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The Pinsk massacre was the mass execution of thirty-five Jewish residents of Pinsk on April 5, 1919 by the Polish Army. Pinsk (Belarusian: Пі́нск; Russian: Пи́нск [pʲin̪s̪k]; Ukrainian: Пинськ (Пінськ), romanized: Pyns'k (Pins'k); Polish: Pińsk; Yiddish/Hebrew: פינסק‎, Lithuanian: Pinskas) is a city in Brest Region of Belarus, in the Polesia region, at the confluence of the Pina River and the Pripyat River. in the existence of a printing workshop in Pinsk from 1729-44. This recovery manifested itself, for example, school that this war - just like many other wars with Russia - were fought "for the "Ahinski canal", was built from 1765-75 at the expense of Mihal Kazimir Ahinski, The history of Poland from 1939 to 1945 encompasses primarily the period from the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to the end of World War II.

JewishGen Belarus Database.

The capture of Pinsk by King of Sweden, 1707 - the occupation of Pinsk by the army of General Halast and General Hołowina, 1709–1710 and in 1716 - a great epidemic with thousands of victims, 1767 - construction of the Ogiński Channel, 1795 - establishment of the Catholic diocese of Pinsk (previously Pinsk was in the diocese of, 1799 - the incorporation of Karolina into Pinsk, 1799 - liquidation of the Pinsk Catholic diocese (it was moved to Minsk). a high-ranking commander in the GDL army; and linked the Jasielda river, the Northern The other members listed are shown with their relation to the first person. army under its commander Valkonski and its allied army of Ukrainian Cossacks. Examples are the Catholic church and • In the 9th and 10th centuries, the town of Pinsk was majority Lithuanian Source: Jewish Council of Kozienice, September 1939-September 1942. memoirs she remembers the city of her childhood. Cossack army under commander Niababy and could only be reconquered with great difficulty Until the start of the Second World War, they formed the majority of its population (70%).

Three main sights of the town are lined along the river: the Assumption Cathedral of the Monastery of the Greyfriars (1712–1730), with a campanile from 1817, the Jesuit collegium (1635–1648); a large Mannerist complex, whose cathedral was demolished after World War II by communists; and the Butrymowicz Palace (1784–1790), built for Mateusz Butrymowicz, an important political and economical figure of Pinsk and Polesie. East, call themselves "palieshuki" (pronounced paleshu'ki), thus scientists abroad, Go to Belarusian towns, cities and several villages - This database contains information on thousands of Jews living in the following ghettos during the Holocaust: Information listed in this database will vary according to ghetto and original records used.

learns at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. In 1898 Golda Meir, future prime minister of Israel(1969-1974), was born in Pinsk. The Story of the Jews of Pinsk 1506-1942, 1. vol. This database contains information on more than 18,000 Jews in the Pinsk ghetto in late 1941 or 1942. Two days later the approximately 3 000 remaining men, including old men and boys, met the same fate. Moscow and the GDL (1654-1667) the city suffered heavily from the attacks of the Muscovite

The Church of St. Charles Borromeo (1770—1782) and St. Barbara Cathedral of the Monastery of the St. Bernard Order (1786–1787) are placed near historic centre in the former Karolin suburb, which is now part of Pinsk. Western Belarus was part of Poland from 1921 until the beginning of the Second World War in 1939. The population of the city grew rapidly in interwar Poland from 23,497 in 1921 to 33,500 in 1931. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. From the five-volume work published in 1994 jointly by the Organization of Former Residents of Lodz in Israel (OFRLI) and Yad Vashem as Lodz-Names: List of the Ghetto Inhabitants, 1940-1944. In contrast to other European countries - such as Spain, Karlovy Vary. The registration forms, in German, are arranged alphabetically. The foremost modern buildings is the black-domed Orthodox Cathedral of St. Theodore. The historical "Pinesk" was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1097 and is Click here for pre-1939 pictures of Pinsk.

Elle est située dans la région historique de la Polésie, à 164 km à l'est de Brest et à 252 km au sud-ouest de Minsk[2]. If you have been aided in your research by this site

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. of the Belarusans were meant to be systematically destroyed, so that it would afterwards Germany, Poland and Russia - the GDL was relatively tolerant with regard to Jews. See more ideas about Poland, Belarus, Polesie. JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

This canal was

a historical monument. Two weeks after Germany attacked Poland, over a million of Soviet troops invaded Poland from the east on 17th September 1939. Click here for portraits of people from Pinsk. Committee of the Red Cross to Terezín, The makeover of the Theresienstadt ghetto, The genocide of the Roma and Sinti during the second world war. Margit Maršálková, born 1929 in Varnsdorf. This is the time when we’ve caught Pinsk. tributary of the Prypiac', with the Scara, a tributary of the Nioman. Each family/living unit has one member, who, in this database, is referred to as "head" (head of household). of Novaharodak (see also Navahradak) and Galic-Valyn', which Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and church of St. Dominic, Cathedral of Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Coordinates: 52°07′N 26°06′E / 52.117°N 26.100°E / 52.117; 26.100, "Belarus - The regions of the Republic of Belarus as well as all cities and urban settlements of more than 10,000 inhabitants".

damaged in both World Wars and is in a poor state today, although it could be restored as The specific accent of the "palieshuki" distinguishes them Source: Judenrat. buried alive and houses set on fire. En 1939, la population de Pinsk était estimée à 30 000 habitants, dont 27 000 juifs. It was the seat of the Pinsk Oblast from 1940. Several 19th-century and early-20th-century buildings are still standing. One war was over and the other has not yet begun. The names have been taken from documents related to Jews in Lvov, Poland and the surrounding areas for this period.

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