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The news initiative was most important to Nexstar as proof of a concept the company hopes to build on significantly in the coming years. Nielsen has always provided clients with impressions and they are the foundation for all of our calculations,” the company said. Smart TV sets have made it much easier in many regions for viewers to access local broadcast channels the old-fashioned way while still seamlessly switching between local outlets and apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

That could involve everything from hyper-local news and weather updates to supporting addressable advertising technologies.

Ion stations are typically low profile in their markets, but the company as a whole enjoys massive profit margins (upwards of 50%) by running acquired drama reruns (think “Blue Bloods,” “Law & Order,” “Criminal Minds,” “Chicago, P.D.”), movies, court shows and other low-cost fare. Fox Corp. has cut a deal with Nexstar Media Group to acquire three stations in Seattle and Milwaukee for $350 million.

Symson and Nexstar’s Compton emphasize the importance of looking to fill programming voids in the marketplace and to attract distinct niches. The need to know unique audience is critical to the marketplace.”. And Nexstar has been working with Comscore for a year on technology that will allow it to deliver measures of both linear and digital audiences, says Busch.

Carriage disputes are becoming increasingly common in the pay television space. At an unsettled time for broadcast TV, the biggest independent groups — including Nexstar Media, Sinclair Broadcast Group and E.W.

Scripps — are increasingly trying to generate new profit sources by using local news and programming assets in innovative ways. Station owners are looking to capitalize on the fallout from cord-cutting, which has swelled the number of American households that watch free over-the-air TV without a cable subscription. That bundle is losing 6%-8% of its subscribers a year.

Without this move, says Busch, “you’d be stuck where you are currently, which is selling separate ‘thousands’ for all your digital and non-linear products, and selling ratings for your TV products. With the new data, the delivery of which is part of the company’s contract with the measurement service, “we are able to aggregate, de-duplicate and sell one set of eyeballs. “These [stations] have got to figure out a way to slow that loss of reach by growing in other areas,” Janedis says. Moreover, bigger and healthier station groups by definition have more clout to negotiate affiliation terms with ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW. He added: “Advertisers want to reach as many people as possible through as many resources as we have available, and the buying process needs to get easier.”. After years of buying and selling, the nation’s largest TV station groups have become local leviathans that own dozens of outlets across the country. That’s prompting networks, stations, media buyers and technology firms to ramp up efforts to provide new kinds of counting metrics.

Scripps Co. bought Ion Media, a TV station owner based in West Palm Beach, Fla., for $2.65 billion in cash. When a company says ‘I want to reach your viewers,’ which happen to be their consumers, we are of service to the advertiser to the fullest extent of what we can provide.”. Web-based video is often sold based on audience impressions, rather than the ratings that have long dominated talk about how much commercial time in a TV show is worth. We need to get better at doing and transacting business. But it hasn’t been a huge financial risk for the station group, given that much of the material is derived from work already done at the local level. Journalism and Social Media by Matthew Keys. Those disputes tend to focus on financial terms in exchange for a platform’s right to carry certain channels, though they occasionally center around requirements to carry popular networks alongside other less-desired channels. Last month, Cincinnati-based E.W. Like “News Nation,” Sinclair’s still-untitled 6-9 a.m. program will draw on news and human interest stories produced across Sinclair’s wide footprint. Scripps intends to keep things status quo with Ion, which generated revenue of $587 million and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of $335 million.

They’re trying to benefit from better retrans negotiations and better negotiations with networks. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. The company, which bought Tribune Media in September for $4.1 billion, has become the biggest operator of local TV stations – many of which are affiliates of NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC in small and medium-sized U.S. markets.

Making those investments is hard at a time when local TV advertising has been hammered by fallout from the pandemic, although the record political dollars that are raining down this election cycle underscore why investors still like local TV, with all of its challenges. Read Next: Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Fantastic’ Condition Following Heart Surgery, Lester Holt Gets Ready to Take ‘Nightly News’ Viewers ‘Across America’, Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Opus Moreschi Elevated at CBS’ ‘Late Show’, ABC News Elevates Derek Medina to Executive VP, expressed a desire to stop using TV ratings in advertising discussions, said it had begun pressing Madison Avenue, which bought Tribune Media in September for $4.1 billion, Jerry Jeff Walker, Singer-Songwriter Known for ‘Mr.

At least two Nexstar-owned ABC stations — Erie station WJET (Channel 24) and Nashville station WKRN (Channel 2) — have confirmed the possible loss of their local signal on Hulu’s Live TV service. Nexstar Is The Star Of TV Station Groups. Nor are there many high-value stations left up for grabs after more than a decade of steady wheeling and dealing toward regional consolidation among station owners.

Last month, the TVB, the trade organization that represents more than 800 TV stations and TV broadcast groups, said it had begun pressing Madison Avenue to start using viewer impressions as a base for striking ad deals.

Station owners are also chasing bigger advertising deals with inventory that can be sold on a quasi-national basis. “We wanted to sell all platforms, indiscrimiately of where our viewers are found, whether they are on their tablet, on their desktop, on their television, on their mobile device or whatever may be to come,” Busch told Variety in an interview.
“News Nation” was designed to play to WGN America and Nexstar’s stronghold of viewers in the Southeast and Northeast who are in the market for straightforward headlines, not opinion shows, as the Big Three news cablers deliver in primetime. “With the increase of cross platform campaigns, stations are looking to use impressions rather than percentages for comparability across platforms. Sinclair is planning a headline-driven morning news program to debut early next year on more than 60 of the company’s 190 stations that will originate from Sinclair’s WJLA-TV Washington, D.C., station. Among some station owners and executives, there’s a feeling that relying on impressions will help lure more national advertisers, who may be looking to place commercials for fast-food restaurants and retail-sales events in the best-watched programming in a particular local market. All of that protects their cash flow.”. Even Fox’s O&O group has taken to recycling some locally produced programs mixed with a handful of originals for the ad-supported streaming service Fox Soul, aimed at Black viewers. Nexstar, the nation's largest owner of TV stations, intends to drop the use of traditional TV ratings as the basis for advertising deals.

The pact also calls for Fox to sell two of its stations in Charlotte, N.C., to…

The streaming cable television alternative began telling viewers on Thursday that their local CBS station was not available due to a dispute with Nexstar Media Group over terms to carry the channels. Nexstar is poised to become the nation’s largest TV station owner, if it can gain regulatory approval to acquire Tribune Media.
Starting about fifteen years ago, a handful of companies including Nexstar, Sinclair, Tegna, and Gray Television competed to buy up independent stations and media companies. If you'd like to show your support for The Desk, share this article with your followers or consider making a donation in any amount.

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