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Tanana is the tribal shaman woman in Kenai's tribe in Disney's 2003 animated feature film, Brother Bear. Brother Bear is a 2003 American animated comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Collins's lyrics were translated into the Inuit Eskimo language for the performance, which was arranged by score co-composers Collins and Mark Mancina, and vocal arranger Eddie Jobson. In a post-ice age Alaska, the local tribesmen believe all creatures are created through the Great Spirits, who are said to appear in the form of an aurora.

Kenai quickly discovers that the wildlife can now speak to him, meeting a pair of moose brothers named Rutt and Tuke. "[4] Tab Murphy, who had co-written the screenplays for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire, came on board to write an early draft of the script. He later recorded his translation at an Anchorage studio while being videotaped for animation reference. Traumatized and disgusted at what he has done, Kenai runs away in a fit of guilt, but Koda follows him. Sitka complies, and Kenai is transformed back into a bear. [3] In order to be human again, Kenai must travel to a mountain where the Northern lights touch the earth. On his way, Kenai is joined by a bear cub, and learns to see through another's eyes, feel through another's heart, and discovers the true meaning of brotherhood. However, instead of opening on Halloween, the film would be released on Saturday, November 1, 2003.

"[30] Writing for Variety, Todd McCarthy summarized that "Brother Bear is a very mild animated entry from Disney with a distinctly recycled feel [because] the film's characters and narrative simply fail to engage strong interest, and tale is probably too resolutely serious to enchant small fry in the way the better Disney titles always have.

They make a deal: Kenai will escort Koda to an annual salmon run and then the cub will lead Kenai to the mountain. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

[9], In March 2001, Joaquin Phoenix confirmed he was cast in the film, exclaiming, "Oh, but forget the Oscar nomination (for Gladiator). [8] A year later, the production team took additional research trips through the Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Sequoia National Park.

Thomas Schumacher, then-president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, approved the revised story and proclaimed, "This is the idea of the century. After Kenai chooses to remain a bear and earns his title as a man through his love for Koda, Tanana leads the ceremony where he officially becomes a man. In the film, the adventures of bear brothers Kenai and Koda continue.

The site's consensus is "Brother Bear is gentle and pleasant if unremarkable Disney fare, with so-so animation and generic plotting.

It is the 44th Disney animated feature film. Denahi corners Kenai on the mountain, but their battle is interrupted by Koda, who steals Denahi's hunting pike.

Unlike Sitka, who gained the eagle of guidance, and Denahi, who gained the wolf of wisdom, Kenai receives the bearof love. The film is set in post-ice age in Alaska, where the local tribesmen believe all creatures are created through Great Spirits, said to appear in the form of an aurora. Nookie. Isn't that the greatest? [7] Because Blaise desired a more naturalistic story, Blaise and producer Chuck Williams produced a two-page treatment of a father-son story in which the son is transformed into a bear, and in the end, remains a bear. "[10] After the filmmakers heard his audition tapes for Finding Nemo, Jeremy Suarez was cast as Koda. "[27] Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 from top reviews from mainstream critics, calculated a score of 48 based on 28 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews. Books: Little Golden Book • Disney's Wonderful World of Reading • Disney Read-Along, Entertainment: Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party • Rivers of Light: We Are One

John E. Hurst and Byron Howardserved as the supervising animators for Kenai in human and bear form respectively. I am content!

Eventually, Kenai and Koda reach the salmon run, where a large number of bears live as a family, including the leader Tug. [22], Brother Bear was released on VHS and two-disc DVD on March 30, 2004. Kenai sacrifices himself for Koda, out of love, prompting Sitka to appear and turn him back into a human, much to Denahi and Koda's surprise. [20] On July 15, 2003, Disney announced that the release date would be moved up by one weekend from its previously scheduled slot of November 7, 2003. ", "Isaak Surfing the Ironic / For Phoenix, life's a bear", "Looks like a bear market for 2-D animation", "Das Interview mit Ruben Aquino, Supervising-Animator (English transcript)", "Tina, Phil In 'Great Spirits' On Soundtrack", "Diverse Acts Interpret Collins For 'Brother Bear, "Inside Move: Disney wakes 'Bear' for Sat. He is the youngest of three brothers who gets turned into a bear, to teach him to see through their eyes. [14] Art Director Robh Ruppel stated that the ending of the film originally showed how Kenai and Denahi get together once a year to play when the northern lights are in the sky.

On the mountain, Kenai is cornered by Denahi, but their battle is interrupted by Koda, who steals Denahi's spear. Kenai does so and is transformed into a bear by Sitka as punishment. Sitka complies, and Kenai is transformed back into a bear. [4] At the time, the original idea, which was inspired by King Lear, centered around an old blind bear who traveled the forest with his three daughters. The film received mostly mixed reviews from film critics, praising the film's animation but criticizing its story. [23] The home video release brought in more than $167 million in DVD and VHS sales and rentals. Nookie is the Female Lover Bear seen in Brother Bear but who also made a small appereance in Brother bear 2, when Kenai and Koda arrived at the Salmon Run and during Kenai and Nita's wedding. The real pinnacle is that I'm playing an animated character in a Disney film. Alex Kupershmidt served as the supervising animator for Koda.

I am content! As such, she expects the same of her tribe, stating "there is no trading" when it comes to totems, and impresses the meanings of the totems into those who come of age but that they must learn how to live by what their totems represent. He gets caught in a trap, but is freed by a charismatic bear cub named Koda. Following the critical and commercial success of The Lion King, Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner urged for more animal-centric animated features, and suggested a North American backdrop, taking particular inspiration from an original landscape painting by Albert Bierstadt that he bought. Enraged, Kenai heads out to avenge Sitka. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Denahi placed a hand on his arm to comfort him. I'm a leading bear.

As Kenai awakes as a bear after being swept along by a river, she tells him that he must travel to the "mountain where the lights touch the earth" to be changed back into a man by Sitka. To track the "king" idea, the hero would naturally be a bear, the king of the forest. After Kenai transforms into a bear twenty-four minutes into the picture, the film itself transforms as well: to an anamorphic aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and towards brighter, more fanciful colors and slightly more caricatured art direction. Jeremy Suarez as Koda, a cheeky grizzly bear cub who helps Kenai on his journey to where the Lights Touch the Earth. In a post-ice age Alaska, where the local tribesmenbelieve all creatures are created through the Spirits, who are said to appear in the form of an aurora, three brothers, Kenai, the youngest brother; Denahi, the middle brother; and Sitka, the eldest brother, return to their tribe in order for Kenai to receive his totem, a necklace in the shape of an animal.

For the role as the Inuit Narrator, Kawagley translated the dialogue in written form into Yup'ik and faxed the translation back to the Disney studio. Don't call me a leading man.

Of note to many critics and viewers was the use of the film's aspect ratio as a storytelling device. The real pinnacle is that I'm playing an animated character in a Disney film. [4] Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley, an associate professor who taught courses on Alaska Native philosophy at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, claimed he was never given a script, but was instead given "the dialogue that they had written, which was being told by a Native person". After Sitka's funeral, an enraged Kenai blames the bear for Sitka's death. Ruben A. Aquino served as the supervising animator for Denahi. Disney's Brother Bear games were released in November 2003 for Game Boy Advance, PC and mobile phones. Biography Brother Bear. [18], Brother Bear was originally slated for a spring 2004 release, while Home on the Range was scheduled for a 2003 release.

It was a bit of a disappointment, because I [usually] write songs that I sing myself.

Rutt and Tuke, having had an argument, reform their brotherhood in front of Koda, prompting him to forgive Kenai.

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