dark emperor liu kang

Centaurians |

Liu Kang refuses to believe the thunder god when Raiden wishes to fix the mess he has made. Hsu Hao |

Shang Tsung | Forces of Darkness | People he once considered his friends have now become his enemies. Udara – November 27, 2019. The revenant Liu Kang has been further corrupted by Shinnok's influence and now plans to invade Earthrealm. Forrest Fox | Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against Liu Kang.

Goro |

Hellspawn | Throughout Mortal Kombat X 's story mode, he becomes increasingly cynical and rude, thanks to his status as a revenant. Moloch | The two fight, and Kang is defeated by his former mentor but not before badly injuring the thunder god in the duel.

Training with Raiden alongside Kung Lao (formerly).Spending quality time with Princess Kitana.Ruling the Netherrealm.Giving orders.Ruling and leading.

He thinks he has now seen the truth and thinks he is better then he was before.

Sonu – October 2, 2019. After arriving at the Sky Temple, Kang taunts his former mentor, telling Raiden that it was his fault that he and Lao ended up becoming revenants.

Kiri and Ankha | Lucifer | There's also Revenant Liu Kang (Dark Emperor is a separate costume unlocked offline) and Hotshot Johnny Cage that are unlockable through fighting online. Kebral | Jax and Sareena even lament that Quan Chi's magic has turned the fallen heroes into killing machines, with some of them (Liu Kang, Kitana, Sindel, and to a smaller degree, Kung Lao) actually liking their newfound status as revenants. Team : Circle of Shadows Rojack | Demons | He was seen again immediately after the sixth chapter. Having a card that "counters" Liu Kang does not mean it is always a good choice. Deathstroke | Terminator, Non Playable Villains

As a revenant, Liu Kang only possesses his worst traits, worst characteristics and non of his good ones.

Thanks to Kronika's temporal anomalies, the younger Liu Kang prior to his death is brought to the present timeline alongside his friends and enemies. Tarkata |

In Faction Wars, 25-35% chance for lethal blow: +300% damage. Nightwolf |

Dark Emperor Captain Brineybeard . In the majority of the games, he was on the side of good. Jade |

Ability Classification Description Usage Overwhelming Darkness Passive When Liu Kang starts a match, he has 100% critical hit chance and his opponent is stunned for 3-5 seconds. Kronika |

Shokan | However, the past Kang remains heroic, as opposed to his villainous revenant self. After becoming the new ruler of the Netherrealm and his wishes to become champion again and become the new protector of Earthrealm. Oniro | As Raiden purified the revenant Liu Kang and possessed him with his godly powers, both Kangs merge with each other and became Fire God Liu Kang, effectively erasing the evil revenant out of existence, while providing his knowledge of Kronika's Keep.

Zaggot | Scorpion | Brotherhood of Shadow | Liu Kang Tekunin, Movies

Corrupted Martial Artist, Emperor of Netherrealm (currently)God (in his Mortal Kombat (2011) ending and Shang Tsung's ending), Superhuman strengthPyromancyShapeshiftingGreat agilityEssence stealing (taught by Shinnok). Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Mortal Kombat Champion of Earthrealm (formerly)Emperor of Netherrealm (currently)God (in his Mortal Kombat (2011) ending and Shang Tsung's ending) https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Liu_Kang_(Alternate_Timeline)?oldid=4009928, Revenant Kung Lao (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang), Revenant Kitana (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang), Revenant Jade (destroyed by Fire God Liu Kang), Old Kano (ceased to exist after Young Sonya killed his younger-self), Young Kano (from original timeline, killed by Young Sonya), Young Sektor (from original timeline, killed by Old Kano via self-destruct detonation), Young Cyrax (from original timeline, formerly, later shutted down), Young Kabal (from original timeline, MIA), Young Scorpion (form original timeline, formerly), Raiden (currently retired mortal advisor to young Liu Kang), Young Liu Kang (from the original timeline, currently a god), Young Kung Lao (from the original timeline, current leader of the Shaolin monks), Young Kitana (from the original timeline, current empress of Outworld), Young Johnny Cage (from original timeline), Young Jax Briggs (from original timeline), Young Scorpion from original timeline, current leader of the Shirai Ryu), Young Sonya Blade (from original timeline), Despite seeing like that all the revenants are unwillingly evil thanks to being under the control of. Raiden tells defeated revenant that he must conquer the darkness within him, as the revenant angrily states his former mentor will have to kill him once more, but the thunder god had other idea in mind: purify the revenant form of Liu Kang and make him a new god.
Believing that the god of thunder has lost it, he attacks him out of anger. Jarek |

3 reviews for Liu Kang Dark Emperor.

Army of Darkness |

Spending quality time with Princess Kitana.Ruling the Netherrealm.Giving orders.Ruling and leading. Kabal | Peron |

Liu Kang also known as Dark or Revenant Liu Kang, is a major character in the Mortal Kombat series.

Little did he know that his Liu Kang's death would change his former protege for the worst. Leatherface |

His Mortal Kombat X ending indicates that without Shinnok's controlling power, the Netherrealm had fallen into chaos.

Liu Kang shows this during his fights and after Quan Chi's death and Shinnok's decapitation, he believes he doesn't have to follow, listen or be loyal to the sorcerer anymore just like he believes he doesn't have to do the same thing with Raiden.

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