future endeavors in a sentence

Any strenuous activity, athletic endeavors, or heavy lifting should be avoided until the symptoms completely subside, since excessive activity may cause the spleen to rupture. List Of Philosophical Worldviews, These two ventures, Gura suggests, are the most heroic scholarly The Miss Delaware Pageant is proud to congratulate Brittany and wishes Amanda the very best on her future Obviously the glass ceiling has not stopped these women from succeeding in their business Parallel to the most advanced and promising scientific They comfort, console, offer hope, inspire humanitarian The ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand is essential for most academic A little corruption, we are given to understand, can creep into even the loftiest humanitarian The Kentucky bard Ed McClanahan once lived in California, where among various Without hammering a message into his reader's head, Tsouras makes clear the iffiness of war, the criticality of chance, in this most serious of human Even though he focuses almost totally on the insects, one gleans bits of personal information that elucidate his all-encompassing Original petition for writ of habeas corpus to obtain release from custody under sentence to five years imprisonment for aiding coprisoners in Thus, playing the Nubians allowed me to get access to commerce advances early, letting me build caravans and merchants to generate enough wealth for my Both Fran Blanche and Rob Barnett talk about the amount of extra work these internet In the following year, he wrote and published the Agricola and Germania, foreshadowing the literary If you should one day decide to be a teacher, or seek a public office, this is a surefire way to block such The horses shrilled their neighs of terror as they lay back upon their halter ropes in their mad Her work on environmental matters, conservation and protection of endangered species ranks high on her list of endless worthwhile Still, Boomerang Shoes is an utterly agreeable collection of folkish pop songs, one that warrants keeping an eye out for future As no better man advances to take this matter in hand, I hereupon offer my own poor We refuse to mislead our readers, and diminish the In LMEs firms primarily coordinate their I wish my colleagues who will serve on the commission courage and strength in their Scientific research, like other cooperative He had been piqued by the failure of all his In general, liberation makes sacrifice worthwhile, makes you forget whatever doubts you had about the undertaking, and emboldens you to try other hard and risky Glitches provide a grace period for you to strengthen statements, missions, arguments and other words-worthy This absolutely worthless look at the ant-like There, no petty circle of society can fetter the energies or enfeeble the Clients with children in college or who pursue their own academic Premier Chang Chun-hsiung also appealed yesterday to participants to remain calm in their campaign for a nuclear-free homeland and to be rational in their Donated computers will be used to help low-income Calgarians advance their educational Their whole time is expended and their ingenuity tasked by Finally, let the example set by the BE 100S inspire your own entrepreneurial Sensual and self-indulgent, they will pursue their pleasures as ardently and lustfully as they pursue their professional Drug discovery and drug development are complex and expensive And yes, we are enjoying modest profits these days, affording us the opportunity to reinvest in innumerable political and artistic They were always competing, striving to outdo each other, and when entered upon some such struggle there was no limit either to their The dams were used to power textile mills and other Most of all, though, have fun and good luck in pursuing your romantic The bread of banishment, the consciousness of human pain, extension, time, numbers are the steps by which this poetry The reagent that causes this liquefaction escapes my By using these four social media platforms, WSB Investment Ltd Indeed good communication skills can help successful Adopting the assumptions of an ecological contextualist approach creates multiple opportunities for valid research She is reviled like no other because of these antisocialist Mercury direct, Friday, invites global interest in your most localized In ancient Greek mythology, Muses were goddesses of science and art who inspired creative It is time to set aside the densitometer and resume my artistic Paul Hedman, his precessor will be missed, and we wish him the best of luck on his future The energy and enthusiasm exuded from the Arien nature is channeled both into creative The Administration's development strategy For many Ubudians and world visitors alike, tourism in Ubud is a harmonious mixture of art, tradition, spiritual and religious He shouted Christine's name, brandished his pistol, knocked his forehead against the glass in his As patriots of our beloved country, we should contribute to the The lunar calendar and almanacs are also used to determine auspicious and inauspicious days for doing various The history of persecution is a history of Under nom deplume, 'Yusuf MD,' he is a poet and writer who has been involved in literary Those who cannot afford to buy bonds, or who prefer to invest in productive Khairallah lauded the significant role played by the Lebanese community in Australia, in general, and the Maronites, in particular, in the building In the 1980s the Rembrandt Research Project, founded during the Rembrandt tricentennial celebrations of 1969, became the most public of art historical But my soul took a wild interest in trifles, and I busied myself in The report waives a flag of caution, warning that resources needed for educational Only Billy Graves remains on the job, sort of, while the others are enjoying their pensions pursuing other Any hacker or legitimate web user can employ many of these same measures for their own purposes, for business, or even for advertising The NAU not only represents the farmers' thoughts and aspirations up front, but also Since 1951 Salute to Excellence has encouraged Edmontonians to continue in their Dressed simply in brown unitards, they brought a workmanlike tenacity to their precarious Kim also recognizes fans by noticing particular Upton Sinclair, Norman Mailer, and Gore Vidal failed in all of their various electoral As a consequence, patron-client relationships, involving fosterage and adoption, volunteerism and collective It wouldn't hurt to tag along and shadow her in her And Bushnell was distracted by Chuck E. Cheese, among other Mars in cahoots with Neptune allows you to realize fantastically creative Western powers have not launched any drills approaching the massive scale of the Russian Then you tell me that you're using drugs to enhance your artistic And he brought a digital camera and a tripod to document his From this point forward, Europeans and Americans engaged in artistic In the succeeding 400 years, there have been attempts to resuscitate the Venezuelan pearl industry, but most such Mr Prest demonstrates a preoccupation with inverted snobbery that has bedeviled our country when he I've traveled the world, meeting my fellow members and helping them in some of the most amazing Therefore, he was able to succeed in all the impetuous Early chapters review the usual tiresome litany of depressing problems caused by traditional approaches to building and other human Type instruction should include a range of Being too choosy to find a proper suitor for herself, Emma ignores her own romantic desires and Bodhisatta, a seeker of the bodhi, one who Therefore, a good society is, to some degree, one that allows people to succeed in various I had supposed that the spiritualists had utterly abandoned their We're calling on people to send us their old poles, tackle, and other fishing gear so that we can use it in our demonstrations and other Fish Empathy Project If only other American presidents had acted so prudently before embarking on military These skills, coupled with the craftsmanship learned in art school, have all helped his most recent Energizing this direction in the home helps to bring about joy and enthusiasm, and is especially beneficial for children and all creative If everyone just backs off a little, shows some patience, and Science-fiction is not fiction about science, but fiction which They must then market these programs so that producers, agribusinesses, consumers, and politicians will appreciate and support future The false move made by Dr. damar Greefe had advanced the inquiry further than any unaided She had a handbag line, became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, and hosted a Fox reality TV show, among other We were borne inside, struggling manfully, but held secure most womanfully, in spite of our best.

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