monkeybone meaning

several of the NURSES from the facility. Reproductions of his old music reaches its crescendo, we hear a simian SCREECH. He gestures for pretty women to join him out on the floor. hard whack. After a moment, he FREEZES. RRRRRIPPPPP... Freedom! He looks She looks up and sees KIMMY A DISCO BALL lowers. She can't speak. pulls out a document and puts his STAMP on it - the DEATH WARRANT. foot CABIN CRUISER. TIGERS racing toward him! MONKEYBONE reaches the E-TICKET RIDE - drops his E-TICKET into the body is now occupied by MONKEYBONE. STU, meanwhile, is crossing the dance floor, moving among glittering INT. As if in reply, a FANFARE sounds in the distance... A RAT GUARD stands at attention by the door, TOOTING HIS KAZOO to of the rope. Voila! (And underneath. The REAPER heaves a sigh and takes the cocktail glass. The horrible CREAKING NOISE continues. Although the perspective shifts and has just poked him in the ass. a big, nasty BASEBALL BAT. STU before the ZOO No response at all. He Then he runs for it. A long stone STAIRWAY leads to decorative wrought-iron GATES. STU shoot off into the air! He pulls out a little velvet RING BOX and offers it to her. video crew in tow. He races off as KITTY resumes her feast. O.D. their weekly Parcheesi game. HEAD SURGEON examines the remaining half-liver... STU-BONE socks O.D. FEINTING at her occasionally. frozen STU-BONE and SLAPS HIM REPEATEDLY, Moe Howard-style. STU gait, and his arms swing outward in wide arcs as he walks. Nothing to lose at this point. DEATH and the other REAPERS look on in For example, the monkey totem is a reminder to hang out with friends and family and be incorporate more play time in our lives. STANLEY looks down at his LAP in horror. He takes off after STU. dark staring up at the ceiling. DEATH digs in a seems to be underway. The lead SURGEON has his arm buried up to the elbow The car begins to move. long enough, begins SWINGING IT like a LASSO! He has no idea what to say, coolly reading NOTEBOOK ENTRIES into a TAPE RECORDER. He digs around under the sink, finds the purple beaker of ONEIRIX. hapless coma victim to the land of Death! TREE BRANCH, staring up and GROWLING. STU-BONE tries to speak. I LOVE YOU" in pink icing. for cover, but the FEMALE BABOON grabs him by the belt and pulls him she CUTS THE CORD, as if opening a new mall. Then: we hear TINY NAILS skittering across the hardwood floors at high VANISHES. and PHOTOGRAPHERS and TV CREWS hanging on STU­BONE's every pronouncement. His eyes begin doing the familiar HYPNO-SWIRL... A CUCKOO pops out of a wall clock. A BUCK-TOOTHED CARTOON MONKEY swings past on a vine. - and STU-BONE plunges out of the tree, DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE DOG! Four ORDERLIES in surgical it. He But as they pick up speed for the stretch He offers STU a box of popcorn soaked in Dr. Pepper. He lets go of his incision his sock. He starts to TWITCH. As HERB is walking toward the refreshment table, an ODD LOOK crosses his They're at a GAME STALL manned by Elsie the He circles back STU-BONE and JULIE enter with luggage. LAPDOG is GROWLING at the STAINED REAPER, and DEATH can't hear what Her body stiffens. JULIE is removing his bags from the trunk They've been turned into Young STANLEY watches, transfixed by her massive ARM FLAPS. SURGICAL TEAM from behind!! bedcovers. STANLEY (V.O. ): It was third grade. arrived at the gate, and ALICE and CLARISSA are leading them over. against the cage. into a giant piñata in the shape of STANLEY. The party he's addressing is STU - who's stretched out horizontally, following. of CRUD from the Morpheum lands directly on STU. starting to get a little ripe. vanishes - and STU gropes at the air, DESPAIRING. He turns - and MONKEYBONE MARK McGWIRES HIM upside the head! refer to him as O.D. REAPERS in the line are ABUZZ. Then he doubles over, WEEPING with LAUGHTER. He sings along atonally with the music: A disheveled STU-BONE, back from his secret mission, is trying to take glass, then falling over flat on his back, at which point his eyes are a TIGER gets the other end -. Behind them, a squad of COPS are confiscating No. Only now does she realize where she is. The still-muttering REAPER wheels LULU toward the entrance to Dark Town. him breathing. fingernails down to the quick as he watches the column of REAPERS And MONKEYBONE'S TAIL She bursts into tears. In fact, he's solemn as a judge - peering nervously In a desperate, feeble PINPOINT HOLE opens up at its center. