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I see you've changed your dress-maker." Kirk had failed the Kobayashi Maru examination twice but decided to take it a third time, being sure that he would succeed. Kirk sacrificed his life to save the inhabitants of Veridian IV, as well as the crew of the Enterprise-D, climbing along a precariously-balanced metal bridge in order to grab the control panel necessary to disable the missile that Soran would have used, the bridge subsequently falling down a steep cliff when its support beams broke. He was just the guy in that particular script – which gave me a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted." Facing off against two of Nero's crew, Kirk and Sulu eventually killed both of their adversaries before destroying the platform, but not in time to prevent Nero from successfully completing his plan to destroy the planet Vulcan.

Using a motorcycle from the Franklin and holographic technology from Jaylah, Kirk managed to distract Krall so that Spock and Jaylah were able to escape with the rest of the surviving Starfleet officers. Though Maximus's anger nearly allowed Trypticon the edge in their duel, Kirk found the willpower to tame his comrade and downed Trypticon with a mighty left hook. In V'ger's aftermath, Spock finally achieved equilibrium, able to express his friendship for Kirk without the influence of aliens or illness, and notably lacking any threat of physical violence. There is one critical item of information that has never been incorporated into the memory banks of any Earth ship. (TOS: "Court Martial"), Although their association was brief, James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard had profound personal effects on one another. His mind at ease from the pressures of command, he took a wife, Miramanee, who became pregnant with his child.

Kirk was put on trial, albeit this time in an illusory court, by Trelane. "I see your point... stand by to receive our transmission... (whispers) Mr. Sulu, lock phasers on target..."

The entity they encountered proved to be a malevolent force, imprisoned and looking for release. "...DESTROYING the attacker. He's extraordinary in the performance he gives.

Kirk's relationship with Montgomery Scott began after he met the future Enterprise chief engineer on the planet Delta Vega. They don't." You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you KEEP MISSING the TARGET!

Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps.

Fortunately, while the Enterprise had long since left the system, Spock was aware that one of the officers at the nearby outpost was Montgomery Scott, who, in his universe, had devised a way to beam onto a ship at warp speeds. Despite this, Kirk was willing to offer assistance to his father's killer when his ship was caught in between a black hole created by the remaining red matter. 21 & 23), The script of Star Trek, upon describing Kirk's reaction to the death of Amanda Grayson, stated, "There's no cheating death," though that is precisely what Kirk himself does in Star Trek Into Darkness. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles"), Kirk observed Scott's infatuation with two young and attractive lieutenants, Carolyn Palamas and Mira Romaine, with bemused detachment at first, until the "stiff-necked thistle-head" abandoned his usual solid professionalism and required Kirk's stern, but affectionate, scolding.

"That's ok." ", Stephen E. Whitfield's 1968 book The Making of Star Trek stated that "Kirk rose rapidly through the ranks and received his first command (the equivalent of a destroyer-class space ship) while still quite young.". As Kirk explained to Picard, the main reason he always returned to the command chair of the Enterprise was that it was only there that Kirk could truly make a difference. (Star Trek), A year later, Kirk showed confidence in Sulu's leadership skills and left him in command of the Enterprise while Kirk led an away team to apprehend John Harrison. Scotty and Jaylah realized that Edison was going to release the weapon in the base's ventilation system, killing the base's inhabitants. However, the Romulan refused his assistance and stated that he'd "rather suffer the end of Romulus a thousand times" and "die in agony". He asked of Kirk, "Do you drink whiskey?" Events of 2371 revealed Kirk had entered the Nexus, yet unaware of the passing of 78 years due to the non-linear nature of time in the Nexus. In 2285, Spock was calmly able to tell Kirk, "You're my superior officer. I would'na dare disappoint. Kirk attracted her to him by calling her "pretty" when they first met, and they went on to develop a close friendship. (Star Trek Into Darkness). (TOS: "A Private Little War"), In 2257, the Farragut engaged the dikironium cloud creature at the planet Tycho IV. James T. Kirk’s middle name is Tiberius… According to the official Star Trek history, James Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa on 22 March 2233, and at age 34 became the youngest captain in Starfleet history. (Star Trek), Over time, her discomfort vanished and she began to show unwavering loyalty to her new captain. Chris Pine repeatedly auditioned for the role of the alternate reality Kirk, not caring much if he got the assignment to play him. "There were fans that were dismayed that he had so much bravado – but there's no place for the character to go if you don't start somewhere." That version of Kirk was consumed with lust and desire for Rand and went "on the prowl" to find her. It's really about humility, and maturity, and growing up in a couple of hours [....] The fact that Kirk is the Captain of this ship, and is going through a major existential crisis, does not bode well for where the crew and the Enterprise find themselves in the middle of this picture [....] This Kirk is still trying to figure the best way to lead, and who his consigliores are, and who it's wisest to trust [....] I think it makes for an interesting story."

It's Joseph Campbell's reluctant hero's journey. How does that reflect on him, and those more subtle, existential issues? A younger version of Kirk was played by actor Chris Pine in the 2009 feature Star Trek and its 2013 sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. The two were also shown to retain an amicable relationship and understanding of each other. (TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever"), In 2267, the alien Sylvia tried to seduce Kirk into giving her the transmuter. (VOY: "Q2"), Kirk's record for first contacts made with new species was untouched until 2378, when Captain Janeway concluded her seven-year trip across the Delta Quadrant aboard the USS Voyager.

It's time you learned that freedom is never a gift, it must be earned.

If we lose them, we lose ourselves. Here are the facts and trivia that people are buzzing about. While marooned on Delta Vega, Kirk unwittingly sought, with the help of the future Spock, the Scotsman's help to return to the USS Enterprise while it was still warping to rendezvous with the fleet in the Laurentian system. Kirk's accelerated dotage forced Commodore Stocker, who was visiting the Enterprise, to relieve Kirk from command of the ship until Dr. McCoy discovered a cure. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror"), Scott kept his temper throughout Korax's barrage of taunts and insults thrown at Kirk, but a cross word about the Enterprise led Scott to throw the first punch in the K-7 bar-fight of 2267. But I have to admit, I would have loved to ride shotgun at least once with a group of officers like that." Understanding that their only hope was to have the Enterprise pursue the Narada instead of returning to the fleet, they realized that they had to get the other Spock to step down from command. "You won the war, Edison. Kirk was quickly overpowered by the pair of Romulans, but when Nero, after boasting that he would kill Kirk just like he had with his father, discovered that Spock had destroyed the drill, he furiously returned to the bridge. Captain Klaa believed defeating Kirk would make him the greatest warrior in the galaxy in 2287. (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations"), Kirk found the contaminated society of Sigma Iotia II, based on 1920s Chicago gang culture, puzzling at first, but he quickly warmed to it. The original version of Kirk was introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series, and the Captain of the starship Enterprise was portrayed by William … After the situation was resolved, Rand continued as Kirk's yeoman until a reassignment in 2267. Again I didn't have much interest in doing it, [...] [but] I went in and auditioned." As if you've always been there and always will." (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

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