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Jake has been an avid mechanical keyboard user for the past six years.

I personally wouldn’t recommend them for gamers and especially not for typists. The rubber will reduce the sound level when the stem strikes the lower switch housing and when the key is released and springs back up. While 16% sound reduction is significantly less than what’s marketed by Cherry MX, the sound difference is quite drastic, so they can be an excellent option for those who need a silent workstation. The spring, stem, keycap, together makes noises. The MX Greens have an actuation force of 80g and a bottom out force of 90g. As you can see, this switch is not for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly comfortable for the right person. The travel distance and actuation distance are the same as any other Cherry MX switch with a 2mm actuation and 4mm total travel. But after a while, you’ll adjust to the different feel of the switches. Rubber dom, cheap desktop keyboard. A clicky and bumpy switch with heavy resistance.

Sort By: Show: Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Lubing your keyboard can be quite a project, so we’ll link to a few guides we have written on this process. While 16% sound reduction is significantly less than what’s marketed by Cherry MX, the sound difference is quite drastic, so they can be an excellent option for those who need a silent workstation.

Trust me, do not be that guy that brings clicky switches to the office and annoys everybody to no end (looking at you KEVIN). No products were found matching your selection. This is the best improvement you can make to your switches, hands down. They are preferred by gamers who prioritize accuracy over speed and users who enjoy instantly knowing whether a key was pressed.

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Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. Cherry MX Reds are relatively quiet, more-so than the tactile and clicky switches such as the Brown or Blue switches. This style of switch is perfect for those who need a switch for typing because the bump provides great feedback and the overall noise level of tactile switches is not too high (although louder than linear). These switches are perfect for those who like to game/type in a confined space with nobody else around. So, about an 80g actuation force and 90g bottom out. We’ve also done our own independent testing of the different switch types and performed all of the switch modifications, so we can say from experience if they help or not. Bumpy switch with medium resistance. Stunning RGB splendor with dynamic effects in a compact package. by Eridanus.168 Published on Feb 10, 2017 1st: Logitech K380 (Scissor switches) 00:11 Here's a video that compare the noises they make. Cherry MX Speed switches are another interesting option from Cherry. There are two low-profile switches currently available, the Cherry MX Low-Profile Red and the Speed Silver. filter out ambient noise, and now you only hear the keys. Linear switches are buttery smooth and offer a consistent and even keystroke. Let’s find out. I have just got my first mechanical keyboard, and I decided to go for the brown switches. The silent switches are offered in either Cherry MX Silent Red or Silent Black form, so you’ll be stuck to only linear. All the others, do not make any noise if you press the key very slowly.

Cherry MX switches have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes, which is bonkers. Now that we’ve gone over all of the more common Cherry MX switches, let’s talk about the really juicy stuff, their specialty switches. Here’s a quick overview of all the common switch colors and what they mean. Gamers and writers who don’t mind trading a bit of speed for definitive aural and tactile keypress confirmation will enjoy these switches. Deciding if you want a silent switch comes down to what you prefer more in a switch: sound or feel. Much like the Cherry MX Red’s, the Blacks are perfect for gaming and can be great for typing as well, although they are a bit trickier to find on a keyboard. Brown Cherry MX Switches . Key bouncing back. This can result in extra switch wobble and movement when typing. We’ll go over all the different Cherry MX switches along with a deeper dive into the nitty gritty details. They are very difficult to find and in my opinion sound very strange. Add To Cart Cherry MX Blue Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile, Click - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. In this article, we go over the best mechanical keyboards that offer Cherry MX Brown switches as an... We may earn a commission for purchases using our links.

Trust us, the difference is night and day. The key pops back by spring, “hits top”, makes noise.

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