dracula (1979 original color)

I just received this version and I must report that this is indeed the same, colour-drained, John Badham approved version from the previous Universal release and NOT the theatrical version with its lush, vibrant colours. Sound format DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Shout Factory presents John Badham’s 1979 release of DRACULA. It certainly struck a nerve for me when I was a kid which is why I’ve put so much time into it. I checked out Koch Media Films site but sadly I haven’t found further info about this new release of Dracula appart from what you’ve already shared with us. Mina van Helsing, who is visiting her friend Lucy Seward, discovers Dracula's body after his ship has run aground and rescues him. Factory announced that it had purchased the rights from Universal Pictures to release the original 1979 theatrical color version of Dracula on Blu-Ray and DVD in November 2019. There are actually two exported versions. I have sent you a pm. Since your source is grainy I’d suggest you to utilize full capacity of BD25 if possible, as your first two ~11GB renders have some macroblocking here and there. Although, I should say this original version of the film as that was the goal but to restore the de-saturated version back to its original color brilliance. To strike a more balanced look overall. This is the first time the original 1979 Dracula has been made commercially available since first being released on VHS and Laserdisc in 1982. With the color correction work done unfortunately it reveals some of the imperfections of that transfer.

In 2018, an unofficial fan edit English language 2.35:1 aspect ratio version of the original theatrical color timing emerged online, and began circulating among fans. Did you somehow get the color from the old LD or TV broadcast? The 1979 theatrical version looks noticeably different from recent prints.

Unfortunately the opening shots had to be replaced due to optical titles and one shot not being in the final film itself. Ladies and gentleman, we have all waited patiently over the years for this to finally happen and here it is for pre-oder.

Please read our Terms of Service. Until then, and as always, please enjoy this updated version of the sizzle reel. The new environment soon succumbs to the fascination of the Transylvanian nobleman. Hope this helps you.

. [5], However, the most vivid memories were Langella's efforts to create a different Dracula. Just commenting to the rest of the fans the John Williams Score of the film, recently remastered and expanded by Mike Mattesino for Varèse Sarabande is a total masterpiece.

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I removed the previous link as I’ve done a third and final pass on the color correction. The laserdisc, DVD and Blu Ray’s have all been shockingly awful.
Below decks, Harker and van Helsing find Dracula and Lucy sleeping together in the coffin. Let’s hope some day Universal unleashes the original theatrical version for all of us die-hard fans of the movie as it was intended. Then came the Blu Ray and it was just as bad, albeit in hi def, so I never watched it. As someone who has watched your previous versions of “Dracula” digitally projected on a big screen I must say your 12GB rendered version looks fantastic as it is. Now aided by Jonathan, the elderly doctors realize that the only way to save Lucy is by destroying Dracula. Three-time Oscar® winner Sir Laurence Olivier as Professor van Helsing, assisted by Donald Pleasence (“Halloween”) as Dr. Seward is powerless at first, but then with resounding success. In the home video market of the early 1980s, John Badham's Dracula made it onto Variety's All-Time Horror Rentals in 1993, but it eventually seemed to fall into relative cinematic anonymity for several years (partly due to it having a very limited video release outside of the USA). but mean bastards you need to hang. They manage to locate his coffin within the grounds of Carfax Abbey but the vampire is waiting for them. 109 min I appreciate you noticing although I do agree with you about the first version. Crossing my fingers they prove me wrong and make us all happy!

Fortunately, the original assets for 1979’s Dracula still exist in analog for and no doubt as a digitally scanned version with the color intact.

List Price: $29.99 USD, https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/dracula-collector-s-edition?product_id=7228. "(Roger Ebert), In search of the likeness of his deceased lover, Count Dracula settles down in London at the end of the 19th century.
Merry Christmas! Sizzle Reel of your updated version looks excellent, definite improvement on the first version which in itself was very good compared with the Badham atrocity.

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