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Sexual Orientation: Straight, Greer Robson Body Statistics: Steve was reluctant to the newcomer and the staff soon realised Declan was Steves father. Dress Size: N/A, Greer Robson Family Details: [12] The character picked up a "heartthrob" status [13] and remains well known to viewers of Shortland Street as the first teenager on the show. It soon turned out the true father was Stuart's manipulative brother Darryl Neilson (Mark Ferguson). In 1996 Laurie departed with Marj to move closer to her job in Wellington. Roger Ebert called it one of the best films of 1981, "so emotionally wise and observant that we learn from it why people sometimes make the front pages with guns in their hands and try to explain that it's all because of love". However, later Carmen collapsed and died, having developed a brain hemorrhage. Laurie Brasch appeared in guest and recurring roles for 3 year played by Chic Littlewood. Robson is married to Scott Kirk with whom she has three children Sienna, Indigo, and Hudson. Born on October 16, 1971 in New Zealand, she made her television debut at the age of two. Al sets up a hideout deep in the bush, then kidnaps Georgie from Jacqui at gunpoint. This forced a tight schedule on the production team, giving only four months between the commencement of the shoot and the film's premiere. Michael was accused of trying to murder his wife but their daughter - Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) unveiled the truth. In late 1995 it was announced Gina had given birth to a boy named Leonardo. Celebrity Details, Body Statistics & More ... Greer Robson: Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, Chance the Rapper: Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, Pratik Gandhi: Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, BoA (Singer): Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, Debbie Gibson: Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements, Common (rapper): Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Measurements. It was successful in its home land, and received positive reviews in the United States; Veteran critic Pauline Kael described it as "amazingly accomplished". [19] Jo grew close to Stuart Neilson (Martin Henderson) after her brother was in a car crash and the two dated. Critical acclaim in the United States won him interest from Hollywood, and the chance to direct the first of a number of films financed outside of New Zealand, The Bounty. However they broke up and Alex gave the bar to Rachel so that she could attempt a reconciliation with Michael. The attempts proved useless and the two moved to America. He realized his life was in danger and fled New Zealand, leaving Carrie in the wake of his dangerous associates. Nick had a crush on her, and when he heard she was at the clinic, snuck into her room a few times to try to meet her. In between stints as a lawyer and columnist, Robson-Kirk occasionally returns to the screen on successful missions to win Celebrity Treasure Island, or act in Shortland Street. ", "Ten Shortland St stars we hope make a comeback for the 25th anniversary", "Shortland Street ratings uncovered: The stories that gripped New Zealand". Chris soon became convinced when Amanda touched him but Toni believed Liam had more sinister plans and the two discovered Liam had spent time in a psychiatric ward. Robson first achieved fame at the age of nine, starring as Georgie in the 1981 New Zealand film Smash Palace alongside Bruno Lawrence. Martin Henderson is a 46 year old New Zealander Actor. Jenny started to get to know Adam, something which annoyed Nick and made him question his identity. Smash Palace is a New Zealand feature film that premiered at Cannes in May 1981 and was released theatrically in April 1982. He arrived as the eccentric new doctor in early 1993 and soon started to date the equally eccentric - Gina. It soon turned out he had attempted a bank robbery but it had gone terribly wrong. Greg Feeney is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, who was portrayed by Tim Balme for numerous recurring stints throughout the mid to late nineties. Or did they? Nat helped Jamie Forrest (Karl Urban) in his attempt to bring together Sam and T.P (Elizabth Skeen) and later attended their wedding. [2] He quit the show to pursue a film career. [2] Henderson himself criticized the character in his final year of the soap, calling his earlier storylines; "more believable" [3] and labeling the character one dimensional. Scott Kirk and Greer Robson-Kirk are married. However, when she failed to save the life of Tom Neilson (Adrian Keeling), she made an enemy of Darryl Neilson (Mark Ferguson) and showed her true colours when she overpowered and threatened him when he dove into her private life. [1] However, on screen Stuart was shown to be rebuffing Kirsty's advances and writers quickly rewrote the character's backstory so that rather than being gay, he was heavily religious and celibate. When Al findes Jacqui and Ray together, he violently beats and rapes his wife. He was institutionalized in early 1994. He is best known to television audiences as Daniel Potts in the long-running soap opera Shortland Street. Eye Color: Blue She has also played prominent roles in the films Starlight Hotel, Klynham Summer, The Scarecrow and Queen City Rocker.
/ Hapyon Detective Agency: Case No. He pushes his tow truck off a cliff into a river to create a diversion for police. Declan Kennedy was the dodgy father of Steve Mills (Andrew Binns). Early life. She eventually discovered Katherine was really named Wendy, had murdered her husband and was not really a doctor. When Carmen innocently claimed a dead patients lottery ticket, she discovered she had won thousands of dollars and guiltily spent a lot of it before she started to date Guy Warner (Craig Parker). Kane Jenkins is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. Breast Size: N/A Greer Garson was born on 29 September 1904 in Manor Park, East Ham (then in Essex, now part of London), the only child of Nina (née Nancy Sophia Greer; 1880-1958) and George Garson (1865–1906), a commercial clerk in a London importing business.Her father was born in London to Scottish parents, and her mother was born at Drumalore (usually spelled as Drumalure or Drumaloor), … Stuart helped his friend Lisa Stanton (Anne Cathie) deliver her baby and claimed to be the father, much to the shock of his parents - Tom (Adrian Keeling) and Marj (Elizabeth McRae). [2] None of the stories came to fruition and the character made his last appearance on 27 February 1995. [5][6] Benjamin appeared in several notable scenes including the 1996 earthquake, Michael McKenna's (Paul Gittins) wake and Kirsty Knight's (Angela Dotchin) final scene. [5] The abrupt departure of Henderson was leaked to the press and there began to be speculation that Stuart would leave the show following the 1994 December cliffhanger. Two years later, Michael reported to Rachel that Alex had died whilst overseas from illness. He arrived in mid-1993 and quickly caught the attention of Jenny Harrison (Maggie Harper), who he trained at the gym. The strategy worked, with the film proving hugely successful in New Zealand.

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