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[29][123][58] His sour personality is later revealed to stem from the devastating malfunction and loss of his creation 2-BO in "Astro B.O.Y.D.!" In the episode "Attack of the Metal Mites" he is seen working for Glomgold,[159] and in the two-part series finale "The Golden Goose", he is reunited with his estranged brother, Poupon. After accidentally being summoned back to the world of the living by Black Arts Beagle in "McMystery at McDuck McManor! Type of Villain Gene the Genie (voiced by Rip Taylor in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp; Jaleel White in the 2017 series) is the genie of the movie's title lamp. ",[35] Magica (trapped in a shadowy form) pressures her "niece" Lena into infiltrating the Duck family so she can steal the Number One Dime and regain her corporeal form. An old friend of Scrooge and the ruler of the kingdom of Montedumas. ", it is revealed that his anger was rooted in a fear that the world was out to get him and that no one could understand him. Much to their surprise, Doofus calls off B.O.Y.D. However, B.O.Y.D. Doofus reappears in the reboot, but his 2017's version is radically different from his original counterpart - rather than being a benevolent friend of the McDuck children, this version is a rich, spoiled heir who turned his parents into servants, and is one of the reboot's villains. Duck The ruler of Mervana who tried to flee from his duties, only to cause his kingdom to sink into the ocean while he turned into a sea monster. [70], In the 2017 series, he died years prior to the series' beginning and was mentioned to be the only one who throws Scrooge a party. Donald Duck (voiced by Tony Anselmo) is a signature Disney character, originally debuting in the 1934 animated short "The Wise Little Hen". begins to malfunction, his eyes briefly resemble the Spinning pinwheel from Apple Computers. A harpy who falls in love with Launchpad. Rich childJunior Woodchuck scout She is characterized as younger than the nephews, despite being the same size. Although all three are mischievous and sneaky around Donald, they are wide-eyed admirers of Scrooge's fortune and the legends of his adventures. !," he hires Gizmoduck to work for Waddle. Louie eventually rescues Goldie and reappropriates B.O.Y.D. While the character had previously appeared in Disney comics, the 2017 Ducktales series marks her first on-screen appearance in any official animated media.[51]. The gluttonous genie of a magic lamp who get to enjoy the luxuries of McDuck Manor. After fulfilling Donald's last wish for a framed family photo, Gene disappears to parts unknown. In the 1987 series, he uses the motto "If it has wings, I can crash it". [133] Their physical appearances and much of their character traits are taken from "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" and related work. Doofus proceeds to punish Louie in an unknown manner using an umbrella and a bag of walnuts. Before the events of the series, she used to go adventuring with her brother and uncle, and just like how Donald mostly wears a sailor shirt, Della typically sports a pilot's outfit. B.O.Y.D. Neverrest! She is a tenderhearted girl who is always seen carrying her "Quacky-Patch" doll. Goofy's son who appears in his wallet photos when he gives Donald familial advice. Drake Estate, Duckburg, Calisota, USA Alongside Scrooge, she took part in the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 19th century, and she explains her age by claiming to have found "a fountain of youth in Ronguay". ", Lunaris launches his invasion, having developed countermeasures for any plan Scrooge could devise, and uses a planetary engine to force the Earth to revolve around the moon. She speaks with an Eastern European accent, and is often assisted by her brother Poe, who was trapped in the shape of a raven. The leader of a tribe of female warriors, whom Scrooge and Launchpad met during their first flight together, as told in flashbacks. The descendant of one of El Capitáns shipmates, ruling over a superstitious tribe in the Andes. [68][147] He can count at a blazing speed, but he generally is incompetent with almost everything else. Much to his relatives' annoyance, he is unfailingly lucky. At the last second though, she used a spell to create Lena from a part of her shadow, thus remaining in contact with the outside world. Mr DrakeMrs Drake Occupation Species In the 1987 continuity, Dijon debuted in the movie, as an inept thief with kleptomania, working for the wizard Merlock. The Beagle Boys are the show's most frequently appearing antagonists; a large family of dogs who constantly try to rob banks or Scrooge's Money Bin. After meeting Scrooge, who refused to pay him properly for polishing his shoes in an attempt to teach him self-reliance and hard work, he adopted the name "Flintheart Glomgold" and swore to beat Scrooge in every way possible; including becoming the world's richest duck and proving himself as "the most Scottish" between them. [5] Donald and Della refer to her as "Mrs. B" and Beakley and Donald did not get along at first; though when the kids are kidnapped by the Beagle Boys, they join forces and eventually gain respect for each other. [36] In "The Ballad of Duke Baloney! Her backstory includes a career as an agent for the secret espionage organization S.H.U.S.H., where her codename was "Agent 22" and through which she first met Scrooge.

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