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Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs) Eunkwang is known as “the father of the group”. BlackPink Quiz 2017 – How Well Do You Know about BlackPink? He had 16 cups a day.

August 9, 2020, 10:33 pm, by BTOB Members Profile .

Eunkwang and Hyunsik were in the “Law of the Jungle” in Mexico.

Minhyuk is also good in concentrating, that he would not care about his surrounding when he focused on something.

Changsub is not really popular among Kpopers who are not BtoB fans, but he is the most popular member among Melody.

The song was written by Eunkwang.

Sub-Unit: BtoB Blue Birth Name : Im Hyun Sik.

The staffs who have worked with them say, "Once you start working with BTOB, you have to give up staying sane." (Talk about commitment!)

He filmed “We Got Married” with Joy from Red Velvet. In 2017, he got an ankle injury, so that he had to perform while sitting. Official Height: 173 cm (5’8″) / Real Height: 171 cm (5’7″) When Ilhoon was younger, he is not really popular among girls in the school, and did not receive any confession from girls, he even said that his first love did not came true. He has only one older brother.

He is described by Eunkwang as a person who is full of confidence and strong aspirations. Sungjae’s talents include not only singing and acting; Playing the guitar, snowboarding, and fishing are some of the things he’s also great at. Blood Type: A

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Birthday: February 26, 1991


He’s also appeared in South Korean dramas “Plus Nine Boy”’, “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” and “Goblin”.

Hyunsik was popular among the girls ever since the 4th grade of elementary school.

1.7k Views, BTOB Members Profile, BTOB Ideal Type and 7 Facts You Should Know About BTOB.

Ubah ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But, according to Chansub, he is also very mature, because he always picks perfect words before speaking up.

Firstly debuted on Marc 21st, 2012, this boyband has been a super popular boy group around the world.

Would love your thoughts, please comment. They also admitted that they consist ed of 7 craziness. Zodiac Sign: Pisces by He said he was a big fan of Heechul from Super Junior.

Among all BtoB members, Peniel is probably the weirdest. September 1, 2019, 6:12 pm, by Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs) Name: Eunkwang. Favorite food: he likes all food, except pudding

They also held their first fan-meet on April 6, 2013 and released their first digital single “2nd Confession” as well as releasing their third EP “Thriller” on September 9, 2013. He first met V from BTS at the toilet and they became close since then. Ubah ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He can sleep while singing or eating. Birth Name: Yook Sung Jae (육성재) Seiring dengan debut kelompok baru ini Cube Entertainment juga membantuk sub panel manajemen bernama Cube DC. For the remaining months of 2017, the group released their second studio album “Brother Act” on October 16 and held another concert titled “BtoB Time – Our Concert” at the Ilsan Kintex Exhibition Center on dates December 23 & December 24.

Birth Name: Jung Il Hoon (정일훈)

Other Names: Birth Name: Seo Eun Kwang. Birth Name: Shin Dong Geun. In 2014, Minhyuk also reached the highest recorded vault jump at 2.75m when he appeared on “Lets Go!

Favorite color: Black.

To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Peniel talks well with both male and female. but minhyuk 0.5cm is taller than Eunkwang ? _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Or is it the handsome maknae like Sungjae? Anyways, when we look at BTOB members, one thing we find quite similar among members is height.

Following their debut, on April 3, 2012 BtoB released their self-titled debut EP “Born to Beat”. He is so good in cleaning, ad becomes the role model whenever it comes to cleaning. Ilhoon doesn’t eat much, he doesn’t have an appetite. BTOB members profile BTOB - Name Meaning: BTOB is the acronym for Born to Beat and embodies their determination to show the world a new beat and new performances. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. He was the first member to debut his own solo album called “bpm 82.5”. Position : Lead …

_g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius BTOB Members Profile: BTOB Facts and Ideal Types BTOB (비투비) consists of 7 members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae. Your email address will not be published. Ilhoon has also featured in HyunA’s “Roll Deep” music Video. Ilhoon was born in Seoul, South Korea and has an older sister named Joo who is currently a solo artist originally under JYP Entertainment. Top 11 Best School/College Romance K-Dramas To Have On Your Watchlist, 9 K-Pop Groups That Took The Longest To Receive Number 1 On Music Shows, The Piercing Shop K-Pop Idols Frequently Drop By. Hyunsik was born in Seoul, South Korea and has an older brother named Yoonsik. try {

Position: Lead Vocalist Group Name: BTOB (비투비) Agency: CUBE Entertainment Debut Date: March 21, 2012 Members: BTOB consists of 7 members: Sungjae Eunkwang Peniel Minhyuk Changsub Ilhoon Hyunsik.

