tempted kdrama summary

And back than, Soo ji is the most hurt. Can't wait to watch, winter Feb 25 2018 7:15 pm W4GRB.pid[1]=191362; I wanted to watch it just for Joy like I did with her first drama and I'm surprised that it was acually good! Should we really all start from the bottom to satisfy this ridicules agindaa of others.

Btw really proud he won an award for his performance in Mad Dog. in glad yeo jin goo declined the role i not hate yeo jin goo but woo do hwan is much hotter than him...and i cant wait for.this drama i can able to see joy again every week?? Park Jimin’s Wife Mar 27 2018 4:55 am He's so funny yet manly at times. can we take a moment to appreciate the actors' hard work all of them for dealing with a messy plot. Also, it's for a public broadcasting station so it's gonna more audience friendly. I'm grateful that he always been there for Soo ji??? FYI i am not a fan of any actor or actress here but if you put her picture alone there u expect she is main actress but she isnt. He is hot sexy and cringe at the same time T^T. For this masterpiece, we need a certified Actress, not a celebrity ! Profile.

I think they wasted woo do-hwans emotion.. he is such a good actor.. I am sorry joy :( I was questioning their choice with putting Joy as the main character. I've been waiting for her new drama and finally thank God for this opportunity! Watching this drama is painful.

wow its like straight outta fifty shades material and the poster is very enticing very lovely, Lola Feb 27 2018 4:18 pm his character in there was better built and he displayed it quite nicely. anyways, im not a fan of either of them, but am praying that joy is not the lead because she can't act. I like her character as she totally defines how a young, insecure and immature youth whom is struggling trying to grow up. He fits the role of a seducer perfectly. The drama isn’t actually that bad.. It was the amount. :). Maybe u should at least try to watch some ep and then u will automatically continue to watch the nexts bcs it feels interesting

I dont understand those ppl who keeps on blaming Joy for it's low ratings, like we all know that they're blaming Joy bcos she's an idol but srsly we can all notice her improvement in this drama.. And duhh this is just her second drama and she's already the lead role,i dont wanna stoop this low but i think those immas hating Joy is just bcos she already has two leads while their faves can t even have cameo calls.... Like duhhh is Joy at fault here for being so dmn perfect? ❤️, anna Feb 20 2018 12:07 am Lee Mar 15 2018 6:53 am For a newbie, she already has everything. The writer sucks! woo do hwan was amazing as always, huge fan of his drama mad dog. Woo Do Hwan as le vicompte de Valmont is just a dream coming true ! Ann Joel01 Mar 14 2018 8:38 pm That's the big point but many cannot see just becuz what they all see those trio seems like being happy go lucky together.. it looks like sihyun is more open with taehee about his feeling.

Julia Apr 14 2018 7:03 am yuu Dec 26 2017 6:42 am However, I’m shipping the chemistry between Kwon Shi hyun and Choi Sooji a lot more so I hope they end up together in the end !! And proceed filming?? Kyung Jo is for the Tae-Hee's support and to help Soo Ji in her game, I don't see any other role-play of her. Good plot, even there are foreseen moments. She played sihyun's heart, she jusf a terrible character who even worse than any antagonist characters. Tempted[4][5] (Korean: 위대한 유혹자; RR: Widaehan Yuhokja; lit. Finny101 Mar 27 2018 12:22 pm But there really was a lot of not so good! I think Joy will do good in acting. Honestly, this drama would have been better if the writing would've been better. I feel like Soo Ji is very self-centered...I like joy better and her acting isn't so bad . There are still 8 episodes left so I could completely change my mind, but as of now, I don't like this character very much and I also don't like where things are heading. I really enjoyed this drama, Woo Do-Hwan voice was adding the cherry top to the miserable tearing feelings of guilt. there are so many good actresses out there that better at acting.. im kinda dissapointed bcuz all 3 lead actor/actress in this drama is good but theres joy, her acting is awkward to me;(. How can the main cast be so perfect?
i like character tae hee and all cast...so i hope tae hee and shi hyun ship...and soo ji with se joo... Eychdee Mar 17 2018 2:33 am I hope that they let her character blossom. “Tempted” (2018 Drama): Cast & Summary. i'm the only one shipping Kyung-Joo and Se-joo??? No expressions or anything! if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") The lead have great chemistry. The trouble trio casts and additional casts were chosen well. Melao K Jul 28 2018 10:36 pm I'm a new fan of him since I known him from TKEM. Poor Dohwan :(. Kaydee Aug 17 2020 8:02 am

