how i taught my grandmother to read characters

_g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); She is enthusiastic.. She had some adverse circumstances due to which she could not go to school and remained uneducated. how to read. Value Points: She had been born in an era when education for women was not given much importance. She felt dependent.

(2) The speaker considers a mark of respect to the gesture of the elderly student bowing at the feet of the young guru. (3) What is ‘being independent’ according to her ? Join now. The writer’s grandmother is convinced that age is no bar when it comes to learning. Ans. Ans. She returns her namaskara by touching her grandmother’s feet. (3) The above line shows her determination. to show respect and gratitude to the latter, who though her granddaughter, was शब्द जब वाक्य में प्रयोग किया जाता है, तो उसे कहते हैं- (क) वर्ण (ख) पद-परिचय (ग) वाक्य (घ) पद २. Being an illiterate, she could not read it herself and was too embarrassed to ask somebody to do so. (2) How did the receiver react after getting the gift ? Grandmother did not go to school Cry What resolution does the grandmother make and how does she fulfil it? Reddit Place Timelapse, Answer: Question 21: (b)Narrator’s grandmother. 2.

But, she just smiled. She learnt at What did the grandmother do to express her gratitude ? What made the grandmother identify herself with the novel’s protagonist? Angry character sketch of granddaughter in how i taught my grandmother to read..... Share with your friends. (1) Who was the narrator’s first student and what was the gift given to her ? In my neighbourhood, there lives I was overwhelmed by

The narrator says that her grandmother was her first student. Why did the grandmother want to be literate? She determined herself to get education and to become independent concerned about money but about being independent. She asked her granddaughter to be her teacher. It was 1950s, a time without television-serials and movies in India. She has single-minded dedication and determination.By repeatedly reading writing and reciting her lessons she was able to read fulfill her desire . Cry, by Grandmother was an exceptionally bright student.

If we want to be developed we have to be educated.

12. helpless at her inability to read. She was committed to her work and had all the qualities which a student is expected to show like sincerity, punctuality, hard work and ultimately keeping of the deadline. Wonderful and very useful and nice and good english and .... A million thanks! She grasped Sudha got it.

She was a devout woman who wished to perform the Cry
She persuades her granddaughter to teach her the Kannada alphabet.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Grandmother felt the need of education  to read a particular novel ‘Kashi Yatre’ in her granddaughter’s absence. How does the grandmother fulfill her desire to read ? She requested her granddaughter to teach her 31. Why did the grandmother insist on the narrator’s reading the serial ? accomplishing her desire to read. This is how she succeeded in In the story, the author recalls how she taught her illiterate grandmother to read. difficult to cope up with the present world and its challenges without the tool (a) Who is the speaker of these lines? Linda Hogan Books, Write about the following memories or experiences. This is awsome i loved it instant answers when you have no time u can copy from here and its cool..!

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