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Korea has been always on the top of our bucket list. [345] North Korea connects with the Trans-Siberian Railway through Rajin. Hangul remains the preferred script in North Korea, as well as in neighboring South Korea. In September 1946, South Korean citizens rose up against the Allied Military Government. ", Hayes, Peter, and Roger Cavazos. Pyongyang is the country's capital and largest city. The Korean language is the official and national language of North Korea, as well as its immediate neighbor, South Korea. Both governments consider themselves to be the legitimate government of the whole of Korea. Conversely, the South Korean word for “Korea”, Hanguk (한국; 韓國), is not used in North Korea. Alek's fluency in South Korean and his many years of residing in South Korea means that Tongil Tours can provide an unparallelled experience -- thank you Tongil Tours! [101][102] Its role is to deliberate and decide the work on defense building of the State, including major policies of the State; and to carry out the directions of the Chairman of the commission, Kim Jong-Un. [135] While visiting North Korea in 1979, journalist Bradley Martin wrote that nearly all music, art, and sculpture that he observed glorified "Great Leader" Kim Il-sung, whose personality cult was then being extended to his son, "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il. ", "Kim Yong Nam Visits 3 ASEAN Nations To Strengthen Traditional Ties", "Country Reports on Terrorism: Chapter 3 – State Sponsors of Terrorism Overview", "Trump declares North Korea 'sponsor of terror, "Read the full text of the Trump-Kim agreement here", "Trump-Kim summit was cut short after North Korea demanded an end to all sanctions", "Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un in DMZ; steps onto North Korean soil", "REPORT TO THE SIXTH CONGRESS OF THE WORKERS' PARTY OF KOREA ON THE WORK OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE", US State Department country profile on North Korea, "Factbox – North, South Korea pledge peace, prosperity", "North Korea: a deadly attack, a counter-strike – now Koreans hold their breath", "US warns North Korea of increased isolation if threats escalate further", "South Korea's likely next president warns the U.S. not to meddle in its democracy", "Koreas make nuclear pledge after summit", "North Korea's Kim says to scrap missile sites, visit Seoul", "Report: Torture, starvation rife in North Korea political prisons", "Concentrations of Inhumanity (p. 40–44)", "Survey Report on Political Prisoners' Camps in North Korea (p. 58–73)", "North Korea: Catastrophic human rights record overshadows 'Day of the Sun, "Images reveal scale of North Korean political prison camps", "Report on political prisoners in North soon", "Torture in North Korea: Concentration Camps in the Spotlight", "The Hidden Gulag – Exposing Crimes against Humanity in North Korea's Vast Prison System", "North Korea: UN Commission documents wide-ranging and ongoing crimes against humanity, urges referral to ICC", "Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea", North Korean human rights abuses recall Nazis, says UN inquiry chair, "Human Rights Groups Call on UN Over N.Korea Gulag", "North Korean women suffer serious sexual violence by authorities, report says", KCNA Assails Role Played by Japan for UN Passage of "Human Rights" Resolution against DPRK, KCNA Refutes U.S. Anti-DPRK Human Rights Campaign, "North Korea: Freedom of Movement, Opinion and Expression", "Outside World Turns Blind Eye to N. Korea's Hard-Labor Camps", "North Korea: A case to answer – a call to act", "Subcommittee on International Human Rights, 40th Parliament, 3rd session, February 1, 2011: Testimony of Ms. Hye Sook Kim", International Institute for Strategic Studies, "North Korea is fully fledged nuclear power, experts agree", "How far can North Korean missiles travel? Part 2 coming soon! [279], North Korea shares the Korean language with South Korea, although some dialectal differences exist within both Koreas. The positive relationship between Tongil Tours and the tour company in North Korea was very obvious. Soju liquor is the best-known traditional Korean spirit. [71][72][73] On 9 October 2006, North Korea announced it had conducted its first nuclear weapons test. [84] In April, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un met at the DMZ, and, in the Panmunjom Declaration, pledged to work for peace and nuclear disarmament. In South Korea, the South Korean language is known as Hangugeo, not Chosŏnŏ, as it is in the North. [408][409], North Korean media are under some of the strictest government control in the world. South Korea continued to follow the 1933 directive as well as its succeeding amendment. It possesses nuclear weapons. According to the Constitution of North Korea, there are officially three main branches of government. [88] For example, the song, "We Will Go To Mount Paektu" sings in praise of Kim Jong-un and describes a symbolic trek to the mountain. [210] Courts carry out legal procedures related to not only criminal and civil matters, but also political cases as well. [370] Cellular coverage is available with a 3G network operated by Koryolink, a joint venture with Orascom Telecom Holding. If foreign words are essential, the North Koreans tend to borrow from the Russian language. [407] Western films like The Interview, Titanic, and Charlie's Angels are just a few films that have been smuggled across the borders of North Korea, allowing for access to the North Korean citizens. [348] Eighty-two airports[349] and 23 helipads[350] are operational and the largest serve the state-run airline, Air Koryo. [272] Quality of medical care varies significantly by region[273] and is often low, with severe shortages of equipment, drugs and anesthetics. Barnes, Thompson & Brown Suite 703, Level 7 The Trust Building, 155 King Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

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