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Annabel Sampson. Webb doesn’t know that Paul Allen had fallen out with Gates in the 80s. Indeed, CommTouch kept pushing back its IPO until a massive investment from firms tied to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was announced in July 1999. They put in the hours. In 1992, Israel’s government created the Yozma Program at the urging of Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade – Yigal Erlich – as Erlich moved to leave that position. The Mirror Group's pension fund was eventually reimbursed, though it would have been worth more if Maxwell had never plundered it. A daughter of Robert Maxwell.. Activities. Out of this came a company named McKinley (after North America’s highest mountain) and the Magellan on-line directory and search engine. She quotes Jung, ‘power is the privilege to influence’ – and declares: ‘It’s an unbelievable responsibility to have influence over issues that can have an impact on millions of people's lives and livelihoods.' Part I can be found here. United States and Venezuela: A Historical Background, Fred Branfman Risked His Life for Ordinary People, The IMF and World Bank: Partners In Backwardness, # 407, Cold War of Trump/Navarro vs. China - More Dangerous Than Covid-19, Post: In Case a Jury Decides George Floyd Died of Drugs and Bad Health, Well, Blacks Ruining Their Health with Drugs Is the Fault of White Supremacy Too, Expensify: to Save Democracy, All Must Vote for Biden, The Racial Reckoning Comes for the Veterinarians, KIPP Schools Junk Their Famous "Work Hard, be Nice" Slogan as Not Anti-Racist, Independent: Sacha Baron Cohen Survived 'Cancel Culture' by Evolving Instead of Moaning, Australia Continues to CRUSH Its Former Problem with Racial Gaps, New WVS 2017-2020 Shows US Religiosity Collapse, Time Magazine Wants Your Dog to Die Because Veterinarians Are "Too White" (Profession Dubbed 'Whitest in America' as if It Were a Sin), Her Name Is Christine Summers: 53-Year-Old White Woman Murdered by Black Male Who Said Trump Made Him "Kill a White Lady", The United States Air Force's Commander of Recruiting Service Declares Increasing Diversity [Reducing the Number of White Male Pilots] a "War-Fighting Imperative", Why Not Just Make It Legal for Blacks to Steal, as Atonement for White Privilege?

Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley. Twins Isabel and Christine, back left and right respectively, with Anne, front left, and Ghislaine Maxwell, front right Christine and Isabel are twin sisters.

Government officials told the New York Times at the time that they believed Katz “has detailed knowledge about the [Pollard] spy ring and could implicate senior Israeli officials.”, Journalist Claudia Wright, writing in 1987, openly speculated about whether the close ties between Katz and Pollard’s handlers meant that BIRD itself had been used to pass funds to Pollard or that BIRD funds themselves, most of which were provided by U.S. taxpayers as opposed to public claims of “joint” funding, had been used to pay Pollard for his “services” to Israel. As late as 2006, CommTouch noted in official documents that the company “has a history of losses and may never achieve profitability,” further noting that they hemorrhaged millions of dollars a year in net losses. Kevin will be happy if 'in the next two years I can secure the future of the company'; Isabel talks of dominating the branded e-mail market: 'I've got the very best.'. Thus, the benefit of being the US deep state’s #1 foreign partner in crime. Mantel and CommTouch allegedly chose to court Isabel Maxwell for their company’s presidency through an unspecified placement company and were “attracted to her expertise and insight in Silicon Valley when it sought her out.” The Israeli outlet Globes states that Gideon Mantel “went to Isabel Maxwell as soon as he arrived in Silicon Valley and realized that in order to progress, an e-mail solutions company like CommTouch needed help from someone who knew the rules of the game.” Wired offers a similar portrayal, further adding that it was “Gideon Mantel [who] got Isabel Maxwell to take the job.”. Though Isabel was able to secure lucrative investments and alliances for CommTouch and see its products integrated into key software and hardware components produced and sold by Microsoft and other tech giants, she was unable to turn the tide of the company’s dire financial performance, with CommTouch netting a loss of $4.4 million in 1998 and similar losses well into the 2000s, with net losses totaling $24 million in the year 2000 (just one year after the sizable investments from Microsoft, Paul Allen and Bill Gates). To them, he gave a secure environment, which prepared them for the catastrophe.’, The Formula 1 heiress was targeted by the thieves in December last year, Prepared, perhaps. Also, a reporter, Danny Casalaro, was pursuing the story and his supposed suicide in a W. Virginia hotel bathtub was as convincing as Epstein’s recent “suicide” in federal custody. American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback? After Oxford, she trained as a Montessori teacher, then became a hypno-therapist. From the Archive: When Lily Collins went to the Ball with Richard Dennen, Who is Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite at the centre of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Famed Tiffany Diamond dazzles in new Hollywood murder mystery, The Secret Garden: This film is not a patch on the beloved 1993 adaptation, There’s a new Audrey Hepburn documentary hitting screens next month, Black Oxford students challenge elitism by recreating Bullingdon Club photo, Forget cottage industries, it's all about castle industries in 2020, Alleged ‘mastermind’ behind £50 million Tamara Ecclestone jewellery heist finally arrested, Court documents allege how Ghislaine Maxwell attempted to elude FBI, Maxwell’s lover Scott Borgerson said he’d enact ‘Level 4 use of force’ on intruders, Prince Andrew’s website taken down amid mounting pressure over Epstein investigations. This reached its peak in the pre-trial period.
This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 15:20. Sloaney, spiky, skinny - Pandora is her husband's ultimate witness for the defence. But I set up the trust because it was the right thing to do.

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