The success of BTOB didn’t stop in 2014! (Image by Pinterest, link to He said if he could be one of the BtoB member, he wanted to be Sungjae, because he is very tall. It is stated that Sungjae taught him how to swear in Korean.

Sungjae became BTOB’s new leader until Eunkwang returns. Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist August 9, 2020, 8:59 pm, by

Their music is widely accepted, made them received so many awards since 2012, like “Singer of the Year”, “Ballad Award”, “Best Vocal Award” and many others. On December 22, 2014 the group released their Winter EP “The Winter’s Tale” which was composed and produced by members Hyun-sik and Il-hoon.

Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik.

Eunkwang enlisted on August 21, 2018 and got discharged on April 7, 2020.

T-Ara N4 – Countryside Life/전원일기 (hangul, Roman, English, Indonesian), Secret – Yoohoo (Hangul, Roman, English, Indonesian), B1A4 – What’s Going On/이게 무슨 일이야 (Hangul, Roman, English, Indonesian).

_g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Hyunsik’s ideal type: extraordinary, someone who is more special than him, someone who is very adorable but will be very sexy when she is next to me, someone who is not too boring, someone who is willing to give but knows that she is lacking, a woman who complements him. Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

He has studied abroad in Shanghai for 2 years.

SungJae, the youngest member is the tallest being 180 cm (5.9 ft). His hobbies are writing song lyrics, rap, playing sports, and watching movies. As his long friend, Hyunsik stated that Changsub is a very passionate person, among the other members, Changsub often pratices longer, but wakes up the latest and always be the first one to get ready than the other members. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); On March 21, 2019 the boy group celebrated their seven year anniversary, however, on April 2019, BTOB released a digital single titled “Sorry” which Eunkwang, Minhyuk and Changsub prepared before being enlisted to compulsory military service duties (which they’re currently carrying out presently).

Maybe he got his musical talent from his father, who is a singer. He’s known to be a humorous character who throughout his college years, participated in “cross-dressing competions” not once, but twice. Before eating, he often take pictures of the food first.

TXT Quiz 2020 – Which TXT Member Is Your Soulmate? Sungjae chooses Suzy as the female idol he wants to date. BTS Quiz 2017 – How Well Do You Know about BTS? Peniel can converse well with either male or females.

( Logout /  He has an older sister, named Joo, who is a solo singer who debuted under JPY Entertainment in 2008.

Favorite color: black. This article will provide you brief information about BtoB members profile. Yook Sung Jae was born in Yongin, South Korea and has an older sister named Sungyoung. Changsub is really good at sports. Hobbies include playing the guitar, taking pictures of food (before indulging), listening to music and relaxing. Ubah ). It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. A month after that (on October 18, 2012) the group began promoting a follow up single “Lover Boy” on M Countdown.

Here’s What’s Inside G-Dragon’s Refrigerator, 4 Times Red Velvet Irene Showed Her Inner Beauty, Hilarious Mix Up MinHyun & SungWoon Once Had While Living Together, Jennie Adorably Gets Pouty When KwangSoo Calls Rosé Pretty. Ubah ), You are commenting using your Google account. HS

Block B Members Profile, Age, Birthdays, UPDATED!

Stage Name: Minhyuk (민혁) Favorite colors: black and red

They also went on to perform another live concert in South Korea. HS May 3, 2020, 5:35 pm, by

Being 180 cm tall, he is called as the biggest maknae, since he is also the youngest guy in the group. Following the release of their first Japenese single album, the group ranked #2 Japan’s Oricon Singles Chart as well as hitting recorded sales of approximately 70,000! He debuted as a soloist on July 24, 2017 with a digital single “Swimming”. December 1, 2012 came around and BtoB jet setted off once again promoting their music around Asia with live performances and multiple press conference meetings.

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