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"[57], In reviewing the full season, Marissa Martinelli of Slate felt that Martin-Green saved Discovery from "getting lost in a maze of plot twists [...] As a human raised by Vulcans, it would have been easy to make Burnham yet another Spock or Data, her humanity buried under layers and layers of logic. The article highlighted, "Martin-Green has delivered the sort of performance that lights up every moment she's on screen. Burnham eventually befriends her roommate, Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman). The character was originally to be referred to only by the name Number One, to honor the character of that name portrayed by Majel Barrett in the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage. However, T'Kuvma kills Georgiou. Club commented, "I can sort of see how Burnham changed (the trip to the Mirror Universe taught her the consequences of brutal thinking), but the show has done such a terrible job at establishing the character and motivations of Starfleet and the Federation that the sudden decision to commit murder on such a massive, unprecedented scale is at once shocking and utterly weightless. [39] Burnham is forced to disguise as her Terran counterpart on the ISS Shenzhou in order to retrieve the data files on the Constitution-class USS Defiant, to uncover how it crossed into the mirror universe's past. Burnham becomes curious of Voq's ability to forge alliances with other alien races, in order to find the solution to the Klingon war in her universe. Later, Burnham is dismayed to learn her falsities at Harlak have been uncovered by the silent emperor, who turns out to be her former captain Philippa Georgiou's mirror version. She is alarmed by Mirror Saru, who is a nameless slave in this universe, and decides to name him Saru in honor of her friend. That's something 'Star Trek' has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it's been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. After the incident, Burnham's act of diplomacy in finishing the war ends with her, and many of the Discovery crew, decorated by Starfleet with the Medal of Honor for their heroic actions. ", "The Walking Dead actor Sonequa Martin-Green cast as lead in Star Trek: Discovery", "All my love @SonequaMG, I've been smiling since I heard. [66], Fictional character from Star Trek: Discovery. And while Star Trek has plumbed the 'main character has demons' well in the past—most notably with Sisko in Deep Space Nine, and Picard in the later films, when it comes to the Borg—Burnham feels far more compelling for not being a flawless human being in other respects, as her series-protagonist predecessors were. Eventually, Burnham gets the upper hand on Lorca with a phaser, telling him that they would've helped him get home, because that's who Starfleet is, and that is who she is, which is why she won't kill him. She kills herself to convince Mudd to do so, although the next time around, Burnham successfully tricks Mudd and he is sent away. Ash begs her, saying he can't make it without her, but Burnham explains she was lost after the battle of the binary stars, and having to reclaim life is punishing and solitary. Later, Tilly convinces Burnham to confront Ash, who is now fully recovered with dual memories, feeling deep remorse for Voq's actions. I had my almost catatonic moment where I thought, 'What is happening?' Burnham manipulates Mudd into turning back time again to save him, revealing who she is and how high a prize she is for the Klingons. "[26], Burnham was born to human parents, who were killed when she was a child during a Klingon raid on a Human-Vulcan research facility on Doctari Alpha, where the family lived. Burnham manipulates Georgiou to give her the explosive device, by telling her if she doesn't, she will have to watch her daughter die again. Instead, Martin-Green plays her with a fierce charisma and warmth, making Burnham not only a compass in the wilderness but a light in the darkness, too." In "Battle at the Binary Stars", Burnham escapes the brig and convinces Georgiou to take T'Kuvma hostage. Ultimately, Burnham is forced to stop Georgiou's genocidal attack on the Klingon home planet, outraged at Cornwell and Starfleet for enabling the act. Her plan is unsuccessful and she is detained. Michael Burnham is the fictional protagonist on Star Trek: Discovery portrayed by American actress Sonequa Martin-Green. In a moment of emotional weakness, Burnham kills T'Kuvma, making him a martyr. Saru and Burnham's bond grows when Saru is forced to acknowledge a deeply unsettling Kelpien truth. [43], In "What's Past is Prologue", Burnham works out a plan to deliver Georgiou to Lorca in the same way she planned. Producer. 