The love line was meh. Tae Hee must be the most pathetic woman in all series I saw, he humilliates her in front of his friends, he ignores her and finally she gets drunk like a loser and cries about him while begs to come with her again, Cruel intentions my ass, Annette wasn't a stupid child, she had dignity, I'm glad this shitty drama doesn't have audience, it's disgusting. Give Joy a chance! alicia May 02 2018 3:44 am Get it Joy ♡♡ kikie Mar 12 2018 10:57 pm But deep inside she loves sihyun.

this is 1st kdrama i wish they are not together cz i hate watching joy here. I wish to see him Romcom...... myxblush Dec 26 2017 11:24 am Shassa Jun 02 2019 11:52 am So with all of these negatives, what did I like? think wisely guys it has a deep meaning. Fighting Joy!! Why people even bother to write hate comments here, just don't watch it if you don't like it. I'm a straight girl but for the first time I envy the lead actor. Thanks again for the hard work to team Great Seducer! It got better later though. i stopped at episode 20 and tried to continue on but honestly after that it felt a bit like a drag but i’d still try and finish it just for the sake of curiosity. LOOOOOL for those who think TH and SH will end up together are up for a huuugeee surprise in the end. Some parts I cringed a lot because her acting was just so bad. I'm not saying that she should stop acting but she should go with the second lead or something like that. WDH, JOY, KMJ AND MGY.. Li Za Apr 06 2020 4:04 am I like her in the liar and his lover because it was related to music but no no way !! Now I actually loved The Heirs, but I thought it was so much better than Great Seducer in every way. i actually like Joy's character and her presence in this drama coz the three other main characters are well.. kindof dark, intense and serious ?? Fighting! Sorry If you don't like her than keep your thoughts to yourself. It's interesting at earlier episodes but became messy towards the end. I've never read the novel but I heard that Cruel Intentions was based on that novel and if this drama is anything like that movie Ik it's gonna be really dark and tragic. ??

arrona Apr 23 2018 5:23 pm :*, Risyacha Jan 04 2018 11:18 am I tend to really love soapy stories like this, but it just didn’t go deep enough early on. Shi hyun and Soo Ji need to break the stereotypical kdrama plotline and end up together pleeeeaseee, ugh Tae Hee is cute but boring and I dont see the same chemistry between them as Shi Hyun and Soo Ji, Irene-sshi marry me Apr 03 2018 10:37 am But considering how talented and charismatic he is, I'm sure casting directors are lining up to cast him. I am so very excited with this drama!
They spent a lot of time, and had a lot of cute moments. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); The ending to the story felt a little rushed towards episode 31 but episode 32 tied things up real good. Soo Ji may be a troublemaker, but it's not like she acts like that without her reasons. NOT AN IDOOOOL PLEEAASE ship ga young and dohwan.

Nothing new, the same tired old formula. oooh gosh nahliya Mar 20 2018 5:32 pm @TL Thank you for your honest critique which has has a positive spin off because I am actually going to watch 'GS' now! like, i know he's mean here, but isn't he cute?

This is especially because Si Hyun was known for being a player, and not caring about hurting other girls feelings so Tae Hee being able to make him like her seemed very unlikely.

Very disappointing drama. In all I didn't like Tae Hee but I loved sooji. You got some great language skills!

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