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More. Users researching him found posts that indicate he’s a cannibal.

We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the “cool” people who managed the tightly controlled guest list.” I thought it would have been OAN…but I don’t get my news from any of those sources …so what do I know…. 22magwin - TBP's Current Day Village Idiot, Mail to: Unlike in years past, TIA’s apparent successor, OWS, has received no pushback from mainstream media outlets or advocacy organizations, with many of these same entities now placing blind faith in the secretive initiative and lionizing it as the “only way” to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Published via the The Last American Vagabond. So I am all for the judge taking all the time he needs on this. With Ghislaine’s recent arrest, this would likely be a belief held by Maxwell with what she stands accused of. Ashley is a freelance writer, starry-eyed poet, and wandering druid.

Ellen Pao’s changes marked a turning point for the site. She was apparently Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand person in the business, often compromising powerful people at the behest of intelligence agencies for blackmail and other purposes, according to multiple “credible” people. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, was suspended from Twitter. Moreover, maxwellhill has consistently gone around correcting people on Reddit about age of consent. Ellen Pao was a poorly received CEO of Reddit and during a wave of mass bans she was essentially forced out of her position by the community. In a "redditor of the day thread" about the user, the user was a 40-year-old married man. Because different COVID-19 vaccine products will not be interchangeable, a vaccine recipient’s second dose must be from the same manufacturer as their first dose. The details about how Allison Mack groomed India Oxenberg for NXIVM, More sordid details about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Why is this not being covered more by mainstream media and heavily and openly investigated?

The nature of interaction on reddit is one of tribalism; groups are endlessly classified after disagreements and these small tribes often fight ferociously. With Google now formally part of OWS, it seems likely that any concerns about OWS’s extreme secrecy and the conflicts of interest of many of its members (particularly Moncef Slaoui and Matt Hepburn) as well as any concerns about Warp Speed vaccine safety, allocation and/or distribution may be labeled “COVID-19 vaccine misinformation” and removed from YouTube. CBS News interviewed MacIsaac for almost two hours on Wednesday and throughout the interview he contradicted himself about his motivations, raising questions about the truthfulness of one of the central figures in the story.”. The staple subreddits such as r/news and r/worldnews were apparently tightly controlled by leadership at reddit.

Certainly not. What Happened: Earlier this year the former CEO of Reddit, Ellen K. Pao, tweeted that Ghislaine Maxwell “was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011” but she “had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her. Formally named Advance Publications, the company owns the Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine, Angelfire, Tripod, Lycod, Conde Nast, and holds a 31% stake in Charter Communications. The user also never mentioned "Ghislane" in their 14 years on the site, Leonard tweeted. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Her posts to /r/worldnews constituted roughly 30% of the posts there. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. Maxwell, 58, the daughter of late disgraced newspaper baron Robert Maxwell, will appear in court remotely for an arraignment and bail hearing on July 14, the judge handling the case wrote Tuesday. If RA were here, Fox would still be a force to be reckoned with. -->Help Support CE: Donate to Collective Evolution to help us move past the challenges censorship has put on independent media. Alcona County Michigan Tells Residents to “Ignore” Lockdown and “Return to Normal”, Michigan Governor Welcomes Biden But Calls Presidential Visit “Concerning”, Dramatic Video Demonstrates Human Cost of White Genocide in South Africa, CDC Revision Clarifies that Only 9,210 Americans Died from COVID-19, Nancy Pelosi Says “I don’t think there should be any debates”, Kenosha County Sheriff Knelt With Black Lives Matter in June, No Injuries and Three Arrested for Drive By Shooting at Detroit Police, Chinese War Games Threaten Taiwan by Simulating Invasion, Department of Justice Requests Data From Governors of States That Issued Virus Nursing Home Orders, Wisconsin Man Killed by Gunshot After Throwing a Molotov Cocktail, Medical Examiner’s Report Proves George Floyd Overdosed on Fentanyl, Black Lives Matter Rioters Beat a Raccoon to Death in the Streets of New York City, Michigan Governor Denies Residents Extra $100 in Unemployment Relief, Susan B Anthony Museum Scoffs at President’s 100 Year Anniversary Pardon of the Women’s Rights Activist, Kamala Harris Burned by Hecklers in Nevada When Asking About Her Electability, Michigan Secretary of State Tells Voters to Text Biden Campaign on National Television, VIDEO: 7 Year Old Boy Assaulted by Feminist Biden Supporters Outside of Convention, US Supreme Court Rules Against George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Sex Trafficking Ring in Genesee County Michigan Busted by Sheriff Swanson, Iran Seizes Liberian Tanker in International Water After US Captures Zeolite Shipment to China, President Abruptly Ends Press Conference and White House Put on Lockdown, Cache of 20,000 Counterfeit US Driver’s Licenses Intercepted from China. Its architects and proponents have worked to justify these extreme and invasive surveillance programs by marketing this agenda as the “solution” to whatever Americans are most afraid of at any given time. Christopher Mason, a  TV host and journalist/reporter has gone on record and said he was told that Epstein rigged his multiple homes with cameras and kept tapes of everyone/everything. Pro-marxist subreddits like r/lagestagecapitalism took priority on the sites front page. And there are also suggestions the name maxwellhill is a combination of her surname and the family home in the UK, Headington Hill Hall. This doesn’t mean that they are in any way involved in the sex trafficking business. After Pao’s disastrous exit, Huffman was hired to run the company again. You can access the full interview and start your free trial HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics. Karma points are earned by other users interactions with Reddit accounts; records show the handle currently has 14 million points. The sex-trafficking Maxwell is accused of saw girls as young as 14 into Epstein’s mansion. The Johns Hopkins paper, which counts Dark Winter co-organizer Thomas Inglesby as one of its authors, argues that existing “passive reporting” systems managed by the CDC and FDA should be retooled to create “an active safety surveillance system directed by the CDC that monitors all [COVID-19] vaccine recipients — perhaps by short message service or other electronic mechanisms.”.

Here’s the most convincing evidence we’ve found so far that Maxwell works under the guise of this very powerful Redditer. There's also the possibility …

The University of California is one of many in the United States that have made the flu shot mandatory for all students, staff and faculty. As detailed, the profile was the first account to hit 1 million karma (points accrued by posting on Reddit) – and still held the #8 spot for the most karma even today.

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