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NO ONE COULD DO BETTER! I LOVE THE RECREAION OF THE BEGINNING TITLE AND THE END CREDITS! 49,359 members have started 21,294 topics with 1,067,614 posts since March 10, 2003.

Absolutely superb visuals with the original dubbing !! Among the dubbing personnel for this version were Hal Linden and Bret Morrison. *Ad run in the March 20, 1975 edition of the "Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz Default : Yes Codec ID/Info : MPEG 1 or 2 Video Hey all, I’ve just completed a new render of the reconstruction, which I’ve contained in an MKV. He’s one of the more prominent kaiju bloggers on that site as far as I’m aware, so it’s great to have something of a larger platform and audience thanks to him. Send a private message for details. The Toho logo and the accompanying section of Ifukube’s score are cut. I can only echo what Jetrell just said! Compression mode : Lossy I’m hoping to at least get one other seed on each by sometime tomorrow, since I’ll have to disconnect from the internet for a bit in order to render my newest project without my laptop crashing, so grab them now or there’ll probably be a couple days where they’re not available. A few videos I made to show my progress: An editing problem and the solution:, The AIP logo and title without the background:, The ending with the AIP “The End” card: DVD Drive-In says the classic audio is indeed included!
should be submitted for permanent preservation !! GOP, Open/Closed of first frame : Closed

Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 I think this is fine work indeed here.

Compression mode : Lossy. Bit rate : 192 Kbps The bulk of film was sourced from the Media Blasters Blu-ray.

There are a several splices in the print of the AIP version that I used as a guide and audio source for this version, which result in a few missing frames each. I've only spotchecked the dvd because I've had it less than 12 hours but, while the AIP dub is there, it's really bad. Just bumping this with a little update - I’ve just uploaded both the MP4 and MKV versions of this project to a private tracker that’s popular 'round these parts, so head on spleenwards if you’re interested! One I have ... That's right heroes, it back, back again. You did a great job making an old experience new again. Thanks man, that means a lot! I’m really glad you’re enjoying these so much! Campbell was the Playboy Special ... Website Designed By Ken Hulsey.

The final shot of Ogasawara Island, there the “The End” title appears, is longer in the AIP version, and the title appears much later. For those interested, here’s a more comprehensive list of the edits made in the AIP version: I have this … it is the International Version … Kubota did this one … a few words about what he did … “English visuals (the opening credits and end title from 35mm) onto the MB DVD’s video track and synchronized the Frontier Enterprises dubbed audio from the old letterboxed ADV release of the international version (the actual MB release lowered the pitch by 4% for some unknown reason). Scan type : Progressive Duration : 1h 28mn The Smiling Man Earlier this year, my good pal, Justin Isaac, has statted Format settings, Matrix : Default Saturday afternoons were always freeking awesome for me as a kid because of these. Codec ID : V_MPEG2 It’s actually surprisingly easy; I started the Godzilla 1985 project with only pretty basic-to-intermediate video editing knowledge, and most of what I actually learned was technical stuff related to frame rates, bit rates, digital media formats, etc.

KEEP IT UP!! I skipped ahead and it sounded better, so maybe it's just the first few minutes. Any chance I get to see one the way I saw it or an alternate version that I am familiar with to some extent is gold. Here's the Titra English dubbed version, released by American International Pictures (AIP) Skip to main content. Stream size : 3.64 GiB (95%) "* Bit rate mode : Variable The improved 1080p HD reconstruction of the original US version of Destroy All Monsters, dubbed at Titan Studios and released by AIP, is completed and available to download! ID : 2 Finally, the film’s credits are displayed at the end over a black background, using the music cue that played under the opening credits in the Japanese version. SUPERB WORK! FORGOTTEN HISTORY OF GODZILLA IN AMERICA: Yes, Virginia, Hawaii is a State. Look spleenward or send a private message for details. Your Purchase Will Help Fund This Site. AGAIN, SUPERB WORK! You deserve to be a known name in the Kaiju fandom! How might one acquire such a masterpiece?

I can’t download right now, but I will soon! I’ve uploaded it in a zip file with Video Collectors excellent Blu-ray cover art. It’s a physical damage splice in the 16mm print you used for reference. TL;DR: Anyone have/know where to find a copy of the AIP version? The pan across the aftermath of Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and Manda’s rampage through Tokyo ends sooner in the AIP version. It features a 25mbps AVC video stream with AC3 audio and chapter stops, making it ideal for remuxing and burning to Blu-ray. Format profile : Main@Main AIP was also responsible for several small edits to the film. A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade. Frame rate mode : Constant The AIP Destroy All Monsters reconstruction is available now! I have no sentimental attachments to the old US versions, but find myself enjoying this and the G84 recreations even more than the originals. I have been searching for this version for years! So, a new book came out and we learned so much, and it is called, "Anguilosaurus, Killer of the Living". The improved 1080p HD reconstruction of the original US version of Destroy All Monsters, dubbed at Titan Studios and released by AIP, is completed and available to download! PM for details. I do have an old DVD bootleg back home that’s got the AIP version on it, and I could have my family mail it to me, but I could get started sooner if someone could either direct me to a non-torrent download option or send it to me via Google Drive, MEGA, MediaFire or some other file storage/transfer service. Powered by. I absolutely LOVED how this turned out. DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1968) Titra English Dub … Destroy All Monsters (AIP version - HD reconstruction) 2017 HD reconstruction of the AIP dubbed US cut of Destroy All Monsters by Red Menace. Height : 480 pixels it is being made, but the unlimited access to new music and talent.
I thought it might be. The scene transition from Dr. Otani aboard the SY-3 leaving Monsterland to him riding in the back of a car with Katsuo and Dr. Yoshida is altered; where the Japanese version used an optical wipe to transition from a close-up on Dr. Otani to a close-up of Katsuo that pans over to Otani and Yoshida, the AIP version cuts directly from Otani aboard the rocket to Otani in the car, keeping his face framed in almost the same spot. For some reason that approach didn’t occur to me while I was making this. Red Menace ★ up a couple of versions of The Smiling Man for his Slashers & Survivors There are a set of photos floating around twitter that depict the three iconic characters Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr McCoy as women. I’m going to attempt a widescreen, HD reconstruction of the AIP version of Destroy All Monsters. There is a straight cut from the shot of the Moonlight SY-3 cockpit to the overhead shot of Ogasawara Island that comes after the credits in the Japanese version.

They are my way of showing support for the continuing efforts of Red Menace, and to express my gratitude for sharing his final results with us. The AIP dub is included.

us, and a lot of us can be pretty damned impressive when we’re called on to I hope everyone is weathering these weird and wild times. GOP, Open/Closed : Open The Original Star Trek Cast ... As Women? Thanks so much for doing this! All Star Wars content, images, and likenesses are the property of their respective copyright owner.

Team Believes an Advanced Algorithm is the Missing Key to Solving the I suppose it would be nice to be known to some extent in kaiju fandom, but the greatest benefit would be having more people know about and have access to my work.

* Would love the “re-do” Thank you so much! You're a genius with all these reconstructions. I may go back sometime and do a corrected version of this where instead of recreating the splices (and covering one up as I did here), I just leave a gap in the audio. The opening credits are removed. Site content Copyright © 2003-2020 TEH Innernets LLC. Time code of first frame : 00:00:00:00

Can you re-construct Voyage Into Space (Johnny Sokko)?

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