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The group was forced to scatter when the Grunts sent their Muk to attack, causing Whitley and Roxie to get separated from the others. Pokémon Let's Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Shes got a lot of personality, and it is displayed both in the video games and the anime. Whitney proclaimed that she would win the race for Mary, as Gold told her to stop bragging. Team Rocket tried to escape, and were blasted off once more by Miltank's Rollout. During the Trainers' School graduation ceremony, Whitley was informed by Blake that he'd be leaving Unova to go on another mission under a different identity. Whitley is 4'11" (150 cm) tall and weighs 94 lbs (43 kg). Whitney is an athletic and lithe young lady. Whitney appears in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver as the Leader of the Goldenrod Gym. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, Rood appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the Colress Machine's effect. [3], She, along with Morty, were mentioned by Lyra, who was unable to decide whom to challenge next for her third Johto badge.[4]. Johto's Whitney is quite the interesting Pokémon Gym Leader, and there are likely many things you don't know about her. Whitney orders another Rollout, which heads straight for Totodile. Goldenrod City

After battling through several Grunts, Whitley and Blake arrived at Kyurem's chamber and destroyed it, only to find it empty. Before they do anything, Whitley and Hugh were alerted to the Plasma Frigate, a flying ship that used a cannon to freeze several buildings and civilians in an instant. The next day in class, Blake dragged Whitley to Route 20 so they could search for supplies for the cultural festival that haven't arrived yet due to powerful winds in the area. Whitney is an interesting gym leader because of her fun choice of typing and the way she acts towards her Pokémon. Whitney decided to open her Gym and battle Ash. Her Miltank went to attack with Rollout, but was defeated by Starmie's Hyper Beam and Flash. Players should be careful not to let their male Pokémon get attracted to hers because it's very difficult to fight when they are infatuated. After Team Plasma was defeated by Black and his allies, Whitley, her mother, and several other Grunts decided to flee N's Castle to avoid arrest. She definitely isn't mean and this helps her become more in sync with Pokémon. She's to the far left of the 6th floor. After explaining the events with Oak, Gold claimed that he had to keep this mission a secret, and Oak begged him to go on the mission. Whitney recalled Pryce usually tapped his staff and realized he was sending messages through Morse code. In PS548, Whitley went to speak with Rood, who had been taken into International Police custody. After both Pokémon repeated their attacks, Cyndaquil got defeated. Accelgor's only known move is Acid Spray. Fortunately, Scyther is 4x weak to Rock-type attacks, making it a bit more bearable to face if you have a Geodude or Onix.

He is passionate about writing content that will entertain and share knowledge about his favorite games. Once Hugh returned, N's wounds were healed by Foongy and his body was put onto Reshiram so he could be taken to safety. I loved it haha.

[18], Whitney was lovingly looking at Bruno's poster when Silver's Weavile returned her Plain Badge.[19]. Whitley and the others watched in horror as N's attempt to rescue Ghetsis only resulted in him being beaten and seriously injured. Gold became annoyed that he got sprayed with paint. Teaming up with Gigi again, Whitley, Blake, Black, White, Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, Benga, and Cedric Juniper unleashed a triple Fire, Grass, and Water Pledge combination attack, successfully dousing the flames. Gender:

The baseball bat is a nice touch, one of your best. It was surprising for most players to learn about how Whitney only seems to capture female Pokémon and this is evident based on the creatures on her team. Though she initially refused, Blake convinced her to keep it. Her Pokémon will be renowned as powerful forever because she is an absolutely amazing trainer that knows how to raise Pokémon correctly! Once Whitley had awakened, she was informed of the situation and decided to join her fellow Unova Pokédex holders in stopping Team Plasma. Rood revealed the International Police had been arresting members of the Seven Sages and that the Plasma Frigate is powered by the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem. After facing off against a variety of other teams in the tournament, Team Jigglypuff emerged as the winner. This is not the case during the battle, as she has her ace, Miltank, use Rollout to deflect the attacks and attack the opponent, knowing that move is hard to battle against. Whitney was in shock and remembered something.

To complete her outfit, Whitney wears small white shorts, black socks that reach her shins, and sporty sneakers that match her shirt, albeit with a blue strap and triangle on the sides. When the manager got angry at the two of them, Whitney directly blamed the commotion on Gold, while he did the opposite. They all happen to he cute Pokémon so there's definitely a theme going on in her gym. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. In order to get some answers, Whitley decided to use the Xtransceiver to call her mother. Please read the. She gives the  Plain Badge to Trainers who defeat her in battle. To complete her outfit, Whitney wears small white shorts, black socks that reach her shins, and sporty sneakers that match her shirt, albeit with a blue strap and triangle on the sides. Friends: She has earned this title because she always looks her best which is somewhat rare for a gym leader. When Hugh told the girls to go back to their dorms like Cheren said to, Yuki told him off, one of her comments angering him into attacking. Region: Whitley assured Ghetsis that his schemes would never succeed, stating that even if he were to somehow fool humans into following him, the Pokémon hurt by Team Plasma wouldn't be tricked and would never forgive him.

Karen and Whitney remained behind to watch Gold, Koga, Bruno and Will take on the Circle Push, Block Smash and Goal Roll challenges. Jasmine is still the best Johto girl, though. The heroes were amazed, while Whitney told them that they used some of the milk to make cheese and other dairy products. Whitney wears a white shirt with pink stripes on the sleeves, ends, and down the middle, along with two yellow triangles to the left of her chest. She wondered if Gold had a plan, to which he smiled as he confirmed: his Togebo was launched to use Double-Edge, toppling Dragonite down and defeating it. Whitney's appearance remains unchanged from Gold & Silver arc.

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