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Press release content from NewMediaWire. While some people may have a negative perspective on introducing humidity, this is much different than the dense, damp feeling in the air when summer heat meets warm rain. To charge the cooling unit, users are provided with a Type-C charging cable, but it doesn’t have to be plugged in during use. Even with consistent and long-term usage, this curtain should still last about six to eight months before it needs to be changed out. Please call us anytime for help For one Easy Cool Breeze cooler, users will have to pay $89.95. We pride ourselves on selling energy efficient systems – saving power to save the planet, which results in saving you money. While a standard AC unit in a home may push cold air through vents, users can direct the vent of the Easy Cool Breeze wherever they are sitting or working for maximum concentration. Our services extend across Arizona … Marketing By Kevin August 8, 2020. Even without the obscenely hot temperatures, consumers may still want to keep a room circulating the air around it with a window open and the fan on the highest setting. At Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions, we believe our core values set us apart from other contractors. The need for investment in Tier II medical facilities is essential to the safety and health of our community, both locally and nationally. Nate certified, factory trained as well as professional individuals that are drug tested, background checked before entering your home or business. As far as daily use, the unit needs to be filled with water to function. Cool Breeze technicians are trained to service as well as retrofit all makes and models of Air conditioners, Heat pumps, Furnaces, Air handlers, Indoor Air cleaning products, Water heaters, Soft water Systems as well as home appliances. We do it all – Please see our list of service areas or call 844-550-5300 now for your service area. Found online only, the Easy Cool Breeze Portable AC scam complaints are mounting up as people try to find the  best portable air conditioners  to choose from online. Coolbreeze™ intelligent preventive maintenance services are designed to maximize the performance of your building by capturing energy saving. While it may feel great to have cold air powerfully blowing through every vent, it doesn’t come cheap. We’re happy to have the ability to offer a wide range of HVAC and other home services. The mechanism inside Easy Cool Breeze uses this water as a way to cool off the air it circulates, pushing out lower temperatures without any chemicals as it humidifies the space. Each time a service is performed, our technician will provide a detailed summary and explanation of the issues as well as a solution. The device is small and sleek and enables a more comfortable temperature in equally small spaces. As a humidifier, users can keep their skin, nose, and eyes from drying out, unlike other coolers that just circulate cold and dry air. Our HVAC company offers the following products and services: We pride ourselves on selling energy efficient systems – saving power to save the planet, which results in saving you money. Since the Easy Cool Breeze device can operate as a regular fan, consumers can find a reason to keep it out in any room through the whole year, rather than to pack it away when the weather gets colder. While the website doesn’t seem to offer a chance to purchase the water curtain individually, users may be able to refer to the instruction manual to find out more detailed information for its replacement. Reliability. This humidification process is essential for cooling the air in a room, and to keep skin moisturized, and keeps the atmosphere chilled more effectively. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all your home and business comfort needs. The question is not if, but how much. All mechanical equipment will eventually need repairs. Coolbreeze Service is a unionized air conditioning and refrigeration service provider for commercial and industrial customers. In order for our company to be successful, we want to make sure your home and business comfort needs are met. The Coolbreeze™ TSBA is the quintessential tool for making sound and intelligent financial decisions on your facility HVAC equipment and systems. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation. Stagnant air and high temperatures are the makings of a rough day of discomfort, leaving consumers with a single decision – to find a solution or to grin and bear it. Our licensed HVAC contractors are trained to focus on providing superior customer service on each job. Every person wants to be the most comfortable that they can be. On your heating and cooling by calling Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions today! Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions has been offering expert residential and commercial HVAC services in and around the Prescott, Payson, Globe, Phoenix-Metro, Tucson-Metro, Green Valley to the city of Bisbee, Arizona for over 10 years now. Still, with a one-year protection policy available at checkout and regular maintenance, consumers can keep themselves comfortable through the heat of summer with Easy Cool Breeze. To maintain performance, the user will periodically have to replace the water curtain, which can be easily removed and changed out. Cool-Breeze has been family owned and operated since 1987, that is more than 30 Years in the service industry! OVER 30 YEARS It is important to partner with the right companies in business. Call now to speak with a home and business comfort solution expert: © Copyright 2020 Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions | All Rights Reserved |. Here is a complete EZ Cool Breeze review that will address the Easy Cool Breeze scam complaints and discuss in detail all of the inner workings and functions the portable personal air cooler unit has according to its official website. Luckily, there are no repairmen to call or seasonal maintenance that consumers will need to pay out hundreds of dollars for every summer. All devices are only available as a pre-order right now, because of shipping delays resulting from COVID-19. For consumers that want a way to keep themselves comfortable without breaking the bank, there’s EZ Cool Breeze. Typically, the price is $138.45, but the website seems to have a discount offer right now with the pre-order option. The Easy Cool Breeze air cooler makes it possible for consumers to stay cooled off while being able to move the machine anywhere. Technical Services Building Analysis (TSBA), Custom Sheet Metal Ductwork and Fittings Fabrication. Click here to Buy the Top Portable Air Conditioner Unit and Personal AC Device in 2020, Buying an Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner. Thank you for your excellent service. Learn More These are our core values. New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 08, 2020 - Easy Cool Breeze is a portable cooling unit that can be placed anywhere in a home or office as a way to humidify, cool and circulate air… Electric companies cash in heavily, and the bill at the end of the month can be overwhelming. This method keeps the air cooler for longer, and it helps users to avoid a dry summer cough (when properly maintained). Usage and Maintenance of Easy Cool Breeze. No job is too big or too small! Connect with the definitive source for global and local news, which is why air conditioning units are so needed in a home, users can keep it at any place in the room, Three units for $202.95 (regular: $415.34), Four units for $247.95 (regular: $553.78). We want you to trust the experts who show up to your home or business with the right know-how to get the job done right the first time. Coolbreeze provides Custom HVAC Design services for the Commercial, Industrial & Institutional sectors. - Jeri. If the user leaves Easy Cool Breeze running for an extended period, just refill the water tank to keep it circulating. Below are some of the unique points of differentiation that Coolbreeze offers. The food manufacturing industry has rapidly become the pinnacle of Canada’s financial participation in the global economy. with your HVAC and other service needs. Still, ordering the cooler now will allow the shipments to go out as soon as possible.

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