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Ouch. I honestly dont know how the new pairing will fit. The very same thing happened for LotBS as well. She reminds him of his promise to make her the queen, but Minister Jung immediately raises his sword to her neck. The female lead is indeed insane (in a good way). This is on my list because of Joo Won but I had to drop it. I thought she quit acting. I confess I must agree with them. i agree that she does not look as regal as PMY. My kind of botanical eyecandy. He smiles and tells her that soon, the world will fear him more than the heavens. A voice calls for her orabeoni, and Gyun Woo turns to find his younger sister, GYUN HEE (Jung Da-bin). He explains how he got the the name: “do” for the ceramic, “mi” for the collapse, and “no” for the wave. The vomit scene gag lasted a tad too long, and I'm not a fan of belching/vomiting/farting as comedy so I cringed throughout the scene. FAQ | I believe he found her drunk,passed out (asleep) and when he tried to help she vomited on him. Oooh...I wasn't aware that LotBS wasn't well like by Knetz. It is far to messy for me and they seems to overact a lot. If this is live in shooting, there is always a chance for the change, but since this is pre-produced, I don't know if it right to hope the costume will be better. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. I was hoping for a light and breezy watch like MDBC but this is too weird for my taste. I just can't understand many things that she done. XD. appId : '127538621120543', The backstory was interesting, just to get an idea of the political powers at play. Hyemyeong says that freedom and playing are important and fitting for the prince’s age, but Queen Park says that the prince is too important for those things when he’s the heir to the throne. At first, I thought the sageuk element was too weird for an adaptation, but I’m pretty pleased with the result, because it really does stand on its own. I must be getting too old. He clearly loves the attention and walks off with a woman on each arm. But then, the drunk princess wakes up, and from her perspective, she sees a man in his undergarments trying to pull at her hanbok tie, so she punches him square in the face. I did not like MSG the movie. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . He offers the child to the king and reveals that the queen died while giving birth to the nation’s successor, the royal son. PMY wears hanbok extremely well, and she did PS too, so I don't think PS is the main or only problem. ;-). I don't know what they were thinking while other sageuk dramas (MDBC, Ruler, 7 Day queen - from promo pics at least) attempt to make the most beautiful hanboks! I thought this would be a light fun sageuk (like first few episodes of Moonlight) but this also seems to be a political one. It still has good things too. The episodes gave me lots of whiplash moments. because fundamentally, the two characters are different. I'm watching this mainly for him. Gyun Woo soon finds himself in a relationship he didn't ask for, but soon unable to forget this sassy girl. Contact | Was surprised he had to speak so many lines. Then, the loyal warrior arrives with the baby strapped to his body, and the soldiers surround him as he approaches the king. Like @boomboompow said, there were some other actors have been criticised for a quite similar character, regardless good actors or not. I thought I was the only one which thought that it was kinda gross. She overacted and I cringed watching her most of the time. SOGC - I thought she was fine. I’m looking forward to more of her comedic chops as well as her dramatic potential — a balance that was showcased nicely in Come Back, Ajusshi. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! I don't think it has something to do with PS, but agree for some actors -I also don't think their look fit for sageuk drama. It gets really bad when she's with Gyunwoo or when she's with her servants. Thank you! Still, he’s thankful for the help and asks the man for his name. At his institution, Gyun Woo’s peers (and the emperor) applauded his lecture, and in the marketplace, the women fought over paintings with Gyun Woo’s face on it. A guard picks up the shoe, and he’s familiar to the bunch — it’s KANG JOON-YOUNG (Lee Jung-shin). One of the charms of the original film was the way in which the motivation for The Girl's outrageous behavior was revealed. I've never seen the original movie the show is based on so maybe my expectations were too high. Jung Woong-In and Kim Byung-Ok are dandy as scheming ministers. I didn't find any of the hi-jinks/comedy funny and the Princess comes off dramatic and annoying to me. drama was fun! I disagree. No, it is only for the dramas that are affected by the new format MBC and SBS are adopting. She suggests the scholar who just returned from his time abroad, but the king says that Gyun Woo is destined to do great work for the nation, not to be the princess’s future partner. Chang-hui’s friends brag about his appointment to a government position, but Gyun Woo loftily responds by praising Chang-hui’s father for pulling the strings for his son, who failed the civil service exam twice, even with a paid proxy. The characters are just so 2000's imo. Since this was preproduced, Dramafever was probably given the episodes before they split them. I haven't seen the eps yet or read the recaps. A contrast to the original Gyun Woo who is lame and hilarious to be dragged around by our Sassy Girl. or You mean knetz panned it but it was loved here? On a dark and stormy night, the ministers of the palace kneel outside of the king’s quarters, pleading for him to take action. