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“Suspicious Partner,” which is ending tonight, has released photos from the filming of the final episode. Suspicious Partner (Korean: 수상한 파트너; RR: Susanghan Pateuneo) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun, with Choi Tae-joon and Kwon Nara. Ji-wook tries to stammer an explanation and just ends up calling Bong-hee crazy for thinking he meant that, and they both stand to storm off indignantly. Was it back in the first episode when her mother was visiting her in prison when they make a comment about this kind of visitation is never easy? Thanks to her performance, I understood Bong Hee feelings of wounded pride, confusing, sadness and so on. You can find account that provide dramas fashion on instagram. LOL, can you imagine how much Ji-wook's mom will flip when she realises that her son loves Bong-hee, who is the daughter of her annoying employee and also the "mother" of her husband (Byun) who got caught drinking? They're just all more memorable together, than they are apart. He is so relaxed, charming, utterly gorgeous without even trying!? Hopefully just a minor thing. Yeah, real life happens and we settle into boring routines and have boring fights. ❤️. Good reference, btw. They met each other working together at the Prosecutor office, where she was an intern and he was her boss. I've got to say though that the whole "my parent killed your parent" has got to be one of my least favourite drama cliches... so I really hope that something just went a little haywire in little JW's memory and it's not really that. I forgot how much I missed her dirty hair haha! You fight. It also felt like a throwback to the time BH hurt her foot and JW was taking care of her - one of my favorite moments in the drama.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. And tada, there you have it, fate at work! He drags Bong-hee outside in her pajamas, her hair a rat’s nest, and demands to know why she’s avoiding his calls. And flirting and enjoying it throughout.

The best part about the show are its characters and their nuances which set them apart from others.

My favourite scene this time was Byun giving 'unsound' advice on apologising to women (as the other 3 guys walked, looking so debonair and swoony), then being grilled by his wife for apologising out of convenience. I'm usually not this good at pinpointing this type of inconsistency so if I managed to see this it means it's rather big. Ji-wook makes the mistake of telling Bong-hee condescendingly, “That’s my decision.” Uh-oh. Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to bring Hyun-soo to dinner, then he tells Chief Bang that they need to take this chance to sound out Hyun-soo. Wow writer clap clap.

HS brought it up to subtly threaten JW that if he didn't back down, something would happen to BH. But I missed our resident Harry Potter, Instrumental OST playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBHxbfZf3ZWTY73rBxN_wqwRjCbyTqda8. He sends her in to bed, but she stumbles and he reflexively catches her, causing them both to freeze at the sudden closeness. I'm sad to say good bye to this show as I won't be able to get my dose of Ji chang wook and his lovable crew, not to mention Dong ha.

He was workaholic and needed control everything around him. Ji Wook had moved on from Yoo Jung, but I don't think that he can accept the fact that Eun Hyuk betrayed him.

Let's just pray that none of Bong-Hee's dads had anything to do with Ji-Wook's dad's death.... pleasepleaseplease... P.S.

For Bong-hee, it means that she’s finally exonerated of Hee-joon’s murder, and on their way out of the courtroom, Ji-wook gives her a proud congratulations and squeezes her hand. I always assumed that Bong Hee's dad must have been one of those kdrama dads who meant well but probably got led into something shady which led to the vague prison reference and why BH's mom said she had to support her husband. Also, he was a nice person, who cares about the others.

My grandma's visiting and she's sleeping in my room so I cannot squee as much as I wanted. Papa Bang is a single dad who owns his own Papa Johns franchise pizza who sells a one kind of pizza that is the swiggly mustard pizza and some other toppings (w/ pineapple?, well the family are still in dicussion with that).

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What a good friend.

How is it possible watching two people wash dishes can make one breathless?!? It’s not amazing drama, but it was the only romcom I could watch this year. - HS expression during final trial. Very good people. I was laughing out loud at JW's disgust at her dirty hair, but he still made himself touch it.

Bong-hee sees him giving her the eyes and orders him to knock it off, but he leans closer, all But this is just my face. The fact is that the “murder case” was becoming less consistent every episode until the last two last episodes.


He sounds like a typical jealous boyfriend, ha. I look forward to seeing him in future projects. I wish little Harry Potter was in that scene when they were looking at applicants. Bong-hee argues that since the husband recovered and even made a statement that he doesn’t want his wife punished, she should be able to get probation.

[Now, being more critical: he should work more to be the main role.

Him on bed with short sleeves pyjama smiling about BH. I love it. I know! I though it might have been vicitim number 4 of 7 but thankfully not so. Youngest Bonghee decided to quit being lawyer because she found out that she's having a big crush on her own brother Wookie who is a prosecutor once but took of the coat because he choose to flirt instead with his own sister. No wonder CEO Byun could not leave Jiwook to run his firm alone. Despite all the lovable other characters I love it when Dad Bang comes out.

But it wouldn’t work without the perfect actor playing the role, and I feel confident in saying that Dong-ha was perfect as Hyun-soo. Comment aside: I believe he already killed Chang ho. But her mother tells her that what’s important is that those still alive are happy, and that her father would agree.

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I suddenly felt really sad when this was ending despite the fact that I knew their story was ready to be finished. they are fun to watch . Thank you so much for the recaps!

Really they should not be friends ever. Of course, what I love about the most in this episode is Ji-wook adn Bong-hee's cuteness.

Their cat fight was as embarrassing as it was hilarious.

Could that be the girl he passed in the park?

The guy deserves some love too and I think he deserves more thab what he's getting right now.

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