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It is most certainly a love story and without a doubt a very emotional one. Unlike Sarah Polley's superior kindred spirit Away from Her, Lovely, Still's portrait of late-life love is excruciatingly shallow and phony. Shop assistant Robert (Landau), now an old man, is confronted by a home invasion when he returns home from work one evening. A love story between two elderly people. …and what exactly is it that he dreams of? Afterward, they go for a walk in the snow, during which Mary invites him to a Christmas Eve party. My mother had Alzheimers and our only consolation was that she passed away before she stopped recognizing my father. Despite everything, you still love her. A couple . He confesses to her that hes never spent Christmas with anyone before, and they kiss.Christmas Eve arrives and Mary takes Robert to a party at her cousins house, where Robert awkwardly tries to mix into conversations. Fackler's patronizing debut reduces a lifetime of experience into a collection of senior citizen stereotypes. After they return, Alex approaches Robert and mentions that Mary really likes him.The next day, Mike comes by to tell Robert that he suddenly met someone special the night before, and Robert shares in the excitement of their mutual new romances. Don't be put off by the golden-hued, overly saccharine opening to this seemingly twee December (in both senses of the word) romance, because it hides a final quarter that packs an emotional wallop. Mary returns and tries to give Robert a pill, but he does not recognize her, and he becomes irrationally irate.Mike and Alex come over and try to help Mary calm down Robert, but he grows so distraught that he runs across the street and barricades himself in Marys house. A "must-see" for anyone caring for a loved one with this devastating disease. I knew from the beginning that something was off in the storyline, but the end revelation caught me by surprise anyway.

Much of the film points toward its ending (the bond between Robert and Mike, Robert’s trip to Mary’s Christmas party) but Lovely, Still is absorbing nonetheless. Magical, memorable, tender, sweet and filled with love, Lovely Still is, quite simply, absolutely lovely. Then all hell breaks loose as memory lapses and renewed recollections arise with Robert, Landau's character. What we think at the beginning is a love late in life romantic comedy between a curmudgeonly elder and a lonely widow turns into a beautifully crafted compelling drama.

As we are drawn nearer our Creator by love for Him, the connection with those we truly love remains secure throughout all the worlds of God. Where are all of Robert’s photos? Robert is such a lovable character and his blossoming love for Mary was so sweet and sincere.

It was Bette Davis who said 'growing old ain't for sissies.' Shop assistant Robert (Landau), now an old man, is confronted by a home invasion when he returns home from work one evening. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I know we will grow old it is lovely, still Make a plan to love me sometime soon. I actually bought this DVD thinking it would be a nice gift for a friend, but abandoned that idea because it's too damned depressing. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (1) ... Spoilers.

By the time it arrives it's too late and way too contrived. Realizing he is rather nervous, Robert asks Mike and other locals for advice, although most of what they tell him tends to be at odds. He collapses and goes to the hospital. This love for one other is an acknowledgement of our Creator’s love for us, and is truly only possible if we open our hearts to His love. It is … Landau is a fine actor but you'd never know it here, mostly, I think, because his character is a puppet, pushed and manipulated all the way through. Martin Landau is (RIP) a national treasure.

An inoffensive and warm nextdoor neighbour, Mary (Burstyn). It is Christmas season and we see him place a present under his  tree for himself. Richard: Je t'aime toujours.

Mary, an  equally older woman (Ellen Burstyn) who looks much more attractive for her age moves next door with her daughter (Elizabeth Banks). The love story plays out in an even-handed way. A poignant primer on making the most of a last chance at romance!

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