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A company spokeswoman cited the usual factors — changing market demands and foreign competition — as reasons it plans to close the plant, even though it was once the world’s largest, and long supplied the denim for Levi’s iconic 501 jeans. Where workers are having a good laugh. Smart VS Business Casual: Which One is Right for You? The Oakley Holbrook features a perfect blend of performance and lifestyle aesthetics including a Three-Point-Fit system, hollow point hinges, and unobtanium earsock and adjustable nose pads, all of which add comfort, durability and stability. This Swiss Quartz Chronograph features a Ronda Z50 movement. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine. The wallet is double-stitched for extra reliability and rigorously checked for quality before shipping.

Maybe jeans enthusiasts simply have other stuff on their plates to think about.

They didn't even do any Black Friday deals. How to use the wisdom of the past to survive the present. I know where I would rather live and work. If your brand or product meets that criteria, and you’re interested in learning more about advertising on Well Spent, send an email to brad@well-spent.com. There is also the thing that ‘Made in the USA’ is so very cool, and wearing US made denim in particular you are connecting to a tradition born in the country, with Levi, Wrangler and Lee. I’ve never been very interested in any of those brands. The new wire lug case design came into popularity during WWI when pilots would solder chains onto their pocket watches to wear around their wrist. We started with ultra dark indigo yarns with light slub and tighter tension weave. Price and style-wise, they're a similar brand to Taylor Stitch, though Buck Mason is a little more casual-LA-rugged and Taylor Stitch is more casual-mountains-rugged. As reported here on Well Spent, labor abuses also occur in US production facilities. The fill yarn is less pronounced compared to our current denim offering. Automatic self-winding movement with day date window. I’m willing to pay a premium to buy some confidence that the people who make the garments are paid better.

Inspired by chronographs from the 1930’s, the Jack Mason x Taylor Stitch Aviator Multi-Scale Chronograph taps into the “golden age of aviation” when early aviation pioneers relied on functionality and versatility. My experience with fit is consistent with other retailers I wear, like Gap, J.Crew etc. As a label owner of New York brand that producers in the city, I have a couple of additional comments. Except at 50% off, it's pretty close to a Target price tag. Tri-blend is a type of fabric t-shirt manufacturers use that's made of  cotton, polyester, and rayon.

And, like a snake eating its own tail, as more brands move away, more factories close, further lessening the industry’s proficiency and capacity. America may have invented bluejeans, but Japan turned them into a religion. Since I’ve started following them a couple years ago, Buck Mason has only offered discounts twice. “In a world of fast fashion, Buck Mason makes its clothes to last beyond just a single wear, or a single season.” “These guys won’t stop until they’ve made the perfect version of every piece of clothing you can wear.” “Buck Mason works hard to make clothing look effortless.” Fast + easy Curbside Pickup now available at select locations. https://www.scpr.org/blogs/multiamerican/2011/04/06/7314/the-gripping-tale-of-a-garment-industry-slave/. I wonder if getting rid of that will hurt them in the long run. All of the information that appears on this site has been gathered with cooperation from the brands featured.

This is hardly surprising. If they forfeit that differentiation, they will have to compete with a much larger pool of lower-priced brands made overseas for customers who do not care where, by whom, or under what conditions their clothing was made. Started in 2013 with quality in mind, Buck Mason has quickly established themselves as among the coolest men’s basics brands out there.

We wouldn’t be able to walk in to our factories, be a part of the community like we are now. It means no sweatshops, a low environmental impact, and nothing disposable. For much of the past decade, that’s a cost that the cool kids apparently were happy to bear, which accounts for the explosion of retro-inflected denim brands (Tellason, Raleigh Denim, Taylor Stitch and Buck Mason, to name just a few) that used White Oak denim as a pillar of their branding. And Cheers to Powell/Gustin for sticking with it. They screw up, you have to pick up and find another one, you have to eat that cost. In New York, there are plenty of good manufacturers and cut and sew shops still around. There is plenty of wage theft and mistreatment of workers stateside. There wouldn't be a Well Spent without the support of our advertisers. This page was last updated: 24-Oct 09:56. Go to something like a Premier Vision fabric fair and look for domestic fabric producers, there might be a few, but they’re most certainly not making flannel or or anything like that.

Affordable style, self-development, how-tos, and apartment DIY. The company filed notice that it would lay off 208 people. And though pollution is still probably the most glaring pock mark on an industry that’s covered with them, and some factories in those regions have been notoriously problematic in that regard, others are actually leading the way in environmentally-friendly production. The neck opening leaves room to breathe, while the rounded shirttail lends a tailored look to an everyday essential. We need these raw materials to be efficient to source… which means we need it to be close to the manufacturer. “As much as the Trump administration is touting ‘America First,’ we believe we live in a global world, and provenance is becoming less important,” said Michael Maher, a founder of Taylor Stitch, which is based in San Francisco. Transparency is key here. “I set a goal to get virgin cotton out of our supply chain by 2020,” Maher says.

The only reason I'm not buying it now is since they're retiring the style I won't be able to include it any future Getups. The second is the sale that just went live today at 6PM PST. Those of us who do care about country of origin, treatment of workers, and stewardship of the environment will have to look elsewhere. We’ve built it so the belt buckle is removable and can be exchanged for any buckle you want!

We designed this limited edition timepiece in collaboration with the San Francisco based men’s fashion brand, Taylor Stitch, whose mission is to create products that are responsibly built for the long haul.

So yes, I’m defending a brand like Corridor who is moving abroad for production, because the quality is better. The Bruiser Moto Jacket in the brown mahogany color is a year round weight, and fits consistently with other brands that I wear. The Gettin’s Good Sale is 25-50% off of styles from previous seasons that they’re retiring. Custom molded logo trim. The Melin Huntsman features treated waxed cotton crown panels from Halley Stevensons, the iconic mill based in Dundee, Scotland with a heritage of producing the world’s most premium waxed cottons since 1864. Join our email list to get new product announcements, special promotions, and more. A number of Made-in-USA labels have recently moved some — or all — of their production overseas. The idea that a vehicle is merely built to take you from point A to point B, while fashion is designed to be a functional aspect of everyday life. And that’s super annoying for a guy who loves buying awesome products on sale. Why would you put the actual craftsmanship and level of quality below a “Made in the USA” tag? The only type of advertising we offer are banner ads. And say what you will (and for me, I would say a lot), the USA is a democracy ( flawed) and China nothing near.

Over the last two years, a number of brands that were once 100% Made-in-USA, including Taylor Stitch, Buck Mason, Corridor NYC, Outdoor Voices, and Topo Designs, have moved some – or all – of their production to Asia. And if you're the type of guy that struggles with wearing chinos casually, the fit and styling on these make it effortless. Where Have All the Made-in-USA Brands Gone? Crafted from premium European leather and durable cushioning for cushioning. Brave Star is my favorite.

A couple years ago, Mr. Williams, who also runs a marketing company that represents heritage brands like Red Wing and Levi’s, wrote a paean about his visit to the White Oak plant. Learn More. “Those flaws are part of the integrity [of the garment],” she says.

“Producing in America has always been one of the core elements of our company, and something that we haven’t strayed from in over 10 years of developing and making products,” says Stephen Powell, of Gustin.

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