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She visits Brian again, tells him the deal is off, and warns him to stay away from her family. Tuğtekin intends to flex his muscles in front of Ertuğrul, and Gökçe decides to play a different game. Henry tells Margaret to leave, saying she has been "dead for decades." After narrowly escaping a tragic fate, Ertuğrul makes a radical plan as time runs out for Şahabettin. The Kayı clan finds an item belonging to Ertuğrul during their search for his traces. [14] The song received a positive reception with MTV's Brad Stern including it in his 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!. Üstadı Azam turns up the heat on his rivals. While in a trance-like state, the Returned of Arcadia all take a morning walk into town, stopping in front of Twain's and looking toward an upstairs window revealed to be Rachael's room. James goes up to talk to Rachael, trying to make her believe that Tom is waiting for them so she will disappear before the baby is born.

The Kayı tribe's fate depends on Turgut. Stockholm, Sweden. Brian meets with the Langstons to discuss his factory investment, and Margaret offers to have dinner with Brian. New York, USA. Rachael agrees to have some fluid extracted, which has Janine concerned. The detainees all return in Arcadia the next day, and James explains to Marty that the poisoning was the only way they could escape the center. İbn Arabi leaves Ertuğrul with a valuable relic. Several of the Returned are coming down with a virus, including Mikey, Deputy Carl's brother. Gündoğdu and Selcan come to blows over her ambitions. Maggie and Marty realize that they need to obtain more fluid but they don't know where Rachael is. Henry takes Margaret to the Langston factory. Alfonso ingratiates himself with Niko as Ertuğrul prepares for an ambush against Ares's men. Watch full episodes of Resurrection and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Each series, a detective focuses on the prime suspect in a murder case; but everyone has something to hide. Created by Aaron Zelman. Ertuğrul finds Saadettin Köpek's connection to Noyan. Atsız confronts Marya, whose true motives come to light. Çolpan follows Helena to the market and recognizes Haçaturyan. Marcus falls for the Kayı tribe's ruse. Saadettin Köpek attempts to manipulate Sungur Tekin and turn opinion against Ertuğrul. The anti-Returned hate is escalating and several citizens of Arcadia, fearing for the safety of their families, relinquish their claims and dump their returned family members in Pastor Tom's church.

When Barbara tells Sheriff Langston that she is staying with Sam Catlin, he changes his mind about the resurrected and traps the couple hundred people who have returned, including Barbara, in the Arcadia High School gym. Margaret admits to telling Barbara how to "let herself go" and disappear, having witnessed one of the fire victims doing this before being executed for the fourth time. Ertuğrul's army catches the Knights Templar off guard. Vasilius thwarts Ertuğrul's attempts to strengthen alliances with the other chieftains. Goncagül blackmails Selcan to keep her away from Gündoğdu. Resurrection Janine tells Tom that, given the circumstances, Rachael is welcome to stay in their home. Tensions rise between Banu Çiçek and Halime at the Kayı camp. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Both become entangled in the plot of a serial killer whose goal is to recreate the body of Christ. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. Ertuğrul meets an unlikely ally. Nasır has El Aziz wrapped around his finger and orders a thorough manhunt to finish what he started. [68] The two-disc set features all eight episodes and bonus features, such as "On Location in Georgia", "Resurrection: Building a Mystery", bloopers, and deleted scenes. Gündüz's whereabouts remain unknown, Ertuğrul plans to interrogate Niko, and Saadettin Köpek pins the blame for the sultan's poisoning on Ekaterina. Selcan tries to turn the tables in her favor. Ertuğrul interrogates a captive about the identity of those who schemed against him. During a confrontation with Nasır, Ertuğrul faces a difficult choice.

