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Unfortunately its inability to extinguish itself and a few incidents where they burned entire fleets of ships by setting one ship on fire causing the phoenix flare on that ship to ignite and fly into even more ships has stopped any sensible shipping company from buying them , even when having to buy more flares after every sea monster attack. The sphere has immunity to all forms of damage and protects you from all forms of damage originating from outside the sphere. Radrey Zerz’s Pocket Transport: a four-inch by four-inch by one-inch box that unfolds into a small two wheeled vehicle with a T-shaped handle, propelled by the rider kicking off from one leg. Dwarven tinkers improved on this technology after the Second War, first by creating dwarven gyrocopters and then later the upgraded dwarven flying machines. Just a shame that the club isn’t always sturdy enough to take the explosion, so its recommended the user wears some armor to protect them from surprise shrapnel.

This may allow the knife to cut through harder objects or to cut through more material faster. Note: There are rumors that Goredex created a greater version of these slippers, but by all accounts, they were destroyed when Goredex impacted a moon.
Can be thrown farther than a usual projectile as it will glide along the air and hit quite a bit harder.

Smallish oil barrel with a piston head at the top with a heavy rock or something to create pressure. Each attack made raises the DC by 5. If it is ever dropped or left unattended for more than 1 hour, it spawns 1d4 Imps who torment you and play keep away with the watch. The Fingerpurse: A purse with teeth that closes tightly if it detects that someone has their hands in it. "Gelfe's Hearty Spike: A mechanical spike that is driven directly into the user's heart. Beware butterfingers who drop the quiver.

Users can press a button to speak the magic commands, channeling the power from the nearest caster. You can jump 20ft. "The Quick Carver: A large very sharp knife.

It also makes you vulnerable (x 2) to fire damage until your next bath. It’s not terribly user friendly or obvious which is which.

When done correctly, this will grow a perfect selection of crops, sure to last any village through the winter. Every time you land however, you have to make a Dex or str save or twist an ankle.

If this area has a flaw, it is that there’s a lot of puzzles, but you also tend to need a group, so exploring relies on a patient or actively interested party. Just a shame that the club isn’t always sturdy enough to take the explosion, so its recommended the user wears some armor to protect them from surprise shrapnel.

Eksni’s Pointed Beam: a small, discreet metal cylinder that fits into the palm of a medium sized humanoid’s hand.

DNDSPEAK - Dndspeak - Extra content for your tabletop games.

The sphere has immunity to all forms of damage and protects you from all forms of damage originating from outside the sphere. and you need that extra oomph to get there. ", [3] (W2BnetMan 3), The first tiny flying machines were built by the gnomes of Khaz Modan, who proved their worth to the Alliance by using their helicopters to scout far behind enemy lines. The Boomstick: A large club with an opening on the bottom which is filled with explosives and a trigger on the top to make them go off. It has a 10% percent chance of Exploding dealing 2d4 in a 5′ radius circle. Once mounted and started, the sphere wheels along the ground with a speed of 200 feet or quadruple the daily rate of a horse and rider. Since the fall of Gnomeregan, gnomish bombers have served alongside the latest variations of dwarven flying machines; many dwarven fortresses possess a complement of these craft in addition to their Siege Engines. (Irvlin is not responsible for any damage caused to allies).

Blue: Three large metal blades pop out from the pole or, if already unfurled, retract. "Fireball Flamejet: A reinforced crystalline ball with a hole in one side and a tube protrusion on the other. ",

You also have to make a strength check to close it.

The button attached to the side exclaims “Press Me!” In Gnomish scrawl. "Uma’s Amazing Unguent: Applying this grease to your hair or beard gives you a +2 boost to Charisma for an hour! Leibowitz’s Returning Key Fob: A key ring and fob that returns to the user at tremendous speed to pelt them with their misplaced keys for 1d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed DEX save. Designed specifically for higher level newbies, players over level 50 who try to explore the depths of this place will periodically lose half their health from psionic damage. Yuan-ti Finger Trap: If used by one creature: Fail a DC 13 Dex save (or voluntarily fail) to activate the finger trap by holding it between your two index fingers. Whenever a wielder uses this feature, they must make a check to remain holding the spear. Explosive Bow and Arrow: These arrows detonate on medium-high velocity impact. At any point a small creature can jump on the footplants and slam down to cause the spear to explode violently forward with or without its wielder. ", Irvlin’s Icy Earmuffs: Upon speaking the command word, these fluffy, crystal clear earmuffs fire two cones of cold in opposite directions, one from each ear (save DC 15). Roll 1d10 whenever using it. As of patch 4.2, wether the machine is on the ground, hovering, or flying the tauren's face is always through the windshield.

