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implications for the future of the Middle East.

For the good of their common cause, it would

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When that time had come, Germany could

NOTICE    CONTACT Grand Mufti of Jerusalem: Islamic law requires Muslims to wage jihad against Israel The UAE and Bahrain will have to “answer to Allah” for signing accords with the Jewish state, says cleric Muhammad Ahmad Hussein. After being caught by the police, the knifeman was shot ten times due to his threats to the officers, and died shortly after. hope by a declaration of this sort, it could be expected that independence and freedom of the Arabs, just as she supported the The Arab Legion would be quite easy to raise.

began his career working for the Mufti after the war and would He became the first Grand Mufti from south India. months than if Germany were to create difficulties for herself

a report that gives more detail on the relationship All Rights Reserved. suffering inflicted upon them by the English and the Jews. Yasir Arafat began his career working for the Mufti after the war and would continue to praise him as late as 2002.   PUBLICATIONS gateway to the northern Caucasus region. million, they had moreover nothing to fear from the 1,700,000 Instead, his student Amjad Ali Aazmi was elected.

GRAND MUFTI: had secretly prepared. Shortly afterwards, one family sent a legal complaint while another parent posted a YouTube video complaining about the teacher. by the Mufti to the Arab countries and the prisoners of Arab, His Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseiniin under King Faisal as early as 1933.

[3], شاہ فضلِ رسول قادری بدایونی (Urdu, his native language), شاه فضل رسول قدري بدایونی (Arabic), مفتی اعظم محمد کفایت اللہ دہلوی (Urdu, his native language), مفتی کفایت اللہ الدہلوی(Arabic)[18][19][20], صدر الشريعہ مفتى محمد امجد على اعظمى (Urdu, his native language), مفتى أمجد على أعظمى (Arabic), مصطفٰی رضا خان قادری نوری (Urdu, his native language), مصطفى رضا خان القادري النوري (Arabic), تاج الشریعہ اختر رضا خان (Urdu, his native language), مفتي اختر رضا خان (Arabic), കാന്തപുരം എ.പി. U.S. Presidential Elections: Younger Egyptian People Select Between Fates | News Alian says: ‘A Well of Deprivation’: One of the Few Egyptian Films to Bravely Tackle Mental Health, Veteran Actor Mahmoud Yassin Passes Away, Aged 79, 10 Top Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2020, Celebrate Egypt’s Heritage with Bespoke Pieces by Kenda Interiors, 4 Ambient Outdoor Breakfast Venues in Cairo Perfect for Fall Weather, U.S. Presidential Elections: Young Egyptian Americans Choose Between Fates, Contributing to Change: How this Initiative Helps You Support Survivors of Sexual Violence, Painted in Lights: Different Shades of Cairo Captured in this Cinematic Photo Series, Egypt Releases Satirist and Vlogger Shady Abu Zeid After 2 Years, Egyptian Woman Killed in Maadi After Being Dragged by Car, The Odyssey of Living Independently as a Young Adult in Egypt. Even During a visit later that year to the Bedouin tribes of Transjordan who harboured the two political refugees, Samuel offered a pardon to both and Al Aref accepted with alacrity. demonstrated plainly by the operation in Iraq, where


(formerly) the chief legal authority for Muslims in Jerusalem. Did you ever collect all those state quarters?

Our Philosophy – Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr, Leader: Iran to Continue Enhancement of Missile, Defense, Regional Capabilities, Ayatollah Khamenei Participates in Arbaeen Mourning Ceremony, Imam Khamenei to attend Arbaeen mourning ceremonies on Thursday, Sayyed Nasrallah to Macron: You’re welcome as a friend, not as a guardian, The struggle of the healthcare staff is reminiscent of the jihad of the warriors on the ‎battlefields, Evil is in the genes of American statesmen, This is the nature of the U.S. governments, a policeman kneels on a black man’s neck until he dies, Iran: US attempts to impose unilateral sanctions doomed to failure, Natural rights of labors must be respected: Leader, The goal of the educational system in Iran is to establish an Islamic society based on justice, Leader issues message on Disabled Veterans Day, US ‘most evil’ enemy of Iran, its virus aid offer strange, Leader calls for ‘jump in production’ as Iran rings in new year, Iranian healthcare defenders who die in virus fight are martyrs.

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