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[1][page needed] A less successful incident happened during the Sherman Riot of 1930, however. “Uncle Frank was approached to go to the UK but it never came off,” Harrison says. Hamer rejoined the Rangers in 1915 and was assigned to patrol the South Texas border around Brownsville. Harrison says: “After putting an end to Bonnie and Clyde, they wanted to honour him with a Congressional dinner. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Champion Barrow were one of the most famous criminal couples in the history of the United States. McMeans was a former Texas Ranger and sheriff of Ector County, and he and Hamer "were clinched"; McMeans died of a shot to the heart and Hamer was wounded. In an exclusive interview, Harrison Hamer, one of only three surviving relatives who knew “Captain Frank”, says: “At last we feel we have the justice we deserve. In the 1967 film, Hamer is seen being humiliatingly captured by the Barrow Gang before he then hunts them down for revenge. [9] Hamer transferred to Austin in 1921 where he served as Senior Ranger Captain. 11, Ed. They also tried to control the bootleggers during the Prohibition era and bandits who plagued the border. [23] Hamer was always following close behind. An eyewitness account gained widespread newspaper coverage, stating that a drunken Bonnie had emptied her gun into the prone body of Patrolman Murphy at Grapevine, laughing as she fired at the way that his "head bounced like a rubber ball" on the road. According to Ranger historian Ben Proctor, two former Ranger captains later said that Simmons had approached each of them first, and that they each turned him down for the identical reason: "We don't ambush people, and we don't kill women." She was definitely dead, and so was Clyde. [1] He was inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. ", "The Highwaymen Is a Pleasant Throwback of a Movie", "How The Highwaymen Sets the Record Straight on Bonnie and Clyde", The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Means of Ascent, Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Medicinal Liquor Prescriptions Act of 1933. Growing up in a devoutly Presbyterian family, he was one of five sons, four of whom became Texas Rangers. Hamer was a Ranger off and on throughout his adult life, resigning often to take other jobs. [26] Another story stated that a cigar butt "bearing tiny teethmarks" was found in the gravel. His service was brief but eventful while stationed in El Paso, the scene of countless gunfights during the Prohibition era.

Sherman's black district was looted by the mob afterward, with the Rangers unwilling or unable to stop them. Netflix also screened the film privately for Hamer’s heirs, primarily Frank’s great-grandson, Travis, and his children. But the real hero was Hamer…

You could also do it yourself at any point in time. We have created a browser extension. Since that day on May 23, 1934, the legend of Bonnie and Clyde, aged 23 and 25 when they died, has grown, making them the anti-heroes of blood-soaked folk tales. I’d ask him about his heroics but not once would he discuss it. “It galls me that they have been depicted as they have been while my great-uncle was cast by some as the bad guy. Bonnie and Clyde reached for their deadly arsenal – more than a dozen weapons and 3,000 rounds of ammunition – and so did the law. “The officers would collect the rewards and pay the men their finders fees.

Guinn bases his description of the ambush on Sandy Jones's exhaustive 1998 inquiry and forensic reenactment. “When I began to understand Clyde Barrow’s mind, I felt that I was making progress,” he said. [35] The rifle was modified to accept a "police only" 20-round magazine obtained through the Peace Officers Equipment Company in St. Joseph, Missouri. Each posse member received a meager $200.23.

She was as much a part of the bloodshed as Barrow. “Long before he captured Bonnie and Clyde, he’d caught so many criminals. Fortune (1968).

Two guards were shot by the escapees during the breakout, guard Major Crowson fatally. He stalked Canales in the capital, and Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr., father of future President Lyndon B. Johnson, was among those who escorted Canales to the early 1919 hearings. Frank Hamer was born in 1884 in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas, where his father operated a blacksmith shop. [44] He was buried near his son Billy in Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin. Olson, p. 252; Plantinga, p. 152; Wolff, Henry Jr., Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, 1948 United States Senate election in Texas, "The Aspermont Star (Aspermont, Tex.

Parker, Emma Krause, Nell Barrow Cowan and Jan I.

They were public enemy number one after a three-year robbery spree across the South which claimed at least 13 lives – including nine police officers.

[15], In September 1948, he was called back to Ranger duty to play a small role in the notorious 1948 United States Senate election in Texas. That was the end of their run as the most famous criminal couple in American history. Ralph Fults heard the story from one of the Rangers in 1948. ), Vol. The cruellest of killers. If Hughes had survived the fire, he did not survive the mob afterward, who used dynamite on the vault he'd been locked in and strung Hughes's dead body up. Simmons persuaded Hamer to hunt down the Barrow Gang. Uncle Frank exposed the ring and that led to a firestorm among the public.”.

In the early 1930s, Bonnie and Clyde's crime spree generated vast media coverage which embarrassed law enforcement and government officials in a half dozen states. The guy in charge of the carnage, a Texas Ranger by the name of Frank Hamer, was not a subtle man.

Ten shots were fired in the gunfight, and police collected a total of seven revolvers, two semi-automatic pistols, and three rifles from the two parties.[8]. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. [19] The Texas Department of Corrections received national negative publicity over the jailbreak, which delighted Barrow, who thought that he finally had his revenge. [10], Beginning in 1922 Hamer led the fight in Texas against the Ku Klux Klan as senior captain of the Texas Rangers, which was still growing in Texas, and he saved 15 people from lynch mobs throughout his career. The Texas Bankers' Association had begun offering rewards of $5,000 "for dead bank robbers—not one cent for live ones."

When I began to understand Clyde Barrow's mind, I felt that I was making progress. Our. “They were pure and simple murderous thugs. of Corrections, wrote in his memoir that Hamer was one of two lawmen whom he had in mind. [12] The bankers did not modify the terms of the reward, however, and more bounty murders took place in 1930. The rancher sold his place in 1904 and died of natural causes in Kaufman, TX in 1909. But the real hero was Hamer, much maligned since and for whom the gunfight was just one of 52 in which he risked his life in during his career. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights.

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