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(Sam, Bobby and Cas are cuffed and led out. CAS: No, I've looked, but she's hidden from me. SHERIFF: (Noticing they're wearing normal clothes and not uniforms.) Please let us know or ask our community and we'll try to help you out... Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! ), SAM: (to Cas) Stay here. It's a good deal. You get to name it. Each soul a beautiful little nuclear reactor. (to Sam) Do you believe this? This looks like an infection. You want me to tell you where she is?

You still give a crap. But, the intellectual property is still reserved by the original source and may be subject to copyright.

My children turned a few of you, you hunted a few of them.

), CASTIEL: You are. Load 'em up. SAM: Looks like the whole bar has been turned into these –. Ryan and Joe attack their uncle, knocking him to the ground and killing him as blood spatters onto a nearby family photo.). DEAN: Like a friendly monster? I'll turn you all. BOBBY: We got to take you on more monster hunts. (Joe nods.) And best of all it's fast and free! (He holds Crowley's skull.). Make 'em count. There is a bloodstain on the front of it, by her chest.). He throws him on the ground. You're gonna use the Mother of The Year defence? DEAN: Alright, you know what? If we don't get a shot off, you two better. But I eventually got it right. EVE: So I dusted off some of the old classics. Let us know what you find out! The touched people also attack others. Okay fine. Dean & Cas walk up to her.). LENORE: (to Sam) My name's Lenore.

They may find more wayward orphans along the way. (Sam shrugs.) Wh-wh-what did she do to Ed? DEAN: Good, okay.

Let's just go. (Eve morphs into Sam and Dean's mother, Mary.). (Two young men, one is Ed, walk out of a place called 8th Street Sports Lounge.). It causes a car alarm to go off outside.). She's hidden from all angels.

Some of our complete series scripts are also available in other languages. (Sam & Dean walk towards the house.

DEAN: Oh. DEAN: Okay, well let's get the hell out of here. DEAN: Is there anybody in this diner that is not a flesh-eating monster? Dean's wound is healed.). - Man: Hey, Gypsy, this is Stan.

Suddenly Cas appears, with Lenore.). ), EVE: I gave him a gift. LENORE: You've got to be kidding me.

And now she knows you're coming. He said we were food. BOBBY: Well, I'll say this, you're the healthiest looking specimen I've seen all day. Huh, because they're horrible – and hard to kill. They couldn't fight it anymore. SAM: So you think she was telling the truth? DEAN: Yeah, I think she turned me into a Jefferson Starship. He's a part-shapeshifter hybrid. We need some kerosene. (The Alpha Shapeshifter, Meg and the Alpha Vampire are tortured. SAM: Uh, nothing. It's important. Cas, your batteries are dead. I'm not even joking at all. You? BOBBY: So you wanna tell us what's going on here? About Eve. DEAN: Oh, great. Big Mouth (2017) Chernobyl (2019) Defending Jacob (2020) Euphoria (2019) I Am Not Okay With This (2020) Locke & Key (2020) Lost in Space (2018) Stranger Things (2016) The End of … DEAN: Well there's one way to draw her out. EVE(as a WAITRESS): Two specials, right? A new tab will open with the file. MAN #1: I'm serious, I'm serious. SAM: (sighs) Look it's probably nothing, it's just... You know what? After all, a mother defends her children. There's nothing you can do about it now. Hurts them, not us. He finds a door and opens it. No, no. Eve removes one of the guns and smells it.). BOBBY: Oh, it's a long story. They're imploding all over town. Alright, where do we start? Crowley. Aim high on the food chain. JOE: He won't talk, not since they came for us. (Some time goes by. BOBBY: A Dr Silver called in an illness he couldn't identify. We're gonna get you help. Millions of lives are at stakes here, not just two. You think Vampira was lying? (Sam and Dean enter the diner and sit down. So, here's the deal. Sam, Bobby, Cas and Dean each take one.) He has a drink. (Monsters from 5.11 Sam, Interrupted and 2.03 Bloodlust are shown.) DEAN: I don't get it. CASTIEL: You didn't hide your bones as well as you should have. DEAN: Yeah, the question is why. DEAN: Phoenix ash. ), (Dean burns possessed Bobby with a live wire.

