did arjun love subhadra

What was its purpose? Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster. Arjun didn't bond much with Iravan, as far as I know, couldn't stay with Babruvahana for long. That is why, the incident in which Krishna helped Arjuna to elope with Subhadra looks adharma for you. It is a popular belief that, he loved Subhadra the most. Subhadra (IAST: Subhadrā) is an important character in the epic Mahabharata and also appears in other ancient Hindu scriptures. Arjun was besotted with Subhadra’s beauty but in the Mahabharata, there is not much mention that Subhadra was madly in love with Arjun. To stop a evil, one can’t be like Yiodhistira to fight against evil. Thats all! With Draupadi, it was complicated as he had restrictions. (Why Krishna is Supreme as Vyasa Puranas say many gods as Supreme? Same NADI Marriage Possible! As it happened, after being exiled for 12 long years, the Pandava Prince Arjuna spent much of his time travelling to holy shrines, and austerities, thereby relishing most of his time in spiritual journeys. The life style of warrior clans was completely different. Krishna encouraged .Arujna to elope with his sister as Balarama would not change his mind. This is one of the most controversial questions on Mahabharata. 110   NADI DOSHA - Scientific Reasons! He also confessed that he had been in love with her for a long time. So it was out of this irrevocable fascination I wondered on a whim on what it was like for Subhadra when she discovered the love of her life, Arjuna himself, was living incognito under her care for four months and revealed himself before her with a bang. Where did the Kings killed In Kurukshetra war go after death? Isnt it against family repute and seems immoral? Subhadra was thunderstruck. Using them in any form without his written permission has been prohibited. Prepare, Analyze & Match horoscopes; Release Matrimonial & Other ads; Donate to this site; Get Private Counselling; Get upto 80% Amazon Discount - Click & Get links of all these Services by Admin! But, they are kshatriyas (Protectors of country). When Draupadi held no bitter feelings towards Ashwatthama, why would the Pandavas kill him? Draupadi's partiality for Arjun can somewat be justified, because Arjun was the one, she was supposed to be married to, although she was dutiful to all the others, as well. However, Arjuna soon put her embarrassment out of her mind. As this type of secret marriages and multiple marriages are permitted for kshatriyas as per kshatriya dharma, Krishna helped them in their love. Learn how your comment data is processed. He need not get the consent of her parents. Arjun didn't bond much with Iravan, as far as I know, couldn't stay with Babruvahana for long, because of the condition made by his father-in-law. Though a princess is fixed for some other king, if another king proves his might later, he can abduct that girl and marry. Arjuna was in the midst of self-imposed pilgrimage, for breaking terms of the agreement he had with his brothers regarding private time with their common wife Draupadi. However, wat is true, is true. But many modern-day re-telling of the stories of the Mahabharata says that Subhadra had started loving Arjun even without seeing him ever. to the viewer. Eg:  He came in rescue of Draupathi when she was stripped by Duryodhana camp. So, the girls of the family remain helpless. She is the daughter of Vasudevand his first wife Rohini. View all posts by RAJAN, Your email address will not be published. Though He need not follow dharmic rules as He himself is the creator of  everything, He follows them as a mark of respect of the rules of this planet. Required fields are marked *. We never use it for spamming or marketing and we 100% respect your privacy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So, the case mentioned by you also comes in this category. He is promoting many sites and he promotes this blog-website as an E-SATHSANGHA (E-FORUM) to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems faced by the devotees! All Rights Reserved. 912, .Lonewalker. So, there's was a love marriage. Thanks for A2A Brahmo-daivastathaivarsah prajapatya-statha 'surah Gandharvo raksasascaiva Paisavastamah smrtah ----Manusmrti, 3. All the Pandavas were devastated at the death of their sons, the Upa Pandavas, and they did set out to punish Ashwatthama for his sin, but their love and respect for their Guru caused them to forgive him eventually. In the epic, she is the sister of Krishna and Balarama, wife of Arjuna , mother of Abhimanyu and grandmother of Parikshit. In this site, he writes the friendly and practical tips for the practice of devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! They have a love story. 2504, CaptainSpark   READ HERE!). That proves that if you don’t use tricks you cannot fight with evil. Technically the way we understand modern day ‘love’ was non-existent on Vedic era. Draupadi - Pooja Sharma’s acting - mind is blown. GREAT INDIAN SALE FOR DIWALI IN AMAZON.IN FROM 17.10.2020 THAT COMES JUST TWICE A YEAR WITH UNBELIEVABLE OFFERS UPTO 70%! Copyright © 2019. However, it is difficult to say whom Arjun loved the most. READ HERE!). 3   21   Love story of Subhadra and Arjun Arjun was besotted with Subhadra’s beauty but in the Mahabharata, there is not much mention that Subhadra was madly in love with Arjun. Most importantly, he had to share her. There is probably no doubt about the fact, that Draupadi loved Arjun, the most. Techniques of Hearing and Remembering Krishna as said by Scriptures! However, what did Arjun ever feel for her? At the end of Arjuna’s pilgrimage, Krishna advised him to visit Dwaraka and meet him, in disguise he did and soon saw Subhadra and at once fell in love with her. I am sure Arjuna also loved his son from Draupadi, but not much is written about this son or Arjuna's feelings for him, so I don't think we can pass too much judgment without knowing facts. Popular Site on Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Scriptures, Articles & Counselling with Spiritual Solutions for ALL your Material Problems! I don't think we will ever know how much each of the brothers loved Draupadi, because Veda Vyasa did not spend much time on describing their emotions in-depth, but from what we know of the story, Subhadra was his favorite wife and Abhimanyu was his favorite son. Love Story Of Arjun And Subhadra. Also, Draupadi herself forgave him, because at that point she had lost so many loved ones in her life and was completely washed of all revengeful feelings. Many, many members of this forum have made various posts regarding the relationship between Arjun and Draupadi. However, her position and the rights she received as the Pandavas' common wife and the queen of Indraprastha surpassed those of any other wife of the Pandavas.

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