His ex-wife, Janine, suggests he start his own church. The woman notices the crescent birthmark on Bellamy's neck, and remembers watching the interview of Camille Thompson. Ertuğrul and Halime see through Saadettin Köpek's deception. [61] In New Zealand, it premiered on July 16, 2014 on TV2. Ertuğrul's men prepare to attack Karacahisar. A violent storm hits Arcadia, knocking out all the power, Jacob goes missing along with Margaret, and The Langstons and Bellamy struggle to find them. She learns that it is a boy, and is apparently a couple months older than she thought. As Rachael is shown having contractions, Fred fires his gun, snapping all the Returned out of their trance. The Langstons must find a way to re-introduce Jacob to society – either by telling the truth or lying — and ask Pastor Tom for help, since he was friends with Jacob 32 years before.
Ertuğrul experiences a close shave as Noyan's army draws dangerously close. Gökçe's life hangs by a thread. The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up. Selcan reaches an impasse because of Goncagül. Using Selcan as his bargaining chip, Noyan presents Gündoğdu with a dilemma. Izadora helps Süleyman connect the dots, and Eftelya gets her hands on an important letter. Ahead of the vote, Akça Bey helps Gündoğdu gain political leverage against Ertuğrul. A Secret Service agent goes to Wayward Pines, Idaho, in search of two federal agents who have gone missing in the bucolic town. Maggie discovers that Rachael is pregnant; Rachael begs her not to tell Tom. It also topped all three key advertising demographics. [3][4] The album proved to a commercial success in Europe entering the top five in Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland and the top ten in the Dutch and UK charts. She also added that the remains came from elsewhere. An informant pulls the wool over Şahabettin's eyes. On a hunt, Ertuğrul rescues prisoners from the Crusaders. Turgut gains Simon and Maria's trust. Margaret goes through some old photos with Jacob, and finds one of the man who died in the factory fire that identifies him as William Kirk. Claudius causes a rift between Thomas and Üstadı Azam. William tells Henry he used to work at the factory, after which Henry offers him a job getting the place ready for production and re-initiates the deal with Brian. Bahadır sets his sights on the Çavdar clan.
As Noyan prepares for revenge, Gökçe and Tuğtekin fall in harm's way. Resurrection is an American fantasy drama television series that aired from March 9, 2014 … Candar tells Aslıhan about his plan to marry her off. "Resurrection Bosses: The Dead's Return Is Not About "Why," But "What If? Henry tells Margaret that the factory deal is on again. Carl attends the next meeting and tells the story about Mikey, firing up the group. Margaret returns and talks to Jacob while he is outside. Noyan's men corner Ertuğrul. [15] For the album also continued working with the producer and songwriter Jamie Hartman,[16] including the song "Stay" that refers to her personal circumstances at the time. Maggie theorizes that Rachael's baby is the reason she recovered, and strongly believes the stem cells in Rachael's amniotic fluid can cure others suffering from the virus. Dündar faces pressure to sell the Hanlı Market, Bahadır challenges Aslıhan's authority, and an unpleasant surprise awaits Simko. [58] Its debut episode was the highest rating series premiere for two years in Australia, attracting an audience of 1.9 million mainland capital city viewers (beating previous record holder Revenge whose first episode reached 2.06 million viewers in 2012) and 2.82 million viewers nationally. Halime and her family come under attack. Ural and Çolpan seek an alliance with Vasilius, who's reluctant to partner with them -- until Turgut's group infiltrates Karacahisar. It was high-rated in its first season, but saw a big drop in ratings in its second season. Kutluca eavesdrops on Aybüke and Çolpan.

Henry brings her up to date and says that Fred will probably have a hard time accepting her. He finds a story about a trucking accident with a photo that includes a man with a leg brace and Arthur Holmes. Hayme struggles to keep peace between Ertuğrul and Gündoğdu as the clans choose a new leader. Margaret goes to Fred and tells him to intervene in the deal because it is fraudulent. A small town's residents are stunned when recently deceased locals begin returning from the dead. As Simon conspires to pit the Çavdar and Kayı clans against each other, Candar proposes a business partnership with Ertuğrul. Concerned after skimming through Janine's baby diary, he calls Janine, who says she has taken Rachael to her own OBGYN in a neighboring town. Dündar's decisions lead to divisions within the Kayı clan. Ömer pays a heavy price for his betrayal. Bellamy's situation grows more precarious as he struggles to keep his secret from Maggie, while dealing with a strange illness that is spreading amongst the returned leading Bellamy to make some desperate measures. Goncagül proves herself a force to be reckoned with. Vasilius suspects Ebu Mansur is hiding his true identity. Henry, Lucille, and Jacob attend a vigil for Tom at the church. Carl withholds the antivirals from his brother, who says while dying, "I don't want to be here," and then vanishes. The question is what if you one day you seen someone you loved maybe a sweetheart a husband, wife who died, a mother, father, sister, brother friend return. Sungur Tekin struggles to talk Hayme out of her final decision. Titus brushes up against a sworn enemy from the past. [66] The second season premiered on March 19, 2015. As Hayme's condition remains uncertain, Selcan confronts Aytolun. After a confrontation with Selcan, Banu Çiçek reconsiders her loyalty to Aytolun. As the Kayı clan celebrates, news about Gündoğdu's health dampens the mood and another threat looms. Ares summons a dangerous ally to help him defeat Ertuğrul. Turgut follows Maria to the secret chamber and uncovers a dark truth about Simon.

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