best kubfu moveset

-Calm Mind - Judgement - ExtremeSpeed Timid Nature (-Atk +Spd) The movesets and EVs have been specifically calibrated to deal the most amount of damage to the largest group of potentially common opponents and typing threats for the Sword/Shield generation metagame. The best way to do this is to use XP Candy, but if you don’t have loads of candy on-hand, you’ll have to grind. Kubfu move set help. 529 Super Effective, Since the best 4 move combo would be ghost/fighting/ice/ground Arceus Ability: Multi-type Earthquake Extremespeed Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk) It also covers every type but Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. - Swords Dance Sadly, you might as well use Kyogre with Hidden Power Grass instead of this. Judgement is his signature move, always STAB, it has 180 Base-power and is super-effective on Groudon, it will always OHKO unless full EVs are spent in Groudon's S.Defense and HP, and it has super-effective coverage on about half of the rest of Uber as well. IMO good coverage, strong stab, Thunder + Ice beam for Bolt-beam, but use in rain. Arceus @Zap Plate Item: Flame plate Ice-beam, Thunderbolt, and Earth-power give him super effective coverage over 488 Pokemon and neutral over the rest. I use it myself in my ubers team, and it works VERY well. EVs: 252 S.Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp. Although most Pokémon have a single moveset that is the best for their whole species, there are some Pokémon who have multiple sets. If you're using your Chandelure as a Fire type, you'll want it to know Fire Spin and Overheat, but if you're going for Ghost type, you'll want Hex and Shadow Ball. Many are featured in Community Days and other events, so earning Candies for these Pokémon is easier. Here are the best games to play on your Nintendo Switch this Halloween. I am not into competitive play, I only want a moveset that will allow me to counter the weaknesses (the main ones like psychic and flying and fairy for the dark style of Urshifu). Here's the newly updated list! You do not need splash plate to perform in the Rain, he even works as Groudon Killer! But, replace ice beam with energy ball and replace earth power with calm mind. Either way, if a Legacy Move happens to be the best possible move for a Pokémon and you don't have it, you cannot get it with a normal TM. Spacial Rend is for consistent damage while Draco Meteor is more hit-&-run, so your choice. items, abilities, natures and EVs.Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Gamebreaker! Arceus @ Leftovers / Shell Bell / Life Orb Movesets are the combination of the fast attack and charged attack your Pokémon uses in battles. I mostly took advantage of it learning practictly every move. - Ice Beam Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk) What move shall I throw away for extremespeed for my arceus? - SolarBeam / Energy Ball. kubfu moveset reddit, Obstagoon (タチフサグマ Tachifusaguma) is a dark/normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. Two of the possible rewards for beating Raid Bosses are Quick TM and Fast TM, which can be used to change Quick Moves and Charge Moves respectively. With the latest rebalance of Shadow Pokémon and the addition of events where you can change Frustration for another Charged attack, there are Shadow Pokémon that you will want in your roster too. Because of how hard it is to get Elite TMs, you'll want to save them for your very best Pokémon, but hey, now you can have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Psystrike! ice beam, @Spooky Plate Recover. Calm mind: To increase the not invested sp def, make him sweep and complete this set. Well, Arceus, being a normal type, already has only one weakness, and you can really notice the difference of power when you have a life orb instead of a plate, and the main move is extremespeed, so why would you change the type when you can have a life orb boosted STAB move with +2 priority? Recover is for you to last longer while Calm-mind would be for boosting. They aren't random either. I'd definitely go with steel as the best type as it has so many resistances, Remove ice beam for scald or waterfall for fire/flying types, But then scald and waterfall would be less powerful in the sun. Swords dance is a very helpful move, as Arceus can take almost any hit and, after a swords dance, is an instant powerhouse. EVs: 252 S.Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp, Judgement Ice Beam I'll give a shot at this. Take Chandelure, for example; Chandelure is a Fire and Ghost type and can be one of the best of either.

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