close the refrigerator door

And I actually had to PAY for his 'knowledge'. I'm having the same problem. It's so annoying. Had a service man out while under warranty and he told us to put Vaseline on the gasket. Hope that works. The flat fridge door has little structural integrity, and so repeatedly opening the door will eventually ause it to warp, usually from the corner where the handle is. I just bought the same model Frigidaire refrigerator and the freezer compartment is full of frost. By using a bracket with the magnets mounted parallel with the door I only need 9 of these to keep the door closed. 11 years ago

I got mine from K&J Magnetics (the D401), but I haven't seen any reason to favor them over any other retailer.If you're ordering for this purpose, I'd recommend that you try and get a variety pack. How? on Introduction. I'm gonna try this asap! I was skeptical that this would work for our fridge since it takes so much force to keep the door shut--probably a couple of pounds. My Frididaire does the same thing! I'd like to visit your vision of the world and furtle about for a while sometime. I had a few hundred 1/16" neodymium magnets stuck to my fridge, but you can get some easily enough through several different sources. I simply kept stacking the magnets and tested the fridge door to see what was a good fit. Did you make this project? Maybe the whole thing can have some heatshrink tubing or other casing applied to it. No ice maker so its not that! Good idea, and instructable. It drives us crazy! Simply click here to return to Got a Question?. You'll like it. Typically the fridge door swings open because it has not been properly leveled - if you adjust the little feet at the front and raise the front edge of the fridge (lengthen the feet) the door should stop swinging open. Can anyone tell me why my brand new, automatic defrost, top mounted freezer Frigidaire refrigerator (Model #LGUI1849L) opens the top freezer door when I close the bottom refrigerator door? Otherwise, wish we had never bought this unit. Apart from my last one where the magnetic gsket that actually hold the bugger shut had come apart and although it has been replaced I now know that I could have fixed it through the POWER OF MAGNETISM!!!!! I am not pleased. I believe you can also replace the magnet seal that goes around the fridge door. Now yrs later still doing it until I put more Vaseline on it. My fridge door open by extra force please tell me how can it open smooth.Milind Agarwal, 7 years ago I have a GE that does the same thing. Great suggestion!

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