benelli tornado

A graceful swan it is not. Fuel taps are easily accessible on each side of the tank. Weight (wet): 480lb (217kg) As long as you know the updates to clutch basket and a small belville washer have been carried out then they are as reliable as any other superbike. I've had no reliability issues, she starts first time everytime, even in middle of winter. “This is the road burner Italian-style: neutral, well-damped, geared high, stiff on the butt, sharp to the ear, fleet and masculine.”

Maybe next service can sort it. Price now: $3,500-$6,000 I hope to sort these thing soon. 54 plate with only 1000 miles on the clock.

The resultant hands down/bum-up riding position, although colloquially Italian,[3] made earlier testers question the duration of any long-distance riding, placing a lot of weight on the riders wrists and stress on the extended back. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No.

For now, the big CEV starter button begs to be pressed, so over the top and in your face is it. Dare to be different! Benelli Tornado Novocento LE: High specification motorcyclel costing £23,000. 10 owners have reviewed their BENELLI TORNADO 1130 (2003 - 2014) and rated it in a number of areas. Oh and I havent had a problem with Neutral!

Quality Marzocchi front forks and Ceriani rear shocks give a typically taught Italian ride, but the bike handles very nicely. Only other problem is that there are so few on the road the cops know me already. Three things in all.

No boxes of receipts and musty old records to its name.

The Italians have surprised me, yet again. Later and continuing in-house development cured much of this quickly, as well as new injectors from the 2004 models onwards. [2], The launch Tornado Tre base model, also called the "biposto", was quickly followed by 150 units of the Tornado Novocento LE, to homologate a suitable base model for the Superbike World Championship. Back brake crap. All round Ohlin suspension makes the LE a magic carpet on the road.

The handling is just superb, with the intergrated frame/engine it sits the road beautifully and the brembo brakes stop it in a second.

As a result, sales were slow, and second hand prices fell quickly due to owners reliability concerns.[2][3].

Went to assen and back with no probs.

The noise that comes out of the Benelli is wonderful. In fact, the Tornado engine is a jewel.

Problem with the speedo, but this is a matter of chasing up a new one and getting it replaced. First of all, the loud sound of exhaust which everyone demands. Don't expect to do a U turn in the road with this bike, it's more of a 3 point turn which can make filtering through traffic a bit on the dodgy side. Engine type: 642cc OHV air-cooled parallel twin In short, it looks to be a good, classic Italian motorcycle in usable, honest condition.

Something else sensible is the oil level sight glass on the right-hand side of the engine — on a Guzzi of the same era, you’d be reaching for a big old 22mm wrench just to get the dipstick out.

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Get used to receiving compliments if you buy one of these bikes because they will come thick and fast. I picked one with a full service history so the clocks and the clutch issues have been sorted.

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The sound from the seamed and fluted mufflers is deep, slightly muted but typically Italian, and after a minute or two the choke can be backed off completely, even on a cold day like today, as the engine settles to a low idle.

Underseat fans are justa hoot and guaranteed to attract attention, even if the ability to keep the Rad cool is dubious.

The intermediate gear was strengthened and concentricity improved.

It’s like a good Bonnie or Commando, but oh so much stronger. done 2 trackdays, and handling very stable, has pace of a 600 but is heavier. Price then: $1,779 (1973) Top speed: 97mph (period test) The handling is good but not amazing however you have to remember that the 900's were made in 2003/4, the riding position puts you on top of the bike and turning in can be nervous. Benelli are fully aware and most done under warranty.

The liquid-cooled in-line triple in the Benelli Tornado is rorty and the 140bhp available is a pleasure to work, thanks to the motorcycle's almighty exhaust soundtrack.

Italian papers The Tornado was the fastest parallel twin in the early 70, only 3000 pcs produced This is the mark II For any request feel free to contact us ask for video World wide delivery 2013-08-31 00:44:11. There’s plenty of torque on tap, and a slipper clutch helps smooth out any awkward downshifts. The aluminum crankcase features generous surfaces, and is topped with a barrel and cylinder head that seem to want to burst out of the confines of the frame. Then you have a choice, kickstart or electric start. The massive front brake, the large, slabby side panels, the fat, oversized rubber grips and big, child-friendly black starter button. Popular modifications for this motorcycle include aftermarket race-style cans, which really let the Benelli Tornado’s motor sound at its very best. The handlebars are low on this bike, and being Tomassellis, I suspect they’re not the original equipment. full of exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made! Bought a standard 900 Tre in Red. Parts are also difficult to source and expensive. Weaknesses: Neutral gear - forget it! On first look, my feelings are slightly mixed. its addictive, this is biking! Weaknesses: The gearbox. Oh yes, no span adjuster on clutch - a bit of a bind for those of us with short fingers.

