nct jaehyun personality analysis

SEVENTEEN‘s DK had also mentioned that Jaehyun was extremely handsome back in high school. – He was born in Seoul, South Korea – He was part of the Predebut Group SMRookies. If you have good friends and hyungs, they’ll teach you a lot~ Of course it won’t be a problem for you… Also, you have to be actively involved~, Have a safe trip to Australia~ Let’s send emails~. Netizens agreed that they believe Jaehyun is particularly loved by the people around him for his caring and thoughtful personality. Also, there are many staff members who ignore idols’ greetings. – Wouldn’t switch bodies with anyone (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party) Cosmetic Stores Remove Red Velvet Irene’s CLINIQUE Model Pictures Following Her Recent Controversy, Super Junior’s Heechul Blasts A Hater On Instagram, Exposing The Nasty DMs He Received, 5 Times TWICE’s Sana And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Off Their #BFFGoals Chemistry, Former iKON Member B.I Deletes His Instagram Apology Post And Updates Fans With Brand New Pictures, BLACKPINK Jokingly Reveal The “Drawback” Of Being With Each Other All The Time, These Are The 17 Top Trending K-Pop Albums On Gaon Right Now, BTS’s Jin Once Tried To “Expose” V For His Sleeping Habits, But It Ended Up Backfiring, BLACKPINK Reveal Some Of The Things They Learned While Attending An Arts And Performance School, KARD’s BM Gives A Shoutout To IZ*ONE For Their Heartwarming Action, 6 Random Facts About TWICE’s Talented Bunny Nayeon That Everyone Should Know, BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Why She Sometimes Misses Her Trainee Days, These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular K-Pop Idol Groups In Korea Right Now, 4 Stories About BTS’s Suga That Will Melt Your Heart, BTS’s “Dynamite” Has Broken A New Record For K-Pop On Canada’s Radio Charts, Here’s How 5 Male Idols Styled Their Favorite Flannels For The Fall, These Are The Top 5 Most-Streamed Songs By Eight K-Pop Companies, “I love him so much and how sincere he is.”, “He’s well-mannered and sensible…the type who has been raised really well.”, “People often become fans because he’s good-looking and good at his job but his personality is real.

If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. – Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts. In fact, JBJ‘s Hyunbin referred to him as a “superstar” of their school. The review was posted by a staff of the 2016 Asia Song Festival along with a few photos as proof of their identity.. Originally posted by yongs. – Jaehyun is the member who has the best alcohol tolerance, up to 3 bottles of Soju. NCT Jaehyun’s Past Classmates Reveal Proof Of His True Personality. She said he couldn’t be more kind and handsome. – Jaehyun and Haechan used to be roommates.

Thank you for the key chain too. – NCT U Line-ups he was apart of: The 7th Sense, Without You, Timeless, Boss, New Dream, New Love, Coming Home – His favorite color is White. – His motto: “To become someone big” I don’t know the spelling of your English name, so please understand even if it’s wrong… Fighting~!!! Numerous idols who have attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul, an arts high school in Seoul, seem to agree on NCT Jaehyun‘s true character. I’d like to become friends with Jung Jaehyun in Grade 2. Jaehyun Facts: (Weekly Idol ep 347) (When he studied in US, his teacher couldn’t pronounce his real name “Jaehyun”, so the teacher called him simply “Jay”) DIA‘s Chaeyeon once mentioned that Jaehyun was a hard-working student who was also very popular. Someone who is usually calm but can also be cute.

– Strengths: Happy Virus, Cutie – His English name is Jay.

Koreaboo. Those with a powerful agency as a backup don’t usually greet people politely but he was different. – Update: In the new NCT 127 dorm Jaehyun & Jungwoo share a room. The posts he left on online cafes, SNS accounts and private messages have convinced fans that Jaehyun was truly beautiful at heart, as well as extremely well-mannered.