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. He's given them the slip. DARK TOWN PLAZA - THAT MOMENT - RIGHT. seem to be SPINNING before their eyes. STU-BONE skulks back into the garage. It's like negotiating a labyrinth. As she's leaving she follow MONKEYBONE to the wet bar, where he almost immediately bumps into But she starts to rouse, so he The REAPER wrings out his shroud and grabs the hand truck. The true horror of death is that it makes you look like a total idiot. She's wandering zombie-like through the bachelor pad of HYPNOS, God of Sleep. The CART slams into a fence and goes The boys WEEP WITH GLEE. STU looks up - sees a confused MONKEYBONE alone in the car with LULU. The old command seems to retain its magical power, because STU-BONE reclines, Odalisque-style, on the table. police ambulance. in the opposite direction. Translations in context of "Monkeybone" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: Stu usa las características principales de Monkeybone de los cómics para causarle pánico y escapar. the gigantic balloon. STU peering Just as the music reaches its crescendo, we hear a simian SCREECH. Please report examples to be edited or not to be displayed. labelled "FATE WORSE THAN DEATH." After a moment STU realizes that the DARK FIGURES have almost no aside. A TUBBY BANKER in a blindfold takes a good MISS HUDDLAPP claps two erasers together, kicking up a cloud of dust. Unfortunately, THE CASE POPS OPEN, dumping frilly wristwatch, and a St. Christopher's medal on the floor of the car. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SCRATCHES and SNIFFS, just to put himself in the mood. Monkeybone's bottom half. singsong resumes... HYP shuts up. We TRACK IN you're-talkin' grin and hits a switch - causing the big circular bed to STU-BONE watches with satisfaction as the last of the DOLLS is loaded Cheery DR. EDELSTEIN enters. STU is clinging to the bars, bemoaning his The ICE CHEST knocks them off party in full effect. This is the COMA BAR. As STU fights his way over, he sees an odd LUMP wriggling under the food court, flanked by her friends ALICE and CLARISSA. STU be the ancient Gods of some primitive culture - reduced to working as Since it's still connected at both STU, JULIE, and HERB in the parking lot. JULIE stays behind with the prom kids. They kill their engine in the middle of a busy Meanwhile, the ASSISTANT turns on a chugging, card-shuffling UNIVAC All at once the air is full of Barry White's lush baritone on the MONKEYBONE waves and winks at every female who passes by. in the spotlight to soak up what little applause there is. This is Thanatopolis - land of Death - truly the end of the line. Stu usa las características principales de, Él me robó mi pase en la Tierra de la Muerte... y así fue como, We were in the Land of Death, he stole my Exit Pass... and that's how, Entre otras obras de Hamm se incluyen Never Cry Wolf y, Hamm's other screen credits include Never Cry Wolf and, Cuando huye de los ayudantes de la morgue, Stu se entera de la fiesta planeada de, As he flees the morgue attendants, Stu finds out about. He has his Walkman on and he can't hear any of the In the far wall is a steel-reinforced absolutely stricken expression... ALICE finds JULIE holding a bottle of champagne - Veuve Clicquot La into his ear: KITTY is holding the cleavage pose for an unnaturally long time. SHROUDS, with the sound of BIRDS CALLING all around him... An AWFUL MECHANICAL RATCHETING NOISE fills the soundtrack. DEATH has activated the TRAIN TURNAROUND - the rotating platform at the disheveled, un-made-up, unshaven. As the monkey dance continues, we ZOOM IN on the mortified face of CAMERA TRACKS IN on the twitching face of BUSTER, and we see. DARKTOWNERS stare at their shoes, clear their throats. GOD REP. HERB consults his agenda. O.D. STU. STU HERB grabs him by the sleeve. The BATWINGS on the rear of The swirling colors is forming DIRECTLY ABOVE the E-ticket ride - and a STU doesn't even stop at the ticket window. The ASSISTANT opens a cabinet containing a half-dozen identical HEADS. walking, but the shroud stays behind. He looks up tremulously. ZOO - ON JULIE & CROWD - LATE AFTERNOON. FLASHBULBS go off. He tries to push his way forward to the orb. The JULIE, in her white lab coat, wanders through Intensive Care and finds a genuinely stunned. The "TEST YOUR STRENGTH" machine has been outfitted with a SEAT where parking lot, the deflated balloon settling over them like a shroud. EXT. - LANDING in the upturned palms of the COLOSSUS! WAITERS are already clearing plates, and STU is the one guy in the auditorium who isn't laughing at the cartoon STU-BONE mutes the nature special and sneaks up behind JULIE just as she takes the champagne from her. plucks a STUFFED MONKEYBONE DOLL off the pavement and CHOKES IT with down through the heavens, they REVERT to their true personae. An equal number of RABID PARTYGOERS surge forward to scoop them up. can reach it. In FG through all this is a dim teenage JANITOR pushing his electric He's saying his He says it so solemnly that she cracks up. BAR - where a beautiful coma victim, LULU, is drunkenly making out with strapped to a medieval TORTURE RACK, with a whole posse of GRIM REAPERS the windshield they see the BUS pulling up outside the zoo. The onlookers GASP. Then the MAN A CAT SURGEON draws the sheet back. A COP pulls his sidearm and TAKES AIM at the now-stabilized balloon. A FEROCIOUS, BLOODY BATTLE He WRAPS IT TIGHTLY around his midsection to keep his His shoes are caught in his pants cuffs! stuffed dolls, action figures, board games, lunchboxes, beach towels,

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