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Her hanbok mostly bright and loud but still looks pretty. Looks like they're trying too hard. yeay !! I haven't watched Damo, I tend not to check out dated productions. But it is not that bad, actually. Because without this kind of comments, I already have quite a negative impression about she herself as an actress. appId : '127538621120543', }; Learn more iQIYI Privacy Policy. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page 41,196 Views . ), Has anyone else noticed Olympic Wall-Jumping as the latest women's sport in Joseon-era dramas? For a moment, he stares at her with interest, but then he takes a sniff and gags a little. He tells his friends to drink up as another party rolls up to greet him. Gyun Woo respectfully accepts the advice, and his mother tries to hurry her husband off to work. Copyright © 2020 iQIYI All Rights Reserved. }); Looking forward to more of his scenes. However, both shows could be more similar than they appear. He agrees to follow the king’s orders, and the king looks relieved. Then, the man notices the white powder on Gyun Woo’s face and examines it closely, but Gyun Woo is called to face his charges before he can ask about the mysterious white powder. The Qing costumes reminded me of Fu Manchu, I wonder is this Korea getting back at China? Every time a moment felt marginally romantic, there would be a quick record-scratching moment to follow — a burp, vomit, or stench that would ruin any potential for romantic developments. ;-). }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); This is going to be so much fun! As he walks onward, he spots a jade ring at his feet. Thank you, @dramallama! I think maybe that's why the production chose to go with her as their sassy girl. I haven't had complaint about sageuk costumes for so long, so the cheap looking costumes taken me by surprise tbh. Shaolin temple? But from what I understand from your comment, it seems like they made 'My Sassy Boy' ; the opposite version of the original movie. this episode was just its tone. I will only forgive her for her behavior if it's part of some grand plan to keep her enemies at bay or protect those she loves. Region :China Mainland. AKA: Yeopgijeogin geunyeo, Bizarre Girl My Sassy Girl, Yupgi Girl, My Sassy Girl [ECHiZEN], Ryôkiteki na kanojo. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. Oh Yeon Seo was awesome in Comeback Mister, and without her, I think CBA could be boring and maybe less ppl will watch it. - Yeah. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Admins, If you want to be pernament logged-in, check in form. I'm gonna stick with Fight My Way for my Mon-Tue drama. ), and less assault and battery. And as much as I love Oh Yeon-seo, the princess is not doing it for me. I supposed it was because it was planned before THAAD. Agreed on hanbok comments! It wasn't because of YAI, just couldn't connect with the drama. I didn't really expect to like this drama and I just haven't really connected with any kdramas for awhile so I just watched it to see what it was like. He approves with a smug look. Wow! I think yes. I’m arguing on both sides here, but in the end, it’s a fine balance. Her servant freaks out and says that he will punish the pervert himself, but then he realizes that he can’t, because he needs to keep the princess’s outing a secret. But I don't think my withdrawing strength will be enough to avoid this one. Be the first one to write a review. But what did you think about all the pop culture references? Maybe it's low budget... although I thought the teasers were well done. Every time someone came out with a bright hanbok colors or wrongly matched colors, I had to calm myself down, seriously, I might throw up like the princess if they keep forcing those colors down my throat. I'd blame the script and the PD's emphasis on recycling and dragging out the dated slapsticks and concepts. The following My Sassy Girl (SBS) Episode 1 English SUB has been released. Oh yes, and the finely dressed Pekingese! }; I liked the beginning even though it's the direct opposite of romcom LOL. It describes the meeting of Kyun-woo (Cha) and an unnamed girl. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I remember Kim Yoo Jung has the prettiest tiny eyebrow in Moonlight with the nicest shade of light brown/grey. Minister Jung asks the king about his decision regarding Prince Chuseong, and the king has decided to charge the prince for treason.

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