The riding position is unique and is suited more to someone with long legs and short arms - the clip on's are low and the switchgear awkward especially the indicator switch and the "mode" button used to start the stopwatch/lap timer (gimmick). is America's premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers and life long motorheads who love the sound and the beauty of classic bikes. Long, flat seat on the 1973 Benelli Tornado 650S features a prominent Benelli logo. It’s not hard to imagine that with older wiring, this might place some tension on or cause some issues with the electrics, and you end up with the sort of niggling problems that Italian bikes of the Seventies can suffer from — ask me how I know. I cannot fault it at all, except that they should fit an alarm at manufacture. whatever performance defficiencies compared to modern bikes is made up for by the engine sound !!

— Cycle, February 1971, “The engine has got to be the best big-bore twin we have ever experienced. No concerned owner worried about their pride and joy being ridden by someone else they’ve only known for 10 minutes.

You save an additional $5.00 and get 6 issues of Motorcycle Classics for only $29.95 (USA only). Handling is sublime, took me a couple of weeks to get used to the height - you seem to sit lower on a jap but once you've bonded with your tornado there's nothign else!

Perhaps that’s not a logical reason to ride and write about an old motorcycle, but it’s as good as any; non-scientific, random, and more honest, perhaps? The Benelli Tornado's riding position is somewhat tiring after a hundred miles or so as your wrists and back take the abuse of the motorcycle's aggressive bum-up, head-down ergonomics. Custom builders now prize the signature front brake drum on the 1973 Benelli Tornado 650S.

The first model Benelli Tornado suffered from a slightly snatchy fuel-injection, but from 2004 onwards the motorcycle is much improved.

But the rest of it so good what the hell.

The engine was purposefully placed quite well forward to keep the front wheel down under acceleration, but as this left little space for the radiator it was placed under the rear seat pan, resulting in a high riding position. [2][3], The early models suffered from both high prices, poor fuel injection mapping and poor reliability. Great green silver colour scheme and the exhaust note is very addictive. ), the electronics were co-sourced from the same manufacturer as that for the 1,000 cc triple Triumph Daytona 955i, French company SAGEM. Highway speeds are comfortable, and the bike does its best to behave like a proper “road burner.” Unforeseen wiring hiccups aside, the Benelli looks like it can be a decent and very usable classic bike — take it to the store or take it 500 miles. The new Benelli company showed a stunning design model at the Milan motorcycle show in 1999, which combined both angular and curved elements. Two 29mm VHB Dell’Orto carburetors peak out from under the tank, their intakes disappearing into rubber hidden behind the side panels.

Buying experience: Bought privately, super cheap, stunner, 2k miles 11 plate (though all made by 2004) as new for under £3500. Italian parts bins of the era so often cause the confusions of today.

The frame is stable and the Tornado tracks true and predictably through bends, despite old tires being fitted to the lovely spoked Borrani alloy rims.

No “owner Jim bought this bike in 10 boxes, spent five years restoring it and it has won many show prizes” story. Benelli Tornado 1973 (1973) Very beautiful conditions, restored by a Benelli mechanic, ready to run, engine ok, tyres ok, brakes ok, wiring ok ecc. Think carefully before you take the plunge! The Benelli Tornado has a right foot gear change, one up and four down, with the rear brake on the left, nothing unusual for the year of manufacture, which, incidentally is late 1973, and a system most European manufacturers kept for another couple of years. The beast feature are the looks of this bike,amazing to me! All in all this is a great bike but not without its niggles. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. And when you get back, you smile a lot.”

For the same price you can get the same age zx6r or similar. Researching later, I find that most Tornados had higher bars, though there is one factory photo that shows this same model with bars at just this height. By arjun rajput. Compare and buy parts for the Benelli Tornado in the MCN Shop. Always so many horror stories regarding reliability but that was on the early models which should have been fixed by now. for Alloy. — Popular Cycling, January 1972

The most specific information I can register by looking at the machine is that it has Benelli badges on the tank, “650S” on the side panels, and it’s a parallel twin.

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