creative wedding photo ideas

But great wedding photographers distinguish themselves with special shots that stand out.

I tried to convince her not to choose this shot, but she then said to me:  ‘Christine, I want to tell my story.’  And from this day on, I have a different understanding of what a clever shot really means.” –Christine Drescher, “The dress – somewhere more interesting than a wardrobe door.” –Lisa Devlin, “Feet — the ultimate headless portrait.” –Missy McLamb, “Every single noun at a wedding has its own vantage point, and hence a story to tell.

Make them look like the invincible superheroes with the help of white space and distance. Wedding photography poses list would be incomplete without this one. Suggest the newlyweds to take a swim into the wild blue and take the unique wedding photos of the moment it all came together.

It is scary even to think.

Why not use this tradition for your photo session? Trying some not traditional wedding photo poses is always a good idea. Even the most creative and inventive photographers sometimes lack ideas for wedding photography poses, especially if they have to perform similar photo sessions again and again.

Just don’t talk to them, unless Dad is nervous — he wants to focus on his daughter. Still, unique wedding photography poses may turn an ordinary photo into the eye-catching masterpiece.

Thanks for the collection Lauren :). Pick up the appropriate color, and you can be sure that they will only supplement the marriage couple photo style. Required fields are marked *. That intersection point, where they all meet, is the wedding.” –Andrew Thomas Clifton, “Show not just the main action, but the reactions of the guests – particularly close family members. We are very pleased and recommend him to everyone. Make your clients remember the photos they took once at college.

It is not so important to try all the poses, but make them enjoy the shooting. A celebration with all of their friends and family…and the reception is where they all let loose! Use some unique wedding photography poses and put the couple upside-down instead of being front-and-center.

There are many interesting and gripping film scenes with the seaside, and it would be an awesome idea to recreate one of such compositions, and take memorable wedding photos. Wedding poses may be a fun thing to do. “Sometimes there are impromptu moments like a group of groomsmen hoisting the groom above their heads triumphantly, but often, there are great photos to be found during the quieter, in-between moments… This other image come from the formal portrait sessions after the ceremony – the bride and groom goof around with another before posing together.” –Brendan Bullock, “The bridal party can be one of the more creative shot of the day and reminds me of when I used to shoot bands.” –Lisa Devlin, “The spontaneous kiss by the groom is one of my go-to shots and must-haves whenever I do a wedding because I think it really shows what I’m all about in wedding photography.

Ask the groom embrace the bride from behind, while they are both looking into the distance.

Check out these unique couple's portrait ideas, featuring creative props, backdrops, and poses. Love it for its innovative ideas of wedding photography.

Take a picture of the bridesmaids looking at the adorable flowers of the bride.

The romance they show, the story they tell and the connection they have.

You can see from the behind the scene images that the couple was even asked to give expression as if they’re in real trouble.


I’m looking for images that will bring back all of the emotions of a wedding day every time a couple sees them.” –Josie Liming, “They will remember this night forever. It can become even sweeter with dozens of the admiring spectators. Try shooting a couple in the wedding car. So keep asking all these important questions and get to know them well!” –Christine Drescher, “Don’t be afraid to keep your lens fixed on the couple or a guest or family member when the tears start to flow, not just when they’re smiling and laughing. Capture Birds Flying on the Background. I’m constantly looking to capture the most intimate moments.” –Marlon Richardson, “This wasn’t staged.

Ask the groom embrace his bride and kiss her on the forehead. I liked these all 25 creative shots a lot. Following you from now on. The photos are amazing and gave me lots to think about. You can take the pictures even without complicated wedding poses for photography, just capture their sincere emotions and love against the wonderful backdrop. In such a moment, you don't even have to tell them to pose, just allow them to have fun, while you are capturing these happy moments. I typically advise my clients to consider a ‘first look’ before the ceremony if they are willing. We basically get deterred by those emotions but those moments will mean the world to the families. It is a very important moment of the wedding. The procession pictures, by comparison, are often stiff and boring.” –Matthew Cavanaugh, “A must-have is the KIDS! We can all take pictures on our mobile phones these days and on other technology devises, but no one captures the perfect image quite like a professional photographer. So good! The newlyweds would definitely like to have such a photo in their album.

Getting married in March!

Such photos look so sincere and touching. Thank you so much for these ideas! Do you know what makes the wedding poses successful?

It is a great idea for the couple to take the wedding photography poses during the high tide and capture the reflection of the newlyweds.

Anyway, the best wedding poses are those, when the couple is surrounded by their closest friends.


However, there are a lot of tips and ideas for professional wedding photography poses, so that you could create really memorable shots during the wedding.

After I’ve gotten the main shot that will make the majority of people happy, I then step out of the way to get the cooler t/s shot done by the 2nd shooter.” –Andrew Collings, “An image I always want to get is one that showcases personality.

(approx. Such a photo seems to be taken immediately, but if you take a closer look, you will see that everything is thoroughly prepared.

Help your clients and their guests relax with the help of the props, such as an umbrella. On one wedding I had, a bride was so into her shoes that she asked me to make the cover page of her album her shoes. If you take photos at night, mind the proper wedding photography gear to take photos of high quality. What can be more perfect for wedding photography than a photo session on the beach? I am going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow, and these poses are very helpful. Profile wedding photography poses can help you to capture the magic of the ocean and beautiful veil and dress of the bride flying in the wind.

1-2 min). You may ask them to take this picture in private for them to behave naturally.

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It is like they are pondering on the future, which is really meaningful on their wedding day.

It is key to understand their wishes, what is important to them, like people, places and accessories.

Feb 28, 2017 - Explore TheWeddingTalks's board "Creative Wedding Photo Ideas", followed by 175 people on Pinterest. Sometimes it is possible to get the most sincere and memorable shots.

The time to catch these kinds of moments is to let them think you’re doing something else and/or done with the shot and then they will let down their guard. Great ideas!

The bride and groom were on their way out the door and I hung around up above to wait for this shot. You'll want plenty of wedding photos to help you remember all the magic. This looks very sweet and helps to show connection, romance and tell the story of their love. So good though! One of the best outdoor wedding photography ideas against the ocean splash when the waves crash on the rocks. Feeling the sand under your feet and sea air in your curls is like a real paradise. Getting creative wedding portraits is the new craze these days. Whether you’re getting married soon or photographing a wedding pictorial yourself, you’ll find fresh wedding entourage photo ideas in this collection.

has done shots a lot like these (probably copied the idea from some of these), but he told me that basically all pro photographers go to to see what’s been done and the latest ‘freshy’ trends in these pics!

So, ask the newlyweds to repeat their first dance during the photo session. This showcase is so interesting that from pre-production to actual photos, you’ll enjoy every aspect of it. This is one of the best wedding poses for showing true love.

Such an idea will provide your clients not only with a great photo but with fun memories as well.

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