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We’ve also seen limitations of algorithms that “overdo it” and discussed specific examples in which the Netflix algorithm presented misleading thumbnails to people of color because the algorithm optimized for clicks, effectively “tricking” the users into clicking bait. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Problem: How (and when) do we best present that movie recommendation to the user in a way that maximizes viewership and monthly subscriber loyalty? What are things within an image thumbnail that are within Netflix’s control that they can tweak to increase those click rates? House of Cards was greenlighted based on deep data analytics that told Netflix it would be well-received. Plot that numeric representation in the form of vectors across a 3D sphere like we did above — and now Netflix start forming relationships between data points. Well, turns out, back in 2014, Netflix conducted studies showing just how important that thumbnail is: Nick Nelson, Netflix’s global manager of creative services, explained that the company conducted research in early 2014 that found artwork was “not only the biggest influencer” for a user’s decision about what to watch, it also constituted over 82 percent of their focus while browsing Netflix. Marketing Blog. It uses the relational distance between data points as a basis for making and improving upon image thumbnail recommendations. And that individual or group worked together (probably with UX and related stakeholders) to put together user studies or data elsewhere, to prove that there was indeed a strong link between an image thumbnail and viewership. We compete with (and lose to) ​Fortnite​ more than HBO […], Our growth is based on how good our experience is, compared to all the other screen time experiences from which consumers choose. Instead, Netflix pulls the perfect “balance of intuition and analytics” during production so that they know shows will be successful. Having gone through the complex math and algorithms associated with matrices, vectors, and n-dimensional feature analysis, I found the easiest way to understand how this works is through a 3D-spatial representation of 10+ dimensions.

Netflix's operation model has a lot to teach companies about the tenets of an Agile mindset, and how customer satisfaction goes a long way to product success. The goal of Agile is to bring user stories from ideation to deployment, considering who the user is, what they want to accomplish, and how they accomplish it with that feature. In fact, Netflix Originals have a 35% higher success rate than new TV shows released on-network. Let’s say Netflix is recommending 2 different Spiderman movies to a user side by side — and they both have Spiderman facing the camera mask off. In the last months of 2018, Netflix released “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock and “You”. Without this business link, these use cases would simply be pie-in-the-sky ideas sitting at the bottom of a backlog like so many other great ideas. The initial decision to build that MVP would depend on strategic decision made by stakeholders, not necessarily prioritized by metric. They do this in order to try to group people with similar interests together so they can use data from one user to help predict likely behavior of other similar users. What data does Netflix use target these custom-created thumbnails to the appropriate individual? And how confident are we that tweaking an image thumbnail will affect viewership or subscriber loyalty in a positive way? A small, compelling thumbnail could mean the difference between getting you to spend the entire weekend watching Netflix’s latest Originals hit or losing interest and bouncing over to a competing service like Hulu or similar OTT streaming services like ESPN / Disney / HBO Go. There are three reasons why. Why do people spend 120 minutes per day on Netflix, but only 30 – 60 minutes per week watching regular television?

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