kazakhstan customs

Kazakhstan nationals can export an unlimited amount of local currency providing a permit is obtained beforehand. Greetings are rather formal due to the hierarchical nature of society. Many Kazakh festivals feature horse racing or other games that are played on horseback. One of the most important things to realize when doing business in Kazakhstan is that a strict social structure is followed. For indoor wear, beautiful satin gowns and trousers were richly decorated with embroidery that often included beads and precious stones. It is said that in the past, many Kazakh children learned to ride before they learned to walk, and the Kazakhs are still known for their superb horsemanship. The oldest person in a group is usually the first to receive a greeting from others. Traditionally, Kazakh cuisine was based mostly on meat (including horse meat) and milk products. It’s the center of life and business. Kazakh culture is largely influenced by the Turkic nomadic lifestyle. Kazakhs have a great love of the spoken word. However, people from Kazakhstan are generally welcoming and friendly and will attempt to communicate with most foreign visitors even if their English is limited. Before attending a meeting in Kazakhstan, business travelers should keep the following advice in mind: It’s also important to keep in mind that Kazakhstanis appreciate those who take the time to build personal relationships before getting down to business. The common greeting is the handshake, often done with both hands and a smile. 3. Near the bazaar, on the side streets, local residents from all walks of life bring items they may have for sale for a makeshift flea market. Besides the traditional loomed rugs, Kazakh artisans are also known for their remarkable felt work. As in the rest of Central Asia, the chaikana or tea house is a relaxing meeting place for friends and conversation. Should you [...], The Kazakhstan International Tourism Fair (KITF) is the premier event for the tourism industry in the country and is one of the largest events [...], Social Customs and Etiquette in Kazakhstan, organizing a visa for Kazakhstan and planning a trip, Kazakhstan cultural information for tourists, The second most respected guest is given the pelvic bones of the sheep, The son-in-law of the house should be served the brisket, Close friends of the guest should be given the sheep’s eyes, The host’s daughter should be served the tongue, The smallest child in the group should be given the ears, to symbolize that they must listen to their elders. Click here, to know more. She sat on a rock in the middle of the lake to watch his efforts, and no matter how hard he tried to shoot the arrow into the sky it would not rise beyond the mountaintop.

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