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Synonyms for server include waiter, waitperson, attendant, headwaiter, waitron, maitre d', maitre d'hotel, stewardess, waitress and servant. Once the data issues are resolved the synonym can be dropped.

Antonyms for Network Server. It sounds really simple, but if you think about it, this can be very useful for DBAs and developers if applied carefully. The examples will show you how to use synonyms that support different business situations, as well as how to manage synonyms. 'Cordial': A Word Straight from the Heart. If just one place is missed when coordinating the rename, the outcome could be disastrous. Depending on the version of SQL Server being used, IntelliSense may not pickup that a name is a synonym. Serve: to be a servant for. When this situation occurs, a synonym can be created, with appropriate permissions, to allow developers to update production so they can fix the data issue. Find another word for server. Accessed 24 Oct. 2020. When there is a need to coordinate an object rename over time because there are 100’s or even 1000’s of references in code to the object that is being renamed.

The object you are creating the synonym for does NOT have to actually exist at the time the synonym is created.

With a little thought, they can be very useful. I've even been involved with the design of a web application where we created a Synonym for every single table in the database and had the code use Synonyms exclusively. When creating synonyms that referencing objects on other servers for testing and debugging purposes you need to make sure you don’t accidentally update the data on those other servers unless of course, that is what you intend to do. The code in Listing 5 shows how to create a synonym that references the four-part table name that resides on the archive server. Just in case you don’t remember, a synonym is a noun that has a similar meaning as other words; just like intelligent has the same meaning as smart. When an application wants to reference an object as if it appears to be in the current database when, in reality, it resides in a different database or instance. It would be interesting to know who this server of the cure was. In this situation, the DBA decides he can establish the new mirrored database by creating synonyms in the NewDB database to point to each of the big tables that can’t be mirrored due to lack of disk space. Synonyms became available in SQL Server since version 2005.

What made you want to look up server? 2 synonyms for server: waiter, host.

Find more similar words at! The first one is to use SSMS.

Top synonyms for server (other words for server) are waiter, host and waitress. However, a synonym is created as an object in a database, instead of being temporally defined at runtime. An example of how to do that can be found in Listing 8. Then as time allows, they can slowly change the old code to use the new table. What are Synonyms? Synonyms for server include waiter, waitperson, attendant, headwaiter, waitron, maitre d', maitre d'hotel, stewardess, waitress and servant.

Learn a new word every day. There are lots of situations where a synonym might provide some benefits. Find more ways to say server, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

I'd be interested in hearing other creative ways people have used synonyms in practice. The company has written a lot of code around this table to manage their business and their plumbers.

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