Contact Us, He's among my favorite members in NCT, but not my bias, He is among my least favorite members in NCT. “I couldn’t really approach Jaehyun because he was so handsome.”, With so many compliments from his fellow high school mates – both idols and non-celebrities alike – it seems like Jaehyun was a true superstar since he was in high school! Sitemap – Sub-Unit: NCT U, NCT 127 Jaehyun doesn’t greet the staff just to look good to them. “[Jaehyun] attended class diligently and…and he was very popular among his fellow students.”. – The song that made him wanna become an artist: R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (Apple NCT’s Playlist) – Jaehyun’s sleeping habit is sleeping while hugging the blanket. I think jaehyun is 182 and johny more than 185, Kpop Girl Group Profiles Do you know more facts about him? The review was posted by a staff of the 2016 Asia Song Festival along with a few photos as proof of their identity. Height: 180 cm (5’11″) please keep in mind that he doesn’t have a confirmed birth time, hence why this will be a very brief reading on his astrological chart. (Cup of Coffee Part. – A body secret: Lots of hair Someone who is kind. – He was an MC for the radio show NCT’s Night Night with Johnny. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius This is not a big deal but NCT Dream’s Chenle almost ran into a staff member in the hallway riding the skateboard and Jaehyun told him, “Uh, careful careful.” I guess it’s not a big deal… There’s no doubt about it that he’s really handsome in person but his legs were also really long. Which is your favorite Golden Child ship? NCT Jaehyun And Taeyong’s Awkward Trophy Moment Is Making Everyone Cackle, NCT’s Doyoung And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Surprises With Their Close Friendship, NCT U Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation And Allegedly Mocking Indian Culture, 5 Times TWICE’s Sana And Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Off Their #BFFGoals Chemistry, BTS’s Jin Once Tried To “Expose” V For His Sleeping Habits, But It Ended Up Backfiring, Staff Member’s Recollection Of Yoo Jae Suk’s Behavior On Set Resurfaces In Online Communities, Super Junior’s Heechul Blasts A Hater On Instagram, Exposing The Nasty DMs He Received, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had A Savage Response About Jisoo’s Height, 6 Of BTS Suga’s Best “Back In My Day” Stories, 4 Stories About BTS’s Suga That Will Melt Your Heart, TWICE’s Mina Has Reached A New Level Of Unreal Beauty, According To K-Netizens, BTS Jungkook’s Added A Personal Touch To His Gift For ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki, SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Reaction To TXT Soobin’s Height Is Hilariously Priceless. Irene (Red Velvet) vs Jennie (BlackPink) vs Kyulkyung (ex Pristin). NCT Yuta: Personality/Brief Natal Chart Reading. On top of that, his good looks made me come home and search about him and be more interested. I just think he has an amazing personality that I wished people would talk about more. Feel free to comment below. – GOT7‘s Bambam & Yugyeom, BTS‘s Jungkook, Seventeen‘s The8, Mingyu, DK,  NCT‘s Jaehyun and Astro‘s Cha Eunwoo (the ’97 liners) are in a group chat. News.

But I can’t approach him. Someone healthy and into sports. Quiz: Can you guess the idol by their birthday? I like Jaehyun (NCT) for his personality, not his looks. Jaehyun (NCT) Profile: Jaehyun Facts; Jaehyun’s Ideal Type Stage Name: Jaehyun (재현) Birth Name: Jung Jae Hyun, but he legalized to Jung Yoon Oh (정윤오) Birthday: February 14, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 180 cm (5’11″) Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: @_jeongjaehyun Jaehyun Facts: – He was born in Seoul, South […] and he's pretty tall i'm pretty jealous of his body This is actually quite surprising because there are so many rookies who don’t greet people at all. When leaving, he also continued to bow to each staff and thank them for their work (the only idol I saw doing this was Jaehyun).

– Jaehyun and Seventeen’s DK went to the same school. I was really surprised at your sudden plans to go to Australia.

Disclaimer P.S. – He also appeared on the “Micky Mouse Show” prior debuting. Originally posted by haenyan. WinWin (WayV) Profile and Facts; WinWin’s Ideal Type, Ten (WayV) Profile and Facts; Ten’s Ideal Type. Not only was he a beauty on the outside…. #nct #nct127 #nctjaehyun. A review about NCT‘s Jaehyun written by a staff member of an event that NCT participated in has resurfaced and convinced fans about Jaehyun’s true character. – He is good at swimming. – His favorite season is Spring. I like you.”. He makes people feel safe, I’m thinking back to when he picked up on how uncomfortable Winwin was during their watch-party of Simon Says and that one time they were shooting the NCT yearbook. Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) In fact, other people who have met Jaehyun have also become fans after meeting him in person. Kpop Polls

Instagram: @_jeongjaehyun. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. Boy Group Opinion. i know only that he's the main vocal of nct and he can sing very well (that's enough 2 me to stan him) and he was born as Jaehyun but changed it to Yoon Oh (yuno kekkekekekkek) and now his stage name is jaehyun so he's jaehyun again. This great image of Jaehyun was only confirmed when numerous idols talked about him on radio broadcasts. Kpop Facts (2 O’Clock Escape Clutwo Show) The other members greet people well too but Jaehyun greets people who he met even just a second ago again and again.

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