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In the flashbacks to her meetings with Anael, Ruby is wearing the same outfit rather than her usual attire from when she was working with Sam.

Me? She later possessed a maid to inform the brothers where she was keeping Anna. After being brought back by Jack, Castiel reveals that he succeeded in getting the location of the Occultum from Ruby. Ruby was irritated by Sam's reluctance to bleed and kill Cindy. In this state, Sam was able to kill Alastair, but by now, his addiction had gotten to the point where, in "The Rapture," he actually killed a demon's vessel so he could drink the demon's blood after he began experiencing withdrawal symptoms. By now, the demon blood was seriously changing Sam, causing him to become arrogant and cold in personality. Ruby is the secondary antagonist in Seasons 3 (along with Bela Talbot) and 4 of Supernatural.

She was also unsettled by Castiel and Uriel's presence in I Know What You Did Last Summer and the revelation that Anna Milton was an angel in Heaven and Hell.
The brothers escaped by using a mass-exorcism, but Lilith had killed everyone in the station after they left. Sam was unwilling and instead went off to try and kill Lilith, only to walk into a trap. Kristy An incensed Ruby teaches the boys "the rules of war". [3] The episode "Malleus Maleficarum" provides her backstory, revealing that she had been a witch during the Plague who sold her soul to a demon. She believed that he would "save" all demons. To fulfill her part in his plan, she went to a crossroads and burnt her hex-bag, exposing her location to Alastair, who denounced her for protecting an angel. Of course, that's when you were human. [9][10][11] The episode "On the Head of a Pin" reveals that she is feeding Sam her demonic blood to boost his powers,[12] and by "The Rapture", he has become addicted to drinking her blood. Padalecki, who took over the role of Ruby from Katie Cassidy at the start of Season 4, last appeared as the demon in the Season 4 finale, when Dean and Sam killed her character.

[7] The fourth season episode "I Know What You Did Last Summer" states that she had been sent back to Hell.
[1] Cassidy trained in kickboxing alongside Bela's actress Lauren Cohan to be able to perform Ruby's martial arts skills,[17] prompting her to attempt as many of the fight scenes as she could rather than rely on her stunt double. Ruby reveals that Anael approached her rather than the other way around. She satisfied him by possessing the body of "Jane Doe", a woman who had recently died in a coma and whose soul had already passed on. One of the actresses who auditioned for the role of Ruby in Season 4 was. She preferred to possess young women. Meanwhile, at a motel as the Winchesters patched up their wounds from having escaped from Alastair, Sam explained to Dean that Ruby saved his life while Dean was in Hell, which was why he trusted her. After Lilith's death, an exultant Ruby finally confessed the truth of her own allegiance to a horrified Sam, revealing how she had been manipulating him, had been a key part of Lilith's plan and no one knew but Lilith that she was following her orders; Dean had been right all along. [19], In taking over the role, Cortese felt "conflicted over where Ruby is now versus where she's come from" and explained that her own portrayal of the character was a "total 180 from [how she was] last season",[20] being calmer and "more fear-driven";[21] after a discussion with Kripke on the character's mindset, Cortese saw Ruby as being in a "lonely, desperate" situation. All the.

She is a demon who claims to want to help Sam Winchester and his brother to stop the end of the world. Characters whose actor played more than one character, Are You There, God? She also had a sexual relationship with the hunter before revealing that she was secretly working for Lilith to raise Lucifer. After the Winchesters solve the case, a conversation Sam has with his brother (in which Dean says that he doesn't foresee a happy future for either of them), Sam agreed to rejoin Ruby in the hunt for Lilith, stating that he doesn't want to still be hunting when he is old. [20], BuddyTV staff columnist Don Williams felt the addition of Ruby was a "cheap ploy" to attract teen male viewers, that the character distracted viewers from the "brotherly bond that made the show so special in the first place," and that Cassidy "was cast more for her looks than her acting prowess. She refused to tell him but instead led him to Anna, where he and his underlings fought Castiel and Uriel, who had been lured there by Dean. "[21] She stated that the sex scene between her character and Sam was "about two people who are so broken and sad" and compared it to similar sex scenes from the film Monster's Ball. She comes back to life and joins the Galactic Empire to destroy the heroes. Though the fans at first reacted negatively towards Cortese replacing Cassidy after the third season, Cortese and creator Eric Kripke felt that they became more accepting as the fourth season progressed. Not all demons are the same, Sam. She and the Winchesters placed Anna inside the demon-proofed panic room at Bobby's house for safe-keeping.

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