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The other day she sat in the car waiting for me to finish some food shopping. Hows it goin up there? Yes, she is that girl! Rita Etchison, Dear Stephanie,

Now Marie never underestimate why you add to this scene. ▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES 141: Et In Arcadia ego, ▷ SUNDAYS AT THE CHATEAU: the stunning Limoges Porcelain of bernardaud. ▷ CHATEAU STORIES: ‘THE YOUNG VISITERS’ BY DAISY ASHFORD PART 2/4. Hi Dad, I fed Lil Rea Gerber lasagne the other day and was thinking of you. Stephanie bought Chateau de la Lande almost 14 years ago with her ex-boyfriend.

Feel free to contact us via the website ‘Workaway’ – I’d be delighted to host you here.

Håper du har det bra, og er frisk og rask. Where is the Help! ▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES 128: A Chateau in Full Bloom!

The love of yellow is obviously a family thing ” The only problem I am encountering with all this predicament is that I miss my daughter and grandchildren terribly. In February 2017 we were contacted to take part in a television series about Brits renovating chateaux in France.

Such a great rapport with Stephanie . There is something about people that have that extra gear and determination to reach their dreams. Oh my Dear, I just realized I am writing too much. I had moved to the Uk and was staying with family while I was looking for a job. If there´s one thing that I adore about people, it´s ambition. I am sure you were fond of Anne as a little girl, no? ▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES 136: True Chateau Life. With her heavy load? I am amazed at what your family, friends and travelers have done to the lovely Lelande. You live life the fullest, which is how it should be.

My House is Haunted host? I discovered your YouTube series when I was in bed sick and binge watched them all. ▷ The Chateau Diaries 104: A Valentine’s Surprise! We love you and miss you. Welcome to Stephanie Jarvis and Matthew Ballard's Wedding Website! What a lovely name! ▷ The Chateau Diaries 106: Safari Time!!! Thankfully I am doing very well om a “preventive quarentena” that I stablished for myself. Jeg har sett mer på YouTube dette året enn noe annet. 10 years later, at the age of 29, we each sold our two-bedroom London flats, and bought Lalande. She and her, friends and Chateau life have made my stay bearable.

Finally, Helen’s five years of bingeing on RHOA are finally paying off. She always seems to impress me, whether it´s jumpstarting a car, singing opera, playing the piano or driving the tractor. Do you have a blog or a Facebook page?

It all started in Norwich, September last year.

Stephanie Jarvis lives in a castle, but she isn't royalty (and doesn't have servants). Hey G-Pa, we are thinking of you! I’ve binge watched all your Chateau Diaries on YouTube (perhaps more than once so I can watch the ads and add to your YouTube revenue!) Thank you, Katherine Edward’s, Ottawa General Hopsital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. ▷ The Chateau Diaries 113: The Faberge Plates are GO! Stephanie´s chateau! ▷ The Chateau Diaries 112: Mummy Against the Mower! I’m definetly going to braven myself more and expand in any way that I can ♥️ Hope you are well during these times x. ▷ The Quarantine Diaries 5: The Elusive Nic to the Rescue! Sadly, at the end of these big renovations, my wonderful father became sick and he died in 2005. YOU STAY SAVE YOUNG LADY The Escape to the Chateau star describes herself on Insta as a “Chatelaine and vlogger of chateau life”, Stephanie regularly creates video diaries of the progression and goings-on at the Chateau. Hey Gpa!

How are things going for ya? Ha’ det godt og nyd hvert et åndedrag!

I thought it sounded fun and, on a whim, agreed to participate, (mainly imagining the hilarity of my mother on film!). ▷ SUNDAYS AT THE CHATEAU: REACHING THE $20,000 PATREON GOAL!!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t written any more blog posts recently – I’ve been very busy at the chateau over the summer! ▷ Sundays at the Chateau: Porcelain for a Royal Mistress! What a sweet compliment! Thats for sure. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Klem fra Marie ♥️, Loved seeing you in the vlogs.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is what I was meant to do with my life.


▷ THE CHATEAU DIARIES: Two Chateaux and a Crash! The death of my father sent me into quite a tail spin, and work on the château stalled for a while.

The things you learn when you read…..!!!

You can’t imagine how much it means to all of us who are struggling to ensure these buildings make it through our watch intact (and improved!)
I love nothing more than bringing this magnificent building back to life, welcoming people to our home, and letting them discover the magic of this chateau. Stephanie Jarvis is the woman in charge of French Chateau, Chateau De Lalande. Does Stephanie ever get over wrought?????

I remember being so excited about getting the opportunity to stay and live in a chateau. SUPER! I plan on returning to Lalande within a month or so! ▷ The Chateau Diaries 102: New York, Vermont & Squirrels.
I would love to visit your chateau and stay there and get to know you. ▷ CHATEAU STORIES: ‘THE YOUNG VISITERS’ BY DAISY ASHFORD PART 3/4. Håper at du er frisk også?

Than again, I have to thankfully for us staying healthy.

VISIT THE CHATEAU’S ORGANIC WALLED POTAGER! By the way, I have watched your quarentena. And she would sing TOMORROW all the time.

So, here is why I love being around Stephanie: and she wears them more than you wear your office shirt. Episode 10 of the series saw Stephanie fixing up her French Chateau alongside mummy Isobel. He and I loved nothing more than travelling around France looking at beautiful chateaux.

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