Theft-Deterrent Pouch: Reaching into the pouch requires a DC 10 CON save, or take 2d6 poison damage, half on a success. The character must roll a Slight of Hand (DEX) save against this DC. Obviously the ribbons are intended to be pulled in the correct order, but given there are no instructions or labels, most likely players will pull the wrong ribbon, which could lead to damaging the mechanism or worse -- for example, if you pull the Blue ribbon before the pole is extended, the blades will pop out, likely skewering whoever is wearing the backpack.

function RndMsg() {

Torch holder at the front in front of the nozzle. Are you putting together a theme for your gnome, goblin, engineer, or steampunk character? If multiple targets are detected within its range, it will seek out materials to construct copies of itself. We manage your engine and line replaceable units (LRUs) overhaul and repair, acting as your single point of contact. Anti-thief Backpack Of ‘splosion: Anyone taking anything out of the backpack must make a DC15 sleight of hand check. Trent 1000 durability improvement explained, Research and University Technology Centres, Annual General Meeting & General Meeting 7 May 2020, Rolls-Royce Holding Plc Gesamtjahresergebnis 2014, Ausbildungsmesse bei Rolls-Royce Deutschland, (Westland Whirlwind, Wessex & Sea King) General Familiarisation, Care & Use of Remote Visual Inspections Equipment, Care & Use of Remote Visual Inspections Equipment Refresher Course, Features a 10-stage axial compressor, driven by a 2-stage gas generator turbine, The combustion chamber is a straight-through annular and engine control is by an electro-hydromechanical system, Specifically designed for operation in hot and high conditions and has a reduced lapse rate, Has accumulated over 4 million flying hours with the original Gnome amassing over 8 million flying hours, Sets the standard for many modern aircraft, and is known for its technology and incredible reliability, More than 700 engines in service and is operated by 8 military customers across 8 nations. Was made as a children's toy, but it’s upsetting lethality showed it far better suited to combat. You can see the problems with mixing them up. Invaluable for any blacksmith on the go. The Venomous-Spider-In-A-Glass-Orb Launcher! Unfortunately, it is powered by an incredibly tiny rift between our plane and the abyss. It lingers…. Green: A series of small lights running up the pole illuminates; pull it again and they go out.

"A token of titan craftsmanship hoarded by the Old God, Yogg-Saron. Gilgam’s Self-Replicating Rodent Remover: a tiny construct that pursues its designated target and ‘removes’ it. A device that when physically operated into any type of door will make it reverse its orientation of opening, if previously you would need to pull the door to open it, you now need to push it and vice versa. Make sure you don’t get it confused with your real quiver. "Tantalizing Top: A spinning top covered in different colored gemstones.

dealing and taking damage until it explodes. "Dark Vision Goggles: it basically amplifies the existing light in front of you within the goggles. ", In combat, user gets one extra attack per Grabby Hand. Torch holder at the front in front of the nozzle. A creature whose space the sphere enters must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or be struck by it, taking 6d6 crushing damage, and triggers a wild magic surge.

"Gob's Hood of Hiding: Makes you Look, and Smell, like a goblin - head to toe - dc20 perception check. "The Venomous-Spider-In-A-Glass-Orb Launcher! "Hare's Legs: boots with straps and springs attached to the bottom.

This property can be used once per day. The backpack confers no fire protection to the wearer. This handy tool also provides a sleeping solution, by spraying a large volume of quickly expanding foam for bedding, and it ensures safety at night by periodically sounding an alarm and flashing lights for the user to wake up and survey their surroundings. On a failed save the character or another nearby creature or object takes 1d6 slashing damage at the DM's discretion. ", Det Cord: Gunpowder infused string. Every time the pick successfully hits, it expends a charge and casts shatter at 2nd level focused on the tip. Fireball Flamejet: A reinforced crystalline ball with a hole in one side and a tube protrusion on the other. Without external influence, the users will take 30' of falling damage upon impact. ",

", (The fuel tank is only large enough to accommodate one flask at a time.) There's nothing like waking up to a fireball in your travel jammies. ", Enchanted to cast gust (a 30-mph wind if my math’s correct) 30 feet behind and under the glider. ", Spring-mallet’s Mice o’ Matic: A helm that is sombrero sized, made of brass and tin, etched to the glories of rodents past. ", "Goblin/Kobold Powered Wheelchair: The main wheels are just overly large, caged hamster wheels. Sadly Fizz-spork has been bribed by the local vegetable guilds. Note: There are rumors that Goredex created a greater version of these slippers, but by all accounts, they were destroyed when Goredex impacted a moon. It did create a fairly bright but unfortunately quite unruly flame... ultimately causing him to drop the bottle to the ground, starting an even brighter and more unruly flame! "Traveler’s Survival Compass: This small metal cylinder shoots out a number of sawblades to harvest firewood from small trees. On a failed save, user is paralyzed for 30 minutes. Even bases as far flung as the Wildhammer Stronghold in Outland have a complement of gnomish biplanes on hand. Klick’s Iron Horse: Originally from the world of Eberron, enterprising spelljammer captains have brought these amazing automata to many worlds. This cube effectively works as a spell magnet, if it is very close to the caster or target or between them, the spells will be redirected and absorbed by the amazing cube.

When you spin it, ribbons of colored lights burst from it and seem to dance around on their own.

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