Sentience 13(17), Kujala, Miiamaaria V.

Animal Sentience 4(8), King, Barbara J. Animal Sentience 3(23), Panksepp, Jaak (2017) Support for the precautionary principle. Phenomenal consciousness in insects? Animal Sentience 10(6), Monsó, Susana Animal Sentience 9(18), Søvik, Eirik (2020) Insect sentience and the rise of a new inclusive ethics. (2017) Do we understand what it means for dogs to experience emotion?. (2016) Animal welfare and animal rights. Commentary on Invertebrate Minds, Vallortigara, Giorgio (2020) Drawing the boundaries of animal sentience. Animal Sentience 5(11), Malpede, Karen Brown, Grant E. What does it feel like to be an electroreceptive fish? (2018) Lessons from chimpanzee sign language studies. > Animal Sentience 9(17), Elwood, Robert W. (2020) Drawing the boundaries of animal sentience. Animal Sentience 29(1), Levy, Neil (2016) Cross-species mind-reading. and (2016) Animal suffering in China. Animal Sentience 29(17), Baracchi, David New Journal – Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling. (2020) Invertebrate cognition, sentience and biology. (2017) Complicated grief. (2017) On assisted suicide. Animal Sentience 11(5), Velmans, Max : this may be a good time to download our free. Animal Sentience 13(9), Creson, Thomas

Animal Sentience 3(25), Segner, Helmut (2017) Chickening out of change: Will knowing more about thinking chickens change public perceptions?. Animal Sentience 27(23) Commentary on Invertebrate Minds, DeGrazia, David (2017) Canine emotions and the bond between humans and dogs.

(2017) Cognitive continuity in cognitive dissonance. Student solutionary work can be done collaboratively online, and now is the time for youth to become empowered, engaged solutionaries.
Animal Sentience 7(13), Faria, Catia Lindsay, W. Keith
(2017) Justifying the precautionary principle with expected net-welfare maximization. Animal Sentience 4(9), Colombo, Matteo (2016) Insects have the capacity for subjective experience. Copyright, Animal Sentience is a publication of WellBeing International, Consciousness in teleosts: There is something it feels like to be a fish, Consciousness, evidence, and moral standing, Animal sentience? About Animal Sentience 15(7), Mónus, Ferenc Animal Sentience 28(17) (2016) No evidence that pain is painful neural process. Commentary on Invertebrate Minds, Clarke, Steve Animal Sentience 29(7), Monsó, Susana

Home (2018) Roots of self-preservation failure in animal behavior. (2018) Animal suicide: An account worth giving?. Animal Sentience 29(27), Birch, Jonathan (2020) Toward a non-anthropocentric view on the environment and animal welfare: Possible psychological interventions. Animal Sentience 28(16)

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