Did you go anywhere? SAM: (sighs) Hey Cas, um, Dean's bleeding pretty good. She morphs from Mary back to her brunette form. DEAN: I think that demons don't give a crap about monster tweens unless they're told to. She falls to the ground and dies. DEAN: Merritt, what's that, like 15 miles outside of town? From 6.07 Family Matters and 6.10 Caged Heat, CROWLEY: Bring me creatures. DEAN: You know what, I-I'm getting a little sick and tired of the greater purposes, okay? Everyone gives in. ), (Cas teleports himself, Sam, Dean and Bobby to a pavement in a town. CAS: I'll search the town. Okay, let's get started. ), (Sheriff is in the interrogation room, chained in silver. DEAN: Alright. ), BOBBY: How did Crowley get away? DEAN: Well what kind of doctor calls the CDC and then stashes the gooey corpse in the shed? DEAN: Well there's a few, uh, dozen tests. (Dean rubs ashes on his arm. You, uh – you come around to clean up the bodies? We got a wraith. Anyway, we want Eve, we need coordinates. SAM: Well, um, that's Cas.

DEAN: No? Dean opens the plastic. (They see Eve. As the production of Baby Jane reaches its climax, the feud becomes physical. Ryan's dead body falls out. DEAN: No, no, no, no. I think what I'd like to do now is save a couple of kids. Mommie Dearest – April 28, 1980 first draft script by Tracy Hotchner (based on the book “Mommie Deartest” by Chrstina Crawford) – hosted by: The Concluding Chapter Of Crawford – in html format. We'll be back in a few. Hey, what happened here? I might as well be a video camera. BOBBY: Well, we got a location.

Sam and Dean leave.).


SAM: Uh, no, that's not for us. Castiel is sitting next to Sam. EVE: She died to protect you, didn't she? Using a cloth, he lifts its lip, revealing a set of vampire fangs.). Crap, crap. (The phoenix catches an iron nail. We're not about to sign up for an evil bitch. (Sam, Dean, Bobby & Cas walk down the street.

Let's have a look, shall we? MAN #1: I'm not even lying. We're gonna get you out of here, okay? This episode is written by Tim Minear. Standoms. EVE: What exactly o you think I'm doing here? Crap. I hear her voice all the time. They follow blood on the wall which leads them to the cells. Sound good? Turn around. (Through the window they see someone who looks exactly like Ed.).

She looks around, locks the door and breaks off the handles.

LENORE: I'm exactly like them. Basically dead end. LENORE: I'm trying to stay away from her, believe me. What the hell? Did you – did you see anything? You might want to find yourself some ointment. The uncle turns around. EVE: Phoenix ash. That's where he tortures 'em, interrogates 'em, I don't really know. C'mon guys. Gun killed a phoenix today. SHERIFF: Yeah? I have an offer to propose.

If you are having difficulties reading the PDF file on mobile devices, please click on the "download script" button. It's the diner they were in earlier.). We're gonna get you out of those handcuffs.

DEAN: Well, I think your formula might be a little off. We're always adding and looking for more. I fed. This conversation's over. MARSHALL: (splutters) Ed was feeling bad so I took him to the doctor. You do know she could be listening to us right now.

SAM: Marshall, Marshall. There are several dead Eds all over the lounge.). (Nothing happens. Sam struggles. DEAN: What the hell's going on here? BOBBY: (He's found a news story on the iPad.) I had to see if it could slip past hunters undetected, of course.

Does every monster in this town have the motaba virus?

Joe, Ryan and Sam follow. 'ED': What? DEAN: Look. Because you like it that way, and so do we. (Sam sees the security footage – the Sheriff's eyes are glowing. CAS: Eve's at 25 Buckley Street. You discovered it. DEAN: We hop back in time, we join up with Samuel Colt, we hunt the phoenix and then haul its ashes back home. Feud (2017) SAM: Well, you know what? CAS: Then that's not his twin. Little wayward orphan, like yourselves. (Cas faces the Sheriff. I'll do it again. (Cas disappears.). Dean breaks the door open and they burst in, guns ready. (Dean walks out. BOBBY: Well, the Sheriff's a moot, but still. What are you thinking? (He leads them away.). So we can stand here bellyaching or we can go poke that pig 'til he squeals. I need something. EVE: Their power, you simple little monkey. They're all Starships.) Okay. With Eve dead, Cas has his power back. You two stay here and watch the door. So they left. The little kid. (Sam hands Bobby his bag. SAM: Wait, wait, wait, wait. As a result, this version may not be exactly as written in the original script. You know what this means?

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