classic children's adventure books

Discover how Mark survives alone on this unexplored frontier in this book that took the literary world by a storm when it was self-published in 2011. What’s better than a regular old tale of adventure, you might ask? Rabbits? This is the dramatic story of the expedition. In 1989, billionaire John Hammond contacts paleontologist Alan Grant and paleobotanist Ellie Sattler, inviting them to go on an adventure into the past — and the darkest parts of human ambition. Kimball O’Hara, Kim for short, is an orphaned white boy scraping by in the streets of Lahore, India. From New York to California and back again, Travels with Charley is a ruminative reflection of America and everything that the country Steinbeck loved stood for. So begins her epic journey to become a legend in her land. When fifth grader Jesse Aarons befriends his new neighbor, Leslie Burke, a beautiful friendship — and kingdom — is born. Another adventure story by Jules Vernes, The Mysterious Island is actually a crossover sequel to Verne’s famous Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaways. Paul Theroux is one of America’s foremost travel writers, and he shows why in this seminal travelogue about his journey by train through Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. So begins his journey to find a faithful squire, save damsels in distress, and fight windmills. Then you can dive into the story to follow Clay Jannon’s sojourn as a worker for Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore — which is not, as you might expect, all that it may seem. Follow Dorothy as she travels along the Yellow Brick Road in the magical Land of Oz, meeting a Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion in her quest to return back to Kansas. Written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, this story of “buccaneers and buried gold” launched a million tropes of treasure maps, sea chests, Black Spots, and deserted islands. Brian Robeson is only 13 years old when his bush plane crashes in the forest. A cracking nautical adventure set during the Napoleonic Wars, English author Patrick O’Brian’s epic Master and Commander series is grounded by the friendship between Jack Aubrey, the Master and Commander of his ship, and Stephen Maturin, his naval surgeon. Meet scorpions, nomadic tribes, and golden sands in the below books that feature desert adventures. In the 1990s, Bryson takes up the challenge of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with his friend Stephen Katz. He is picked up by Ford Prefect, an alien writer who’s working on an electronic book called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ernest Hemingway was a big-game hunter, and he drew from his own experiences to write “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.” In it, Francis Macomber, his wife, and a friend are in Africa hunting buffalo, which does not turn out as they wanted. Sometimes adventures must be read in order to be believed.

It boasts six adaptations, including a 1937 British film and a 2004 American television miniseries. A lot of things can go wrong — and they do, in this masterful short story by Ray Bradbury about the butterfly effect. Or: the books that started it all. One of the most famous and acclaimed English novels in history happens to be a grim adventure story. The full title of this acclaimed 1886 book by Robert Louis Stevenson is (deep breath): Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751: How he was Kidnapped and Cast away; his Sufferings in a Desert Isle; his Journey in the Wild Highlands; his acquaintance with Alan Breck Stewart and other notorious Highland Jacobites; with all that he Suffered at the hands of his Uncle, Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws, falsely so-called: Written by Himself and now set forth by Robert Louis Stevenson. But their plans reach a snag when they encounter their greatest foe: the Pacific Northwest coast. This 1951 novel, which takes place during World War II, is considered one of the foremost portrayals of the Royal Navy’s battle against both the sea and the Germans. An adventure novel that functions in the guise of spy fiction, The Riddle of the Sands is a fantastic example of how a regular yachting trip might quickly become a madcap investigation of the German’s plan to invade Britain. Well, an adventure with animals. Published in 1938, The Road to Oxiana is one of the premiere examples of travel writing. Get early access to the freshest adventure books . But life can get hard for china rabbits, as Edward falls into the sea and spends 297 days on the bottom of the ocean. Young Tristan Thorn grows up in the village of Wall, not once stepping foot into the magical land of Faerie that lies just beyond the border. The tin on this 1888 story written by Rudyard Kipling says it all. Written by Bram Stoker, this novel the archetypical vampire fantasy in which the forces of good must battle against Dracula and the undead. Prepare to die.” By turn brilliant, witty, romantic, and thrilling, The Princess Bride (along with Buttercup, Westley, and company) have enchanted hearts across the world.

Thus begins his life onboard a ship that cares not a whit for his wealth — and his eventual journey back to America. Bill Bryson is synonymous with humor when it comes to travel writing — and this might be one of his most famous installments. Inspired by the launch of Apollo 17, Tom Wolfe wrote this book to explore the courage that propels an astronaut to take to the air.
In 1990, Christopher Johnson McCandless gave away all of his money and left home, never to return.

Remote, isolated, and desolated: what better setting for an adventure than a desert? Bet you didn’t expect that twist, did you? The US book cover of Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore glows in the dark. That is, until a star falls in the distance and he tells his sweetheart that he will do anything to fetch it for her…. Looking for jousting tournaments, romance, kidnappings, and witch trials? What on earth could be exciting or adventurous about rabbits? Accidents and adventures ensue! Read it if you like a healthy dash of satire with your adventure. Plus, it’s perhaps one of the first modern thrillers ever written. Douglas Mawson faced disease, snow, Herculean winds, the death of his dogs and only companions, starvation, and thirst — and still somehow survived while managing to map nearly 1,500 miles of the Antarctic coastline. Masterfully written, this book pits man against all the elements that nature can throw him. From Don Quixote to Treasure Island, they invented many of the tropes that we still see in adventure novels today. One day while grading essays, JRR Tolkien wrote, “In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit,” on the back of a student’s paper. He returns by — what else? Sherlock Holmes is nowhere to be found, but this book does introduce the notorious character of Professor Challenger, the founder of the mission. The entire party to the Pole died on the journey. One of Neil Gaiman’s earlier works, it’s nonetheless one of the most charming coming-of-age adventures that you’ll find. These novels feature adventures that were all taken by putting one foot in front of the other.

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