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Numerous historical monuments of medieval architecture that have reached us from the depth of the history remained in the vicinity of Sheki. Constructed in 1762 without a single nail is one of the most marvelous monuments of its epoch. [29], There is a daily overnight train to and from Baku on the Baku - Balakan route, Shaki branch of the Azerbaijan Pedagogical University, Sheki Regional College, 84 general and vocational schools operate in Shaki.[30]. Archaeological findings suggest that the city one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus, and the discovered pieces in its territory derived to 5 V BC. [25] Protected by numerous bastions, the fortress is entered by two main gates from the north and south.

Shaki was one of the biggest cities of the Albanian states in the 1st century. The church in the village of Kish derived to (2nd-4th centuries) built by St. Elias and considered one of the earliest Christian constructions on the Caucasus region.

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Both Caravanserais includes view of all convenience and safety of merchants and their goods. From the street, you can get to the observation deck, which offers a picturesque view of the old part of the city. Salman Mumtaz, Azerbaijani literary scholar and poet. In June and August, the average temperature varies between 20 and 25 °C. Almost every house is surrounded by a garden and a fence made of river stones. Winters are cold, but the snow is only heavy during January and February. Much of Sheki is at an altitude 675 m above sea level, like an amphitheater surrounded by many snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus, in some places reaching 3,000m (10,000 ft). Sheki is compact but still the magnificent city and has interesting places to visit. The Sakas were an Iranian people that wandered from the north side of the Black Sea through Derbend passage and to the South Caucasus and from there to Asia Minor in the 7th century B.C. [21], The Palace of Shaki Khans which was a summer residence of Shaki Khans, still remains one of the most visible landmarks of Shaki.

[28], The regional channel Kanal-S, newspapers Shaki and Shakinin Sasi are headquartered in the city. In the town, you’ll see old brick houses, shaded streets, weeping willow trees and canals carrying spring water. The city of Shaki was one of the areas occupied by the Sakas. But as a result of the invasion, Shaki was annexed to the third emirate. Islam et éducation islamique en Azerbaïdjan: premiers résultats d'une recherche en cours,,, Paysage culturel d'art rupestre de Gobustan,, Wikipédia:ébauche localité azerbaïdjanaise, Page avec coordonnées similaires sur Wikidata, Infobox Subdivision administrative - Page faisant un appel direct au modèle, Page utilisant un modèle avec un paramètre obsolète, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, Portail:Protection du patrimoine/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. As the new location was near the village of Nukha, the city also became known as Nukha, until 1968 when it reverted to the name Shaki.[9]. We send our warmest greetings and are looking forward to welcoming you in Azerbaijan! Shortly after the 18th century collapse of the Safavid Empire, Sheki became the capital of the independent Sheki Khanate, but Sheki’s independence did not last long. Shaki has always played a significant role in in the art and architecture of Azerbaijan. Today, it's one of Azerbaijan's most … Abdulali bey Amirjanov, was member of Azerbaijani National Council. 4:57. Cabbar Aliyev 2,947 views. Near Sheki, on the west bank of the Kish River remained ruins of the ancient fortress “Gelersen-Gorersen” (come and you will see); the name suggests that the defenders of the fortress were confident in its unassailability and in their determination not to let the enemies pass. [7] Safavid rule was twice briefly interrupted by the Ottomans between 1578 and 1603 and 1724–1735. There are many churches and mosques in the city. In 1819 Sheki was ruled by a Tsarist commandant and by the Tsar’s decree the province of Nuha was established in the region. fr Trouvez une meilleure offre Saisissez un hôtel ici... Mes réservations 1 [7] Ismail's son and successor Shah Tahmasp (r. 1524–1576) put an end to this, and in 1551, he appointed the first Qizilbash governor to rule the town.

They occupied a good deal of the fertile lands in South Caucasus in an area called Sakasena. Shaki's comic tales hero Hacı dayı (Uncle Haji) is the subject of nearly all jokes in the area. At the same time Shaki was renamed as Nuha. The city boasts a lot of houses with red roofs. Loading... Unsubscribe from Murad Nabibekov? [16], Perhaps the best-known aspect of Shaki cooking is its rich sweet dishes. [12] The Khan's Mosque, Omar Efendi Mosque and Gileili Minaret are considered important places of worship in the city. Sa population s'élève à 63 700 habitants en 2012. The art of Tekelduz (chain stitch) embroider, which was made predominantly by men in ancient times, is one of the most advanced in Sheki. The number of Shaki population is 174.1 thousand people. Sheki became a member after the meeting of the Board of the World Cities League in October 2008.

One day tour from Baku to Sheki in our list too. The average annual temperature in Shaki is 12 °C. According to the Azerbaijani historians, the name of the town goes back to the ethnonym of the Sakas, who reached the territory of modern-day Azerbaijan in the 7th century BC and populated it for several centuries. Even today Sheki residents have not lost their original traditions and ancient lore. Population density is 72 people per 1 square kilometer. [26] Many years Shaki fortress safeguarded approaches to the city, the acts of bravery by its defendants of fight with foreign oppressors had been written in many history books. In pop culture, probably the most famous feature of Shakinians are their nice sense of humor and comic tales. The city of Shaki has developed its own dialect of Azerbaijani language, which is mainly spoken in the city, and the region of Shaki Rayon. Hotelmix. In earlier centuries, Sheki was the part of an Albanian kingdom, which was invaded by the Persian, Roman, Arab, Mongolian, accordingly. Some of the city's many prestigious residents include: Fatali Khan Khoyski, prime minister of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov, an activist of the French Resistance, poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh, composer Jovdat Hajiyev, film director Rasim Ojagov, actor Lutfali Abdullayev, religious leader Mahammad Hasan Movlazadeh Shakavi, and others. [3] In the medieval sources, the name of the town is found in various forms such as Sheke, Sheki, Shaka, Shakki, Shakne, Shaken, Shakkan, Shekin. Silk shawls “kelagai” which are exported to the Middle Asia countries to be used there by local craftsmen for silk paintings as well as wooden chests with special, Sheki paintings are also produced here. Shaki possesses a small silk industry and relies on its agricultural sector, which produces tobacco, grapes, cattle, nuts, cereals and milk. Till 1968 the name of the city was Nukha. [20], The city's central and main open city squares are dominated by two Soviet towers.

Being most popular tourist destination in Azerbaijan, Shaki has population of about 63,000 people. Etymology of the town’s name is derived from the ancient tribe named “sakas” which inhabited in Azerbaijan 6-7 age BC. Presently, the church is being reсonstructured and reorganized into a museum. [4] As a result of a flood in the river Kish, the city of Shaki was partially ruined and the population was resettled in the present day city.[8]. Some churches such as the Church of Kish in the vicinity of Shaki are thought to be approximately 1,500 years old.

Shaki province was merged with provinces of Shemakha, Baku, Susha, Lankaran, Derbent and Kuban in 1840 and Caspian Oblast was created. 38.4 percent of the population lives in the city and 61.6 percent lives in the village. Sheki  museum of folk arts and crafts (Şəki xalq tətbiqi sənəti muzeyi) The building of the Albanian church in the museum are displayed finds from excavations, utensils, costumes.

It goes back to a time, when it was a market center on the Silk Road, linking Dagestan, Russia to the northern trade routes through the Caucasus. Sheki is one of Azerbaijan’s beautiful towns which is snoozing among green pillows of  forested Great Caucasus Mountains. [13] Many public places and private houses in Shaki are decorated with shebeke, a wooden lattice of pieces of coloured glass, held together without glue or a single nail.

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