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[1][2] This followed an initial suggestion from the Irish-born[3] British Army officer Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley to allow soldiers in Irish Regiments to wear the shamrock in their headdress on St. Patrick's Day.

The Royal Irish Constabulary: a part-index to the LDS microfilm copy of the original RIC register is at The regiment was also compelled to cope with the internal tensions caused by the political situation back home in Ireland following the end of the First World War although the regiment remained largely detached from the events of the Irish War of Independence, with only one member of the Irish Guards being charged with trying to smuggle weapons to republicans and even this act was motivated by a desire for monetary gain rather than political motives. The pipe major, like the pipe major of the Scots Guards, also holds a warrant as personal piper to Her Majesty, the Queen. The Irish Guards returned to Iraq in April 2007 for a six-month tour of the country during which they were based Basra Airport and were responsible for training the Iraqi Army in the face of an intensifying Shia-led insurgency. 40, no. [16], In February 1915, Lance-Corporal Michael O'Leary performed an act of bravery at Cuinchy, where attack and counter-attack had been taking place between the British and Germans since 29 January until early February. During 1916, the Irish Guards were involved in the Battle of the Somme where they received severe casualties. We add around 200,000 new records each month. However, a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb blasted a bus carrying men of the regiment to Chelsea Barracks in October, 1981. Gorman's tank fired one shot at the Tiger II, but the shot bounced off its thick armour. Later that month the battalion fought in northern Norway, seeing action at Pothus, where they held out against heavy German attacks for two days until they were finally forced to withdraw as their positions were being outflanked. With the First World War at an end, occupation duties awaited the Irish Guards and on 11 December 1918 the regiment marched into Germany, drums beating, as part of the British Army of the Rhine. He was awarded the posthumous Victoria Cross, the fourth and final to be earned by the Irish Guards during the First World War. A green cloak with four silver buttons is worn over the shoulders and is secured by two green straps that cross over the chest, but is never buttoned except in severely inclement weather. There is a voluntary project to list of Ireland's World War 1 veterans 1914-1918 at and you can also search Irelands Memorial Records for World War 1 at The regiment won two further Victoria Crosses and saw action during the Norwegian Campaign, the Battle of France, the Tunisian Campaign, the Italian Campaign, Operation Overlord and Operation Market Garden. My thanks to Stuart Wilson of the, I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective. There is the excellent History of the Irish Guards in the Second World War by Major D. J. L. Fitzgerald, M.C.

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