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So having me as the first black female lead of a Star Trek just blasts that into a million pieces. [16] CBS' second premiere date delay from May to September was due to the restrictions of Martin-Green's contract, though the first delay opened the door for her to land the role. Mary Wiseman (born July 30, 1985) is an American actress who is known for playing Ensign Sylvia Tilly in Star Trek: Discovery. He said, "You know, when you go out into space, you're going to have even greater diversity. Burnham fakes Tyler's execution, actually transporting him to the Discovery ship together with the files from the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) where he is held captive. Mary Chieffo is known internationally as the Klingon Commander turned Chancellor L'Rell on the ... A 2015 BFA graduate in Group 44 of The Juilliard School's Drama Division, Chieffo is the first legacy in the Division's nearly 50 year history. Later, Burnham reveals prior to her execution that she is from another universe, using Prime Philippa's insignia as proof. Mirror Saru is shocked by her friendly gesture. Burnham convinces Mirror Voq to spare Tyler's life. Although the reviewer also felt Burnham's arc wrapped up "too neatly". Burnham is confused, but then realizes Tyler is the one she fought at the Binary Stars. It's yours now." Thus, the Michael Burnham name was revealed during the first episode, quickly making "Number One" her informal name, the same as First Officer William Riker's informal name on the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. After retrieving Sarek, Burnham attempts to get Sarek to open up to her about their encounter. You're gonna knock em dead. But there's something interesting about her choice to invoke Voq's official title within the Klingon Empire, which speaks to how both civilizations are now struggling to sort out their place in the world",[61] while Luxford commented, "It's great to see Burnham redeemed. Ash reassures a reluctant L'Rell to take charge. [58], Some critics had a negative reaction to Burnham's arc. 25 September 2020 The ISS Shenzhou applaud Burnham for her killing as she takes the captain's chair. [3], Wiseman's stage roles have included Nitzan Halperin's Sow and Weep (2008, Boston University College of Fine Arts in New York),[6] Ariel Carson's I Wanted it to Have a How & I Wanted it to Have a Verb (2011, Dixon Place)[7] and Betsy/Lindsay in Clybourne Park (2013, Chautauqua Theater Company). This is how stars are born. I had to focus myself on the passion for the vision for the story that we're doing. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman has explained that the specifics of Burnham's backstory would be revealed in a way that would not break the existing canon continuity. Of the name, she said, "I appreciated the statement it makes all on its own to have this woman with this male name, just speaking of the amelioration of how we see men and women in the future. You either have the ability to roll that off your tongue, or you don't. [20], On the importance and impact of the role, Martin-Green said, "My casting says that the sky is the limit for all of us. Burnham, Tilly and Tyler accompany her to Qo'nos. She is convicted of mutiny, stripped of rank, and sentenced to life in prison. [36] In "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum", Burnham and Tyler go with Saru to the planet Pahvo as part of a plan to overcome the Klingons' cloaking technology, where they kiss again and renew their romance. [12], Martin-Green referred to her character as being "the only human to have not just attended the Vulcan Science Academy but excelled as well, [which] speaks to Burnham's intellect and just sheer level of intelligence". Sonequa Martin-Green expressed enthusiasm about the name, liking the symbolism and anticipating a more gender-fluid and equal opportunity future. When she refers to the emperor as "Philippa", she is outraged, as she would normally refer to her as "mother". Instead, she and Tyler opt to form a secret alliance with the Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians and Tellarites who oppose the Terran Empire. At the end of Discovery season 2 they tried to rectify some of the canon issues by having Starfleet order Spock and the others never to reveal what happened to the USS Discovery, or even its existence, but the mutiny happened on the USS Shenzhou, and was well known to Starfleet personnel, as seen in "Battle at the Binary Stars" and "The Tholian Web", In "Context Is for Kings", USS Discovery's Captain Gabriel Lorca brings Burnham back to duty with a temporary war-time assignment as a scientist on his crew, praising her risk-taking behaviour as valuable in the war. After completing the academy she was brought by Sarek, who shared his Katra with Burnham, to the USS Shenzhou to rejoin her people. I feel like we're taking another step forward, which I